The Colours of Yahu/ Saturn/ Satan



Notice they are all now using the same colours, across media, government, business…..and refugee ‘crisis’.?

The colours of Yahu/ Saturn/ Satan

The colour coding goes into everything they do also. Part of the means of brainwashing you.

Its going to be one big old global communist satanic utopia…..of fake news, imagined reality and never ending pizza party cover ups, beamed out to us by transgender stars from Israel/ Saturn on giant LCD screens……..

Might have to redo our logo if we are to stay competitive in this market…….not to mention our fashion and hair style. (The article button colours came with the website template for the record).

Keep an eye out for how many times a day you are bombarded with these new saturnian/ corporate pizza party colours…..

Images fair use / www.wikipedia

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