Dr Lance O’Sullivan – We Must Punish Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate their Children


Featured Image – Dr Lance O’Self Love Sullivan. Think ‘Sword of Salvation’. All of these inbred ‘liberal’ Nazis seem to use fake names. And many of them are actually fictional characters as far as we can tell.



Here is a great little example of what we are dealing with here folks.

The Nazis were famous for their forced inoculations and eugenics.

That is what these people are – or one word for them at least – Nazis enforcing their corporatist global slave system where they are the elites at the top and live like Kings and everyone else is a slave in a communist system underneath them – forced to fund (via their taxes) all of the elites’ anti-human agendas and luxury lifestyles.

And by any serious analysis – they are not human at all these corporate ‘elites’. We can all now see them shape shifting on our screens. They clearly have some sort of lizard DNA.

This is a story that has repeated itself throughout history.

Now if you go and read the NZ Government website on vaccines, you will learn that they contain things like genetically modified monkey cells and genetically modified aborted human baby cells, as well as formaldehyde and other chemical horrors.

What they are trying to do is “make man in their image” – which is apparently an androgynous / bi sexual/ a-sexual reptile. They are waging a war on natural human relationships and appear to want to end natural child birth as we know it.

That is the essence of the vaccine agenda. To genetically modify the human race so as to better fit their globalist slave model. Create worker drones who do not take time off for mating and expensive child births, but work each day at the corporate office or factory instead. Children will be a luxury of the new reptile elites only.

They are all fkg insane.

And its the same old bunch of inbred reptilian Nazi fkrs as it always is…..check out the X symbols on the first Nazi….and the eyes on the next one…..

Now here is where the Dr Lance O’Sullivan story gets interesting…..born in 1973, the same year as singer Jason Kerrison (think Kerosene). Moved to Kaitai the same year as Jason Kerrison. Moved back to Auckland the same year as Jason Kerrison (this year)….and just happens to look almost identical……..

And both apparently claim to be born to Jewish mothers.

Folks – we have a small group of shape shifting fkg reptiles, most of whom seem to claim some sort of Jewish heritage by birth, yet behave exactly like the corporatist Nazis…trying to vaccinate everyone’s kids and medicate everyone else in society….while all appearing on our TV screens to tell us about their awesome super luxury lifestyles, record profits and latest government awards.

Its fkg nutso aye. Liberal fkg Nazis who all seem to claim to be Jewish.

We are living in it…….

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