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Featured Image – the NZ Kea. 

Used to hand feed these beautiful creatures on every trip over to the Coast when young. Between dodging opossums on the roads. Now few opossums and apparently the Kea are going extinct.

Been hand feeding ducks and sparrows for the last 30 + years also and they seem to be ok.

Wonder if the inbred / holocaust surviving pedophile satanists running our Government have considered not dropping 1080 all over their environment? Clearly it was not the opossums doing them any harm……

Ever seen the end of the original War of the Worlds movie? The birds ate the aliens and saved mankind. The Hollywood Jewish pedos have since covered that bit up and changed the ending in the new ones. Tom Cruise – a shape shifting tranny Persian/ Orsini / Rothschild / inbred snake saves us instead.

Could that be the reason behind the inbred pedophile commie shape shifting satanists 1080 plot? They clearly don’t like the birds, that much is clear……


From our comments section today…..1080 and related pedophile satanist  updates

In July 2018 “fishing and outdoors” magazine it is noted on the back page, a photo of a dead Kiwi on Stewart Island after DOC poisoned Stewart Island with 1080. (Around October 2017 to January 2018).
Several other recent 1080 news articles. This one comprises a toxic dump of some 75 kg of 1080 being left on Stewart Island about 30 metres from a walking track and in a position where animals and Kiwi could eat it sooner or later. Not to mention poison the water.
Obviously none of the Stewart Islanders were happy about 1080 poison being used there. Because Stewart Island had the biggest number of Kiwi still around, so as to be almost a “living Kiwi sanctuary” and they even were so tame as to come out during the day.
[NOTE: After 1080 application on the Heaphy track the huge number of Kiwi calls almost totally disappeared]. [NOTE: the 89 dead Kiwi found in Tangariro after 1080 application were never 1080 tested] [NOTE: Gregg Hallett in being told of Prince Harry going to such an “unusual place as Stewart Island”, in May 2015, said that he was probably going there to mark it (for killing/mass murder)].

[see Prince Harry with some five or six different titles all of which add up to 666]. Which for those who those who are not aware of this bizarre aspect of the UK Royal family, (see the family paedophile sodomist Zionist bloodline connections to Robert Fenwick who holds the title to “pest free NZ by 2050).
The 666 is the beast upon which the woman (whore of abominations) who drinks the blood of the saints (children) (except ye come as a child (saint) ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven = that the blood of the saints spoken of in this description are in fact the blood of other people’s children) rides.

So this whore of abominations is in fact described as being those people who drink the blood of children (see Satanism / Zionism / Nazism with Jimmy Saville and his relationship to the UK paedophile sodomist Royal family) and these people who do this to other people’s children make their money from her. Sounds rather like NZ public servants and Councils and the contractors and sub contractors they use.
So what Prince Harry did in May 2015 on Stewart Island was to go there and befriend the natives, while in fact setting them up for mass murder by 1080 poison of their taonga/treasure, of Kiwi and birdsong in 2017.
13 July 2018
Exclusive: 1080 dumpsite uncovered in Stewart Island national park
A Newshub investigation has uncovered a dumpsite of the poison 1080 in a national park on Stewart Island.As much as 75 kilograms of the poison was dumped by a contractor working for the Department of Conservation (DoC), which has now called in police and other authorities.
• 1080 protesters threaten to ‘bring down’ DoC helicopters
• Forest and Bird condemns anti-1080 attacks on DoC workers
The pristine New Zealand bush on the island is remote and unspoilt – but the dump had enough poison to kill potentially hundreds of animals.
DoC contracted out the job of disposing of the 1080 to Tony Leith – one of New Zealand’s most experienced poison operators.
Isaac was a former worker on the 1080 operation. Workers like Isaac – who did not want his last name used – were meant to put the 1080 in bait bags then staple them up in trees.
That’s because if the 1080 hits the ground it will kill anything that eats it – including our indigenous kiwi. Even eating insects or bugs that have ingested it can harm them.[NOTE: 1080 is also an accumulative toxin and where it does not kill it can destroy various living tissues and cause massive embryonic deformation, including in humans, where Dr Peter Scanlan claimed, in sworn Court evidence, (that was totally overlooked by the ‘rigged’ NZ court in its decision making process in 2008), it was effective on human embryonic deformation at parts per trillion].
However despite the instructions they received, Isaac says he helped his boss dump the poison in a swamp.
After quitting the job, he decided to speak out after feeling guilty when he saw a photo of a dead kiwi found on the island. Its death was blamed on 1080.
While there is no direct link between the death and the 1080 find, the picture of the kiwi was the catalyst for Isaac coming forward as he realised other kiwi could be at risk.
“Sadly I was involved in this job. People will want to know what actually happened,” he told Newshub.
“If an animal had eaten it would have died. A cruel and painful death, the way 1080 kills.”
Isaac says three 25kg bags of 1080 were dumped there – two full, one with some in it.
“It was dumped in water, so it’s sinking,” Isaac told Newshub.
The 1080 was put in the swamp across five months this year in what is called the ‘Rakeahua Block’. The dump site is close to the Rakeahua River mouth, just 30 metres off a public track – and the dead kiwi was found about 10 kilometres away, at Doughboy Bay.
“You can’t just let people away with this,” Isaac says.
DoC says the poison has been removed and an investigation is underway into the contractor’s actions.
“I am disappointed and angry that the important pest control work carried out by DOC has been undermined by the actions of an individual contractor,” says Reg Kemper, DoC’s acting deputy director general for operations.
“DoC requires contractors using pesticides are required by law to comply with Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act.
“The investigation underway right now will determine what legal consequences the contractor may face.”
Poison in the bush – raising big questions about 1080.
The Department of Conservation is concerned factual information about kiwi deaths in the Tongariro Forest has been inaccurately portrayed by anti-1080 campaigners.
Date: 05 October 2011
The Department of Conservation is concerned factual information about kiwi deaths in the Tongariro Forest has been inaccurately portrayed by anti-1080 campaigners.
[NOTE: None of the dead Kiwi were tested for 1080, and Kiwi is known to eat other baits containing poison. Anything on the ground is food for wild animals like Kiwi].
A media statement released yesterday by anti-1080 campaigner Clyde Graf linked biodegradable 1080 with the death of 89 kiwi in the Tongariro Forest Kiwi Sanctuary over the past five years.
The release, titled “89 Dead Kiwi – 1080 clearly not working” selectively quoted information provided by DOC and claimed that 1080 drops in the forest had failed to protect kiwi.
It also suggested the biodegradable toxin itself could be responsible for the kiwi deaths. [NOTE: 1080 poison, developed as an insecticide, was banned internationally because of its longevity in the soil, DOC then made false science to deny this longevity and then claim safe to use…see material by Dr Quinn O’Keef and other research specialists who claim that DOC’s science is of a quality that would cause them to fail undergraduates, let alone science masters].
However DOC says the release fails to point out that 1080 – which breaks down naturally in soil within weeks – was last used in the forest sanctuary almost four months before the first recorded kiwi death.
[For some unknown reason DOC claims that 1080 remains in possum bