Lone Star Restaurant’s Steve Ward on the HEK293 Aborted Human Baby Fetus ‘Natural Flavours’


Featured Image – Steve Ward – the brains (and finance?) behind the Lone Star restaurant chain in NZ – with some of NZ’s new communist elite – posing as capitalists. Media Whores is seeking comment on Steve’s public display of the whore’s of Babylon…..and related topics…


Ok, we did a bit more digging and found a face we can use for this lingering question, posed a number of times on this website…does the Lone Star Restaurant chain use the HEK293 aborted human baby fetus ‘natural flavours’ in their sauces, meats and meals?

HEK as in ‘Hex’ – a curse over man. 666

And 293 = 14 = 5.

ie) HEK293 aborted baby fetus proteins keep those who eat them cursed and trapped in the 5 senses. That is the masonic / Kabbalistic / satanic/ black magic meaning.  They are cursing you and your family…….while smiling and taking your money.

Introducing Steve Ward of the Lone Star restaurant chain……

The allegations are that there are a small group of pedophile satanists operating in our communities, if not actually running our entire government and media – who worship some sort of Persian snake God who demands child blood sacrifice and pedophilia from his/her (it is an androgynous snake) followers and subjects….as well as customers.

The men are usually woman and the woman usually men. They seem to transgender most of their children at a young age and pump them full of hormones and/or testosterone – while encouraging others in society to do the same, so they can all better fit in. (Check out the size of the hands on the women, look for voice boxes on the men etc….)

Those who offer up their own or someone else’s children to this sick little inbred club of demented satanists, for this ritualistic pedophilia and child blood sacrifice, are richly rewarded with money and success – often witnessed as meteoric success in their chosen field of business, and often in the hospitality industry……or possibly just their own franchise to own…..

Image – the two Planned Parenthood employees in the USA filmed recently trying to sell aborted baby body parts on the black market. See video below. 

Most of them can be traced back to some sort of Eastern European / Polish, Austrian/ Russian or Germanic family background and many of them seem to claim to be ‘holocaust survivors’ while any serious analysis would seem to reveal that they actually ran the holocaust in wwii, before using Hollywood to paint themselves all up as their own victims. They also seem to all tie back to the Rothschild /Orsini family who are actually Persian but claim to be the ‘Kings of the Jews’.

Some have alleged that this is where their money is still coming from – International holocaust payouts largely from Germany and the USA.

Other clues Media Whores has picked up on is the symbols this exclusive little club use – Black Cubes which symbolism Saturn/ Satan, the X symbol which also signified Saturn but also the mysterious X chromosome of these shape shifting androgynous snakes, the 666 symbols, hexagons and hexagrams etc.

So our question for Steve Ward of Lonestar restaurant chain, or perhaps Tim Whelan, ‘Pistol Pete’ Gaudin or Dave Gardiner would like to answer also – do they use the HEK293 aborted baby fetus flavours in any of their restaurant products? And are they prepared to prove it? And what is with the black cube symbolism, communist stars…..and those whore of Babylon statues you keep in some of your restaurants?


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