#PizzaGate – the Great Awakening


Featured Image – pedophile satanist and shape shifter Sean Penn

“They tried to silence us. They tried to rewrite our genetics. They tried to drug us and tell us we were crazy. They tried to remove god from us. They tried to tell us we were wrong. They tried, and they failed.” – source below…..

Media Whores is aware that some people are getting very upset with the nature of our reporting.

This is of course because it is cutting far too close to truth.

That truth being that there is a clan of ruling inbred elite snakes who have slithered their collective way into the top rungs of our communities and nations and together put a huge amount of effort into building this wonderful globalist corporate slave system, where by they get to fly around the World posing as our heros and saviors….while taking loads of drugs and raping kids….while we are all economically confined to our homes and jobs and Freeview TV. Capitalism for them, communism for everyone else.

They are clearly milking the Planet dry – made possible via the economic globalist slave system they have created – and the last thing they want is any bad press…thus constantly referring to it all as ‘fake news’ and conspiracy theory’.

Well gee sorry guys – if you have to see some real news and reporting about yourselves for a change as you fly around the ‘Globe’ having all night drug fueled sex orgies.

#PizzaGate heralds the start of the great awakening. And they know it……

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2 thoughts on “#PizzaGate – the Great Awakening”

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    Mike says:

    HAS THE NOOSE BEGAN TO TIGHTEN AROUND WINSTON PETERS NECK ?? If so please heavenly Father let me be the hangman.
    Allegations of paedophilia against late iwi leader Awanui Black (Tauranga where Winston Peters was the Member of Parliament from 1984 until 1997) “Iwi Leader” Awanui Black has sent shockwaves through Maoridom.
    Awanui Blacks widow Ani, says that this goes to the highest political and police levels. Of passing “other peoples” children around “like crates of beer”.
    To steal the innocence of their souls. To abuse and destroy and steal the inner child of other peoples treasured children. Vampires stealing the souls and the innocence of other peoples children.
    And at higher ritual abuse satanic levels cannibalising them. Hence the words of the head of the red squad, Ross Meurant on radio talkback “New Zealand police are totally corrupt”.
    It always seems to involve very corrupt police in the Tauranga, Rotorua Hamilton area. Infamous for the massive and incredulously arrogant cover up operation after the gang baton rape of Louise Nicole. That in fact the gang baton rape of Nicole Louise was just the smallest tip of the very, very, big Nationwide political and police and judiciary and lawyer, gang rapist iceberg.
    All this happened in the Tauranga area, where Winston Peters and Peter Williams, according to the Gregg Hallett sworn court evidence in 2008, plied their drug trade disguised as a legal lawyers office. Also where Winston Peters was the political top dog, the member of parliament from 1984 until 1997. We also know that the “political elite” drug trade runs hand in hand with the child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse trade. IN TAURANGA. As a port where such drugs and children could enter the country and be passed around, “like crates of beer”. Especially with the ringleaders so called law office being in the same town, with the heroin being then sent to Waihi, (where Auntie Hell in clerks parents shifted to, very conveniently) in fluorescent light tubes, according to the Hallett files.
    It has not been brought to attention yet, but obviously the arrogance shown by the police is these areas, meant they had political assistance “at the top”. Hence the use of the words “very highest”, by Awanui Blacks widow Ani.
    FROM THE SAME AREA, now we very recently have the MOST criminally arrogant, even for Winston Peters, appointment of the new assistant Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha.
    Whose connections to the gang baton rapists of Louise Nicole are pretty grubby if not totally evil, to say the very least. Wally Haumaha went about describing these gangland rapists as great cops, as legends to look up to, and her evidence as fabricated female drivel. Not only attempting to deliberately pervert the course of Justice but make Louise Nicole look like a total liar.

    As a person to whom no amount of corruption is too great. No amount of harm to the female spirit is too great. Just a piece of meat to be used and abused. That is even before the women’s children are gotten hold of. Totally satanic would be a very mild character description of Wally Haumaha. Just like Awanui Black and many of his “nationwide” and “Tauranga” paedophile ring associates. Satanic assassination of other peoples children.
    Allegations of paedophilia against late iwi leader Awanui Black has sent shockwaves through Maoridom.
    Widow alleges Awanui Black was a “predator” who stole the innocence of children.
    Black helped write the Maori dictionary, sat on the Maori Language Commission, was a regional councillor and iwi leader before he died in November 2016.
    Black died in 2016 but this weekend, his widow has alleged he sexually abused multiple children.
    In a social media post that’s gone viral, she says that as his unveiling inched closer, she could no longer keep a secret.
    “Awa became a paedophile and over the years, honing his skills – waiting for that perfect moment he had pre-ordained to steal the innocence of others,” she said on Facebook live. (HE HAD PREORDAINED….what does this mean, the time taken to set up a victim and groom a victim….especially the child of a best friend…. in the USA stuff coming out, there are women who say to other women…. how they really enjoyed watching their friends child being gang raped, real sick witches).
    There are also allegations of a “National” child adult sex ring operating out of Tauranga. (AS WELL AS SEVERAL IN TAURANGA).
    These claims have caused shockwaves due to Mr Black’s wide connections.
    He was a treaty negotiator, local politician and orator, but the fallout has been immediate, with a mural of him painted over.

