Masonic Deception 101 – the Nurses Strike – Divide and Rule


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And here it is folks…

The planned masonic deception timed for the exact day of Jupiter going stationary direct today/ July 12th.

In astrology it is the day that Jupiter/ Zeus/ Juseus stops in his tracks and says enough is enough, confronts the backbiter Scorpios with the sting in their tails (in this case the pedo satanist corporate masons running the Ministry of Health) and goes on the attack, before proceeding on a different tact for the next 6 months.

Now obviously Kiwi nurses are being slowly starved to death in their jobs and/or being made steadily poorer and poorer, but so are all other Government employees, except the ones at the top. And as are all Kiwis on welfare and minimum wages as well as most Kiwis who own small businesses…..especially in the retail field.

This communist system has been designed to slowly starve everyone to death, until eventually “revolution” breaks out and everything starts falling apart – which creates the perfect vacuum for the Soviet Jews that are running the West to re-engineer everything and offer up their preplanned solutions. Which will probably be the collapse of the monetary system eventually, then universal Bitcoin and a microchip inserted up your rectum if you want to buy food.

Obviously the suffering and anger of the nurses is very real…..and has been building, but then what the Sayanim Jew spies do is infiltrate and lead the movement, set down an important astrological date that will best harness (and then divert) the energy of the day, then give the nurses the colour purple (for the so called purple Planet/ Saturn) to wear and get them all out on the streets.

This protest then becomes the public perception of what was important on that day – and once again the veil is kept over them as to what was really going on down here ie) Jupiter going station direct in Scorpio.

They also cleverly divide nurses into their own little group, standing up to the cruel government, and thus keep everyone nice and divided and separate – with some people on their side and others against them – when clearly we all face the same problems – those being Rothschild money printing / counterfeiting, the resulting inflation…..coupled with crippling/ communist level Government taxation.

So the reality is we are not ‘united’ at all. Once again cleverly divided by the Jews and their masonic puppets that control our Nations….using astrological knowledge and deception.

Very clever and timed to perfection.

Media Whores personally thinks all of the hospitals should be closed down and people given clean food to eat and lemon and honey medicine if they feel crook instead. The public will be cleverly deceived into demanding even more funding for vaccines and chemo. The hospitals are all Rothschild military operations with the mandate to mass murder, in our view. Wouldn’t go anywhere near them. We tend towards more sympathy for those who are not vaccinating children, mass medicating the population, and frying their patients with chemotherapy over the nurses really. But each to their own.

In fact we would prefer to see the nurses out on the streets demanding an end to vaccines, or protesting the faking of the Jewish holocaust.

Either way it is another successful masonic takeover of the public anger and suffering.

Always remember – if Simon Dallow is wallowing in it at 6pm – or it is on the front page of the corporate newspapers the next day – it is part of the deception.

What really needs to happen to solve all and any of these issues once and for all, is the removal of this Soviet/ Israeli controlled ‘Crown’ corporate / communist system of government entirely, and the reactivation of our Nation’s Treasury to control our own money supply, with the arrest and detainment of all of the MP’s, judges and the criminal Bar Association pedophiles and drug traffickers.

Those are the real issues the public needs to be ‘united’ on.

Then start teaching true knowledge / astrology in all of the schools, so that the public can never be fooled and manipulated by these satanist Jews again.

What these satanist Jews need on the other hand – is Revolution. It is the only thing that saves them, time and time again……

“Revolution is from Saturn – it devours its own children”…….


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      mediawhores says:

      the job of this russian/ jew tavistock / masonic government is to try and create a revolution

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