Kevin Barry Post Fight (Shape Shifter) Analysis…..& Transvestigations



Check out how many times the tongue pops out of the mouth.

Almost at the end of every sentence.

Don’t know what it going on folks. The matrix breaking down? The matriarch breaking down?

But why are all of these people on TV having so much trouble holding their tongues in their mouths these days?

Could it be just too many energy drinks?

Also reminds us a lot of Nick Smith this guy. Same sounding voice also. Possibly related?

Big old shoulders on that reporter also – take away the long hair and fake tits and you would think twice before buying another round of vodka redbulls. Well if you had spent much time in Asia before you would at least.

Hey – just reporting the news….as we see it…..

Anthony Joshua transvestigation…..

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2 thoughts on “Kevin Barry Post Fight (Shape Shifter) Analysis…..& Transvestigations”

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    Sham says:

    That was meant to say ” I wonder how many of them play a dual role in the media” , not the gibberish above. lol

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    Sham says:

    Could Gerry Brownlee be Kim dotcom? Both fat fks who look like they eat children.

    I wonder how many of templet a dual role i the media

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