    Mr Black’s best friend today said he had never known the allegations to be true.

    YEAH RIGHT. …is the comment ….and just who in media drummed up the idea that “the tattooed land”, Pouroto Ngaropo was this Awanui Black’s best friend???

    If so suggest Pouroto Ngaropo might like to check his two daughters out…that he says he is so proud of…. because the primary trick and pleasure of paedophiles is to screw with the bodies and minds of their best friends children…..and share them around with other paedophiles who enjoy the taste …like crates of beer.
    Questions with Pouroto Ngaropo – Head of People, Language and Culture, Māori Television.

    “I’ve known Awanui Black since he was 12 till the time he took his last breath, and in that time, I have never known him to be a paedophile,” Pouroto Ngaropo said.
    “I feel sorry if any of this is true, if any of the families have been affected. I am supportive that Ani has come forward.”
    Ani Black did not want to be interviewed today, but has called for alleged victims to come forward.


    “We lived as husband and wife for 26 years, share 5 of his children and I’m the only person of authority to speak about him the way that I’m about to,’ Anihera said.
    She relayed that she had been torn listening to accolades about him at his funeral.
    “The pain and suffering he caused others will live on for generations to come if things go unsaid”.
    “So the truth is that when Awa was a young boy his father stole his soul and made him keep the secret and repeatedly sexually abused him over a lifetime in turn creating the same in Awa. Awa became a paedophile and over the years waited to steal the innocence of others”.
    “I wondered why Awa invited so many young people through our homes over the years…I know differently now”. She apologised for what Black had allegedly done and asked all his alleged victims to not remain silent, but to expose the secret, to speak up and take the power back.
    “He became a predator, a recruiter, a teacher, a pimp, a ringleader of one of many child sex rings in his beloved Tauranga and took it nationwide to his various contacts..”.
    Anihera said the family had decided not to go ahead with an unveiling ceremony for Black’s headstone as it made her feel like an “accomplice” of all his actions.
    Labour MP Kiri Allen applauded Anihera for her courage “she shared a story of being married to a man, widely known and respected as a leader, and the pain of carrying hurtful truths, before and after his death-that he had lived a secret life causing pain and vulnerable children”.
    “E te whaea, Your courage is an act against violence”, she said.
    Allan hoped by speaking up it would help break the cycles of intergenerational trauma for the next generation.
    Tauranga artist Graham Hoete, aka Mr G, announced he would be removing a mural of Awanui Black immediately. Effective IMMEDIATELY!!!
    “I wholeheartedly stand with and support Ani and her whanau and pray love, healing, comfort and strength to all the victims and their healing process”.
    NZ Herald 7 Jul, 2018 5:43pm
    Widow of Awanui Black claims he was a paedophile
    Anihera Black talks about her husband Awanui Black who died in 2016. She says he was a life-long paedophile who abused many children. / Facebook
    A highly regarded politician who died 18 months ago was a paedophile, his distraught widow has claimed.
    Anihera Zhou Black said her husband – regional councillor and Māori Party candidate Awanui Black – had preyed upon children throughout his adult life.
    Te Awanuiārangi Black died aged 48 with organ failure in 2016 after a short hospital stay.
    Twenty months later, Anihera Zhou Black was on Facebook trying to deal with fresh emotions as she told the world she believed the man she loved was an imposter.
    Sobbing back tears and occasionally wailing in grief, she said: “I have an announcement to make on behalf of my kids and I and perhaps it will shock a lot of you and perhaps it will help some of you find some comfort.”
    It was, she said, “something that needs to be done”.
    Awanui Black, regional councillor, Parliamentary candidate, lecturer and leader.
    The video spread like wildfire and had been viewed 30,000 times in the handful of hours since being posted this afternoon.
    “Those good deeds Awa did for individuals will live on in the memory of their lifetimes.
    However the pain and suffering he caused others may live on for generations to come if things are left unsaid.”
    Anihera Zhou Black said her former husband had come across as a larger-than-life leader with a booming voice but was actually “a shrivelled up cowering soulless shadow of a man”.
    The couple met aged 15 and married aged 18 before spending 26 years married.
