Astrological Tribulation Updates – Jupiter Goes Station Direct


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You can find some of the most incredible art on line when researching astrology. Some examples below – feel free to claim them in the comments section.

Media Whores was aware that Jupiter/ the Jew Peter/ Zeus / Juseus was to go “station direct” in Scorpio around this day 2018.

Feel free to look it up for yourself. Google and the Jews do their best to make it all as confusing as possible as they constantly rearrange the stage down here in ‘Satan’s Kingdom’ on behalf of their shape shifting Persian tranny overlords – so as to maintain their corporate control over the Goy –  but generally you will find references to July 10th, July 12th etc.

Essentially what this means is that Jupiter / the King of the Zodiac will appear to actually stop in the skies in the sign of Scorpio for a day or two (you may have noticed the giant scorpion trailing him ominously across the night sky each night for the past 6 months or so), and then start his normal forward motion, having been in ‘retrograde’ in Scorpio since late in 2017.

This is not some sort of ‘pseudo science’ but clearly visible in the skies above us each night.

Mankind/ the Goy used to watch the stars each night over many thousands of years and eventually figured all of this shit out, along with the fact that the movement of those stars and lights above seemed to have a direct effect on events down here below. Obvious examples being hot weather when Sirius was at its peak, warm weather when the Sun was high, cooler months when the Sun was low, crazy behavior on full moons etc…..Quite an exact science, even down to patterns of behaviour when Jupiter was in Scorpio etc and even all documented in the Bible, with “Jesus and his 12 disciples” and “72 apostles”…the zodiac shifting 1 degree in the sky every 72 years….or the so called ‘rate of procession’.

This is not to say the story of Jezeus and his 12 disciples is not true and only based on astrological occurrences, but more that what is happening above is mirrored down here also. ie) that both are true and do in fact happen. As above so below.  Indeed the Bible states clearly that God put those lights in the sky as signs.

This is the knowledge that was burned to the ground in the Library of Alexandra and is still being burned today via Vatican/ Persian elite owned Google and Youtube, with the help of an army of Sayanim Jew spies across the World….not least in Israel and Russia….so desperate as they are to cling on to their monotheistic slave system and control of ‘God’, while slowly but skillfully replacing Christianity with Islam….their next global slave religion/ re-legion.

Jupiter being in retrograde in the sign of Scorpio (the so called backbiter, or back stabber ) could be likened to the King/ Zeus being chased across the skies (or land) each day/ night by a gang of crazy, overly determined Masonic faggot and pedophiles that want to try and have sex with him from behind………or perhaps just try and silence him from blogging about it all.

That is our take on it at least.

Those with a pronounced Jupiter in their charts and who have noticed these creepy masonic faggot types stalking them around at work and play – notably the new age corporate type backbiters and faggots – will be glad to see an end to that astrological period/ tribulation. Today marks the day that the ‘backbiters’ with the ‘sting in their tails’…….fk right off.

Jupiter going station direct in Scorpio would equate to the King of the 12 Discs/ Disciples stopping, turning around and telling all of these creepy faggots, spies and pedophiles to fuck right off, if not whacking them with a big stick.

And then the next 6 months or so of Jupiter going ‘direct’ in Scorpio could be likened to the King then chasing all of these potential rapists, pedophiles and faggots instead – while whacking them all with a big stick.

Who would have thought Astrology could be so politically incorrect?

Media Whores would point out here however that we use the word ‘faggots’ to refer to the homosexual pedophile rapist types in our midst…..who more often than not pose as ‘hard man’ type straight men ………and not your average run of the mill homosexual, who is / or was usually just a victim of these same aggressive rapists and faggots…….and according to the experts is really just in need of kindness and some counseling, not insults and threats.

Anyway – the good news here is folks – today is the day that all humans with Jupiter traits (which is most of us) turn around – and tell all of those creepy fkwits with strong Scorpio traits who have been stalking them and trying to have sex with them and their children from behind – to fk right off. Obviously that analogy applies to all types of scenarios, be it business, politics, personal etc. Readers are again reminded to watch out for the new age corporate types who wear those long pointy over priced shoes and have the very latest iPhone….two of the biggest telltale signs.

Today is the day that the Jupiter in you confronts the backbiters lurking behind them – and tells them to fk right off.

Keep in mind however that all of the Sayanim / Jew backbiters and half breed Persian elite snakes among us will be very much aware of this astrological fact/ knowledge and will all no doubt be well instructed to tread very carefully over the next few days – and you will likely not hear much from them…..for the fear that they may be confronted by the angry Goy slaves. This will include the mainstream media – the primary social engineering tool of the international Jew slave masters – who will probably just run some sort of psychological psy-op designed to install paranoia and fear …mixed with a little hope ……from a safe distance, without any real direct input in it………

And of course….the World Cup soccer tournament …planned decades in advance by the Soviet/ Communist Jews as a big distraction for this very important shift in ‘time’……..

“The scorpion is the symbol of both wisdom and self-destruction. It was called by the Egyptians the creature accursed; the time of year when the sun entered the sign of Scorpio marked the beginning of the rulership of Typhon. When the twelve signs of the zodiac were used to represent the twelve Apostles (although the reverse is true), the scorpion was assigned to Judas Iscariot–the betrayer.” – Source

“Jupiter is the planet of transformation and adventure, which means that this week some of the things you’ve been working on the past five months while Jupiter was retrograde in Scorpio should come to fruition once the planet turns direct. ” – Source

“Our summer of retrogrades has seen its first exit. Today, July 10, Jupiter will end the retrograde that it started back in March” – Source

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