Ciaran McKeever of Sals Pizza and the Pizza Planet Conspiracy…Theory


Featured Image – Ciaran McKeever of Sals Pizza on the right with his masonic 666 t-shirt on, hidden in plain sight. Image fair use and public commentary. 


Seems we currently have at least one fairly well funded “PR team” snooping around the parameters here at Media Whores.

Not entirely sure what these well funded corporate  ‘PR Teams’ are comprised of these days – but as we discovered when we leaked the Minister of Housing / Nick Smith pedophile ring allegations, it can often mean creepy private investigators and worse…..

So we thought we had better clarify something here for readers.

Media Whores never stated nor did we wish to imply that Ciaran McKeever of Sals Pizza chain had or has anything to do with the Pizza Gate global child sex trafficking rings that seem to use Pizza language and Pizza restaurants to rape kids and traffic and cannibalize children.

We certainly never said that.

All we asked was whether it was time to discuss the whole issue in NZ given all of the ‘pizza planet’ type symbols we were seeing around the place as well as all of the endless pedophilia scandals always being covered up by media and Government.

We are yet to get a response from Ciaran McKeever and/or Sals Pizza

We did then go on to question what exactly goes into his ‘special salami’ from the USA and sought further comment on the aborted baby fetus / HEK293 flavourings scandal, but again we never heard back.

This is certainly not evidence that Ciaran McKeever is involved in either.

We did also express surprise at the rapid rate of growth of Ciaran McKeever’s Sals Pizza franchise/ store business as well as question whether he may have purchased the entire building at Number 2 Queen St……but again we stress that none of this is concrete evidence of any involvement in child sex trafficking in NZ, nor would we want to imply such.

We would like to make that absolutely clear.

We did suggest that the X66 shown on Ciaran McKeever’s t-shirt could have been a subtly reference to the 666 code used by the pedophile satanists – but that can be an easy fashion mistake for anyone to make these days as those symbols are everywhere, not least in fashion.

And we certainly never intended to draw the link between the fact that so many of these pedophile satanists seem to be red heads – no doubt of the Rothschild/ Orsini Persian snake pedophile satanist blood line – as is Ciaran McKeever. This is probably just another coincidence.

We have heard reports that Ciaran McKeever lurks around a lot of the late night bars in Auckland also, but again this is all circumstantial.

Just thought we had better clear that up folks.

We would still be interested to hear back from Ciaran McKeever of Sals on any possible use of the HEK293 aborted baby fetus ‘flavorings’ in their foods though…… any good journalist would be…..and as we still are from others we have asked those questions of, notably Lonestar and Hells well as logistics company Hellmann…….none of whom have as yet responded to these perfectly legitimate questions….

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