    Throughout that time, she said he lived a double life that – she believed – stemmed from sexual abuse he had suffered as a boy. THE EVIDENCE IS VERY CLEAR THAT HOMOSEXUALITY SODOMY AND KIDDY F*CKING IS NOT IN THE GENETICS, THAT IT IS CAUSED BY CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. That the political correctness is just a scam to infest society with more of these inbred demons.
    “In turn it created the same behaviour in Awa. Awa became a paedophile and over the years, honing his skills, waiting for that perfect moment he had preordained to steal the innocence of others.
    “I wondered why Awa invited so many young people through our home over the years and I thought it was to be a good aunty and uncle. I know differently now.
    “He became a predator, a recruiter, a teacher, a pimp, a ringleader of one of the many child-adult sex rings here in his beloved Tauranga Moana and he took that sh*t nationwide with all his contacts in every stream of life.
    WITH ALL HIS CONTACTS IN EVERY STREAM OF LIFE. Kapahaka, Council, Iwi, Maori Dictionary etc. That is a very pervasive social and political group.
    “They would recruit the innocent…. share them around like a box of beer, consume every last drop and discarding the empty vessels into the gutter, soulless, cold and broken.
    “I am so extremely sorry and devastated. You are all my babies now and I will do what I can to navigate through your healing process.
    Anihera Zhou Black said those who were victims had “permission to speak your truth”.
    “Take back the power of the secret. It has no power in the light. Give yourself permission to be heard, be it a whisper or a bloodcurdling scream.”
    She said the family had decided not to go through with an unveiling ceremony for Awanui Black’s headstone.
    Doing so, she said, would “perpetuate the illusion about who he was, who he wanted us to believe he was”.
    She said the thought of going ahead “made me feel like an accomplice”.
    “The people I would talk to in passing would extol his virtues and I would smile politely and on the inside be swallowing back my own vomit.”
    She said she still had love for her husband, particularly knowing aspect of his life that may have led to his predatory behaviour.
    Ngāti Pūkenga chairman Rehua Smallman said news of the video had spread like wildfire and stunned the community as it went.
    “Many of us in Tauranga Moana are struggling to believe it. I knew Awanui when he was alive and had a lot to do with him. We can’t believe it.”
    He said Ngāti Pūkenga would seek to meet Anihera Zhou Black to find out more about the allegations.
    “Many who knew him for a number of years would absolutely refute these allegations his wife put across. It’s a shock to everybody.”
    A police spokesperson said they were aware of the video and would be seeking further information about the allegations. THIS SHOULD EXPOSE QUITE A FEW MORE GANG RAPIST POLICE who must wet their pants thinking how they scammed Louise Nicole long after the event, with “political” help.
    And in Tauranga today, artist Graham Hoete, also known as Mr G, started painting over a mural he had made of Black.
    Awanui Black was the Tauranga Moana Iwi Leaders’ Group chairman, a commissioner at the Māori Language Commission, lecturer at Te Wānanga o Raukawa, a treaty negotiator for Te Au Maaro o Ngāti Pūkenga and helped write the first monolingual Māori language dictionary.
    Note that a secret held for 26 years from 2018, means the secret she has kept, goes right back into the very middle of Winston Peters presence in Tauranga as a Member of Parliament. 1992. Winston peters was Member of parliament in Tauranga from 1984 until 1997.
    Since these satanic paedophiles begin their activities in their mid to late teens, that would make Awanui Black a 16 year old in 1984. When Winston Peters first got elected to be a Member of Parliament for Tauranga. Its obvious, in the political paedophile circles, where there are drugs, as in the Peter Williams and Winston Peters connection in Tauranga, (a paedophile ring fronting as a lawyer’s office) there will be child sex trafficking. With other people’s children, the treasure of the love of another long suffering, hard working woman, putting her family first, as almost all women do. TOTALLY DESTROYED. “Except ye come as a child ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven”. These women sacrifice everything they have, their children are the treasure of their lives, being passedaround by this disgusting bastard and his associates like “crates of beer”.
    By this political, council, police, lawyer and no doubt judges as well, paedophile ring in Tauranga. Transporting these children further around, even around New Zealand. Totally wrecking the children and in the process creating another generation of sodomists and paedophiles to inflict massive social damage, on totally unsuspecting New Zealand families.

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