Further Clarification on Ciaran McKeever of Sal’s Pizza & the Pizza Gate Child Blood Sacrifice Scandal


Featured Image – the only image apparently available online of the stunningly successful American ‘entrepreneur’, CEO of Sal’s ‘special salami’ pizza chains,  Ciaran McKeever – (spelled with a CIA…. and pronounced like ‘meat cleaver’) 


One of the downsides of being the Nation’s only source of any real news is that creepy feeling that starts to build on Sunday afternoons knowing that the army of completely worthless and otherwise corrupt ‘PR specialist’ and lawyers will all be returning to work on the Monday morning wearing their pink business shirts and long pointy leather shoes. eager to try and justify not just their revolting salaries, but indeed their entire existence on this Rothschild/Orsini family owned and run Pizza Planet.

Therefore folks, we really can’t stress this point enough….so please forgive the repetition….

Media Whores never stated that Sal’s Pizza are using the HEK293 aborted human baby fetus derivative proteins and ‘natural flavours’ on their products, or possibly even worse in their ‘special salami’ imported from the USA.

Nor did we wish to imply such.

Nor can we prove otherwise.

We are simply quite suspicious of any of these recent migrants who have arrived in New Zealand along with the John Key (and now Jacinda Ardern/ Peter Thiel) ‘Zionist’ invasion and resulting onslaught, with either piles of money that seems to just drop out of the sky, or astronomic success in business which allows them to go nationwide within a few short years. A bit like the Lonestar chain and Hell’s Pizza, some might argue.

Stating that Ciaran McKeever is a regular in the all night party scene around Auckland City, often hanging out with very cold creepy looking ‘liberal’ Jewish types is also not evidence that he is up to no good in our communities and certainly doesn’t suggest or imply that he is heavily involved in the hard drug scene or the GHB ‘dating’ scene such as others we have exposed.

And although his company address states “2 Queen St”, that does not necessarily mean he has managed to purchase the entire building since arriving, erm…by selling pizza. He could just be lying on the companies office website, or just leasing the entire building…erm, with the profits of selling pieces of pizza.

And all of this evidence coming out from overseas about pizza restaurants being used by redhead/ Rothschild/ Orsini/ Persian snakes to traffic in child sex and even child blood sacrifice can obviously not be directly related to every pizza chain around the World, even if some of the symbols and logos do seem to match up.

Nor are we picking on these redhead American ‘entrepreneurs’ either – as we have asked the same of Hell’s Pizza and Lonestar restaurants also in previous articles.

We do hope we have made this clear folks as despite appearances we really do have better things to do than to field calls from overpaid ‘PR experts’ and the likes.

We sincerely hope that helps clear things up.

Ciaran McKeever of Sals Pizza and the Pizza Planet Conspiracy…Theory

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