NZ Police Put Hood Over Man’s Head & Taser Him to Death !?


Featured Image – they always chuck out some sort of non threatening half wit bisexual communist looking liberal to front the cover up


Actually this smacks of another  Newshub/ Jewish Bolshevik false flag to be honest. Judging by the photos of the guy – looks like a Shortland St  actor…..and/or a policeman…or both.

The goal of the homosexual communist /Jewish snakes that run our courts, justice system, media and Government is to try and promote race war and eventually a collapse of society.

Plus it is a very slow news period at the moment which always makes these pedophile communist snakes a bit paranoid. They rely on a contsant stream of fear and loathing in order to persist and rule over us all with their relentless pedophilia, taxes and terrorism.

If this is real on the other hand – then the cops who did it should be arrested and immediately drug tested for meth, antidepressants and /or steroid use. Not least the ring leader – who will probably be a repeat offender and a violent crack addict into the underage hookers, would be our best guess. If the NZ police can’t make a fkg arrest without killing someone they are clearly unfit for purpose.

But we would lean towards another Jew Bolshevik / Media Werks false flag at this stage.

Either way – all of them will now be protected and have their names suppressed as we watch another slow and deliberate ‘independent’ police cover up, of what is most likely another Jew false flag – with at least one communist pedophile lawyer, judge and politician sent in to assure the public it has all worked out well…..and Duncan Garner…our colour equivalent of Jimmy Savile will be on fire all day long….as well as seasoned kiddie fiddler cover Leighton Smith ..


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4 thoughts on “NZ Police Put Hood Over Man’s Head & Taser Him to Death !?”

  1. Reply
    Zaros says:

    Staged in as much as we are forced to live around feral scum, and in a deeply sick society. Of course this shit will happen

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      blows me away
      the politicians, lawyers, doctors, dairy farmers etc – mass murder all day long……then one brown boy loses the plot and this is source of all evil
      you are insane mate
      a total fkg lunatic
      an inherent supremacist and racist.
      and who ‘makes you’ live among these ‘ferals’? your forefathers who sailed here?
      if you dont like the south pacific – then why not return to where you are from? and take the murderous european doctors, lawyers, politicians and farmers with you.
      obviously our current immigration system is out of control, but that is a separate issue.

  2. Reply
    Zaros says:

    Sorry whores but you are wrong on this one. I fully support the killing of feral sludge like this cunt. He was stomping the head of an old man. For once the police did the right thing. Fuck these violent savages that we are forced to live with.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      violent savages?
      you mean the dairy farmers?
      of the politicians?
      the rich listers perhaps?
      how about all of the pedophiles in the justin davis files and palmy creep catchers?
      or the brown guy once every 3 years who loses it and gets murdered by police?
      anyway- we dont think it actually happened at all. look at the dudes photo, he looks like a shortland st actor.
      more staged terorrism.
      90% of all crime in nz is staged, mostly by media works / isis

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