When Will the Jews Drop their Hammer on the Internet Digital New World Order?


It is only a matter of time folks.

Israel is the world capital of the new Jewish owned and run Babylon and it’s digital new world order. Burning their old empire of pedophilia behind them with health and safety taxes and associated Jewish communism as they flee with their bags of gold.

They leave the gates open long enough to get all of the blind Goy sheep in the new paddock…..then the hammer will eventually drop.

This will be things like…waking up one day and your phone company will not let you log in to pay your bill unless you provide a face scan or thumb print….2Degrees did that recently with suddenly demanding an email address from all of their customers  one day….and skimming their balances at the same time. The next step will be facial scans….and then eventually the Jewish snakes will demand that you be microchiped (another word banned by Jewish controlled Google). Keep in mind they have tried all of this on before. History repeats as does the technology available in the different astrological/ metaphysical periods of time….as the pedophile satanist Jewish snakes continuously strive towards their perfect human slave system…..

The internet should be fkg free. As should electricity and cell phone calls. Or a very low monthly fee at least. The greedy Jewish pigs have already done what JP Morgan did to zero point / free electricity – metered it all for monopoly.


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    Mike says:

    No place to hide: Political dissidents fear China’s influence.
    In relation to Chinese Communist party in NZ,
    On 24 June it was reported…..”New Zealand is finished,” says former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin (2005 he got refugee status). “It has already lost.”
    Yonglin was once the consul for political affairs at the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. He almost sparked a diplomatic incident when he walked out of the consulate in 2005 with his wife and daughter.
    Speaking from his home in the Sydney suburbs, the 50-year-old claims his chief role at the consulate was surveillance and countermeasures against the “Five Poisons” in Australia, especially Falun Gong. The goal was to turn all ethnic Chinese people into de facto supporters of the CCP. Like the Zionist 5th column or more likely to be an extension of it.

    “Any forces hostile to the Chinese Communist Party, THE JOB NEEDED TO DEAL WITH.” Was the job of Chen Yonglin in Australia.

    So on 14th March 2018,
    For full details of this article by James Speedy see the June 2018 newspaper “Fishing and Outdoors”

    what were the group of 30 World bank banksters and DOC heads doing in “six” Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel helicopters (7 seaters) and being flown around Fiordland like a swarm of murderous sewer rats.

    Such a very important meeting “still to be mentioned on main stream media”. Especially when DOC was so interested in positive image making compared to 1080 and the useless 10 years or so that have effectively given a death sentence to NZ Kauri trees. With scientific research being covered up by MPI.

    Among this LARGE GROUP OF International bankers was the HONG KONG based Head OF GOLDMAN SACHS. In Fiordland???? It is noted that the Zionists are moving away from USA control into China control, after all Mao Tse Tung is well known to be one of the Rothschilds offspring and half brother to Adolph Hitler.
    Visiting the Murchison Mountains, Takahe, Chalky Island, and Resolution Island. “With corporate partners, such as Dow Chemicals, Walmart, Shell, Rio Tinto, and Coca Cola, to name a few”. With the recent strong military presence at the Wanaka air show and Auntie Hell in Clerks almost single handed near destruction of the NZ air force. With the not to be forgotten 9 years plus of research and sworn Court evidence of Gregg Hallett, that the United Nations has already gifted the South Island to Israel and the North Island of New Zealand to China. Of course Auntie “Hell in Clerk” at the UN, (claimed during a public speaking engagement, to be a KGB agent by Gregg Hallett, just a couple of days before his steering wheel was poisoned) had nothing to do with any of that with her flights back and forwards to China, did she. Nor her alleged four murder attempts on Gregg Hallett, that will have had nothing to do with her “main murder conspiracy assistant” Phil Goff (according to the papers and books of Gregg Hallett. Gregg Halletts documents were triple sealed by the district and high Court in Auckland in 2008 & 2009, with a total stay on proceedings. By Judges Stevens and Joyce.

    With the mass murder of huge numbers of NZ native birds on 180,000 hectare Molesworth station in October 2017, only a few weeks after the election, “to seal the deal”, with the God of Satanism herself, who just loves the tortured screams of the purest of little children, especially when they are poisoned to death in the cruellest possible way, and expects to be rewarded like that, as a satanic offering for the election win in New Zealand in 2017. Followed up by the International banksters in March 2018. With the Chinese political security specialist Chen Yonglin in June 2018 saying that NZ is “finished”, “it has already lost”. How does he know? What part has he to do with it? What are the instruments used? Who carry out the use of the instruments? Etc.
    Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch …. Pam Vernon, seems to think the mass murder of almost every living organism by 1080, must be for clearing the various areas for mining. But then that does not answer the evidenc presented by Gregg Hallett, that in Fiordland there is an Israeli military base, and guns being stacked all over the place (to kill South Islanders with obviously). With no animals there is no food to feed NZers who decide to fight back against a military invasion. With no animals to eat there is no desire to go hunting in the areas, and so a large army can be generated and hidden in Fiordland, why else do hunters in Fiordland on the coast, still get surrounded by Israelis in thermal kit at night time? They must be expecting to have a fight turn up, or why else surround hunters?

    The other reason that Pam Vernon cannot yet come to grips with is that the cruellest poisoning of the most pure birds and wildlife in the most pure places, as a sacrificial tortured murdered blood offering, “to get rewards such as a Teflon coat off Momma”, is how the higher levels of Satanism do stuff. The more extreme the tortured death and slow cruel poisoned death and slowly cruel and enslaved society and poisoned society, the more that Momma rewards them, those are the rules, or otherwise they would not do it, would they.

    That is what these psychopaths are taught to believe and that is how they are trained to act, to get power over people from Momma. From Lucifer and his sweetie. Lilith is one of her names and the nuclear bomb holocaust of birdlife and all other life caused by 1080 poison, is right up her alley.

    So that is two different reasons, that Pam Vernon of Rangitikei Environmental Health is not yet aware of, that it doesn’t make any sense at all to do that evil to New Zealand just for mining options. Although John Key and Nick Smith may beg to differ.

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