Lone Star Restaurant – all New Children’s Menu…


Featured Image – the Lone (communist) Star elite snakes….Steve Ward, Tim Whelan with their heavily decorated living ‘tributes’ to Babylon. It’s transvestigations all round folks…..check out those brow ridges and hand sizes on the ‘women’. If you know ‘Tim’ Whelan or Steve Ward, see if you can see a voice box on them – we can’t. 


Well that photo above has been awarded the creepiest image of the week folks. Which is no small feat.

Media Whores can smell these Bolshevik elites through the computer screen. It’s that bad.

Would help if we spelled it correctly perhaps…..the ‘Lone Star’ restaurant gang….Black Cubes, Egyptian pyramids  and Communist Stars…hidden in plain sight. Feeding the middle class wanna be Goy slaves as much poisonous / acidic slop as they can while all of the real business gets done behind closed doors……the slow and steady march towards fully fledged Jewish communism in NZ…..now referred to cleverly by the Bolshevik snakes as “Our Country”…..

The Bolsheviks typically don’t give a fk about any place they live – they just plunder and then move on with their gold…and claim they were all ‘persecuted’ later on once the dust settles.


The 666 equilateral triangle – upside down no less – and the 88 = HH = Heil Hitler

More info on the ‘mythical’ Whore of Babylon…..you will find statues of the Whore of Babylon behind some Lone Star bars….or used to anyway….

More on Jewish Communism…..and its partner in crime Zionist capitalism……with the same elites always smiling for the cameras and always ‘Jacinda Adorned’ in the latest fashions, sport cars and jewelry…..and transgendering their kids apparently also……

PS: just kidding about the new childrens menu – that would be misleading. 



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