The Persian Pallavicini Family Invented & Own Islam Incorporated


Featured Image – a top shape shifting Pallavicini family member posing as an Islamic Imam.


Media Whores is aware of the fact that we have a whole swath of demoniacally possessed lunatics and natural born paranoid supremacists and racists who follow this website closely.

(Media Whores wasn’t naturally born racist – just to clarify) 

And we are aware that most of them struggle to comprehend a lot of what we write due to their various states of dementia / demonic possession.

So we want to spell this out nice and carefully for them.

The ruling elites are PERSIAN shape shifting snakes.

They control ALL of the corporate religions, including Judaism Inc, Christianity Inc, and Islam Inc.

They rely on your stupidity – and a constant stream of fake news and false flags – so that you never figure it out and keep fighting between yourselves – as they rule over and tax all of you.

These shape shifting Persian snakes infiltrated the European world a long time ago by sleeping with and/or raping the redhead kings and queens of Europe of old.

And these are the snakes that are running the west to this day. Poisoning your food, vaccinating your kids, running your media, taxing everyone, murdering and/or abusing children…as they take your money and smile for the cameras…….these are the communist elites…who pose as capitalists…and the ones slowly killing Kiwis off (European and Maori alike)  as they import Islam into NZ- their next corporate religious slave system….coupled with Chinese franchise Rothschild / Orsini communism……the various tools they use to conquer and control….

See Santos Bonacci video below…lays it all out clearly.

If we want to solve any of the problems we currently face in NZ – we need stop fighting among ourselves and licking their boots like rent boys and clearly identify the enemy…….within….

It is these treasonous half breed Persian snakes who are running our Government, taxing and killing off Kiwis while replacing us all …..and selling all of our assets off to the Rothschild controlled communist Chinese.

Fkg Stockholm Syndrome. The biggest problem in this Nation.


Images – fair use/ public commentary. 



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