Transvestigations – They are Defiling Your Daughters and Abusing Your Boys…..


Featured Image – two shape shifting transgendered Persian snakes

Folks – all of the magazine covers these days display trannies. Every single one of them. Those magazine covers are deliberately placed at eye level for kids at the supermarkets and service stations.

All of the mainstream media whores are either pedophiles, sex maniacs, perverts, drug addicts…and usually all of the above.

Many if not most of the MP’s are now also.

Most of the people you see on the TV shows are trannies also.

This has nothing to do with ‘equality’ or ‘tolerance’ and everything to do with destroying the genders, or perception of gender across the West. And it is NOT healthy.

It is being done because the people running the show are actually shape shifting androgenous Persian snakes – and the only way they can fit in and pose as our business leaders, politicians, PM’s and TV stars…is by changing everyone else’s definition of what is normal also.

Pedophilia and transgendering is their modus operandi.

To be fair, it has been the case with these elites for a very long time, but is only now becoming obvious…and out of their new Global system takes shape. They are hiring pedophile satanists all over – the only ones they can trust to hold the new slave system together.

It is in short – a war they are waging against humanity.

Protect your children and families from these pedophile Persian satanists…..

Steve Ward and Tim Whelan from Lone Star are yet to comment…..


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    Cameron says:

    Defiling your daughters and abusing your boys is certainly true. An eagle eyed viewer on this video commented that these fucked up creeps ate roast chicken to celebrate Harry proposing.

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