Harmoney ‘PR Team’ on the Hunt….


Featured Image – Neil Roberts of Harmoney, looking a bit ‘stressed’


Well we always know we have one of the big ones by the toe, when the posts go mega viral out of the blue.

Check it out….over 14 million views in one week….making it clear they are very much a global ‘club’

And the Harmoney ‘PR Team’ apparently trying to track us down in regards our politically incorrect hurtful ‘allegations’.

But we can confirm a number of witnesses who have seen Neil Roberts at a well know Auckland crack/meth house – buying crack. Not to say he is still into it – and each to their own of course –  but what we don’t like is seeing interest rates of up to 30% on a pair to pair lending service. That is not about helping people, that is about opening up the loan sharking industry to your everyday average greedy fkwit.

Set a maximum rate of 10% bro – and smoke all of the meth you like for all we care. You are loan sharking on an industrial scale, not helping people out. In our opinion. Plus they use the same restrictive lending criteria as the big banks we have heard. Feel free to correct us.

And check out that starter interest rate below 6.99% lol. There goes your 666 – and also the use of the Pizza Planet colours. Ticks all of the boxes in our humble opinion…..Saturn worshipers, hiding in plain site….

Is Neil Roberts of Harmoney a Meth Head?

Just talking about the use of the colours here folks…….

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