Communism Updates – the Waikato Expressway & Roads in General


Featured Image – the all new Waikato expressway that is already falling apart.

Similar to the Kapiti expressway which cost “$630 million” lol. There goes your 666

Could even be another Auckland Southern Motorway which has been under construction for the past 150 years or so.

They haven’t stated how many 100’s of millions these communist pedophiles have stolen on the Waikato project, but it will be a similar amount probably…so far.

This will then get skillfully blamed on ‘climate change’ for all of the brainwashed #cucked fktards who believe what the same Jews tell them on their TV’s each night of the week – and who like to take it up the ass from communists and their freemason puppets. Most of them even hand their children over to these pedophiles each day to get physically and mentally abused in the Government schools with more of the same bullshit, fake science and lies.

Allow Media Whores to explain……..

Communist Jews run New Zealand. They infiltrated our Nation after staging and winning World War Two and have slowly worked their way up into the top rungs of the judiciary, government, industry and media….by lying, cheating, stealing, importing drugs, and raping kids….as their Jewish Talmud teaches them to do. Some have said that well over 75% of NZ MP’s and judges are now Jews or of Jewish/ Austrian/ German and Russian decent. These serial kiddie fiddlers and pedophile satanists – who usually hide behind their various churches and various definitions of  ‘God’ – have completely taken over.

These Bolshevik / shape shifting / demonic Jews are actually the real “niggers” of history, but have skillfully twisted that word to be applied to other relatively harmless and peaceful indigenous people’s around the World.

They have been chased out of over 100 nations throughout history because they behave like a parasitic disease – leaching off the rest of the public and stealing everything they can get their hands on using the ‘legal’ system, bullshit laws and science, and corrupt pedophile judges…….not least by way of the new soviet styled “health and safety” laws.

The roading situation in New Zealand is the perfect example.

These communist/ Soviet/ Bolshevik ‘niggers’ employ pedophile head engineers whom they can bribe and control, many of whom take lavish yearly holidays in all of the child sex capitals of the world, often on cruises recommended by Leighton Smith, then purchase substandard roading materials from their communist Chinese partners in crime and deliberately design roads that will soon fail, thus guaranteeing themselves even more work fixing them in the months and years to come….as well as the excuse to keep putting up everyones taxes…as well as slow them down in general and keep everyone waiting, thus further lowering the GDP and overall productivity and efficiency of Kiwis and their lifestyles.

It is text book communist / Jewish Bolshevism and 100% by design…..proven time and time again by the fact that no one ever gets held to account or loses their job…..but also in the masonic / Kabbalistic code these pedophiles leave in plain site so that other pedophile lizard people reading the news can clearly see it is all a complete hoax.

This is called putting a “Hex” or curse on the Nation. Black balled as they say…..and we see these ‘black balled’ and 666 satanic / kabbalistic symbols now all around us…..

Kiwis are unfortunately so beaten down, taxed and in love with the various dancing Jewish transvestites on their TV screens, not least the never ending holocaust related porn sold to them day after day by these same demonic inbred kiddie fiddlers and thieves, that they refuse to wake up and see the problem for what it is – 100% pure Jewish/ Masonic / Bolshevik communism….destroying our Nation from within…and making us all pay for it.

One good way to spot them is there shape shifting snakes teeth – see Minister of Transport past and present below….Simon Bridges and Phil Twyford, both of whom are most likely serial pedophiles being bribed by the Russian and Israeli / Jewish homelands….These people are quite literally shape shifting snakes, most of whom were seriously raped and abused as children growing up in these pedophile satanist families themselves and then transgendered …….and who actually try to speak with their mouths closed, if you watch closely, so as to hide their shape shifting fangs…….and still Kiwis bend over to them, kiss their asses….and worship their holocaust. 

Once again – we hope that helps clear things up for readers.

Images – fair use/ public safety. 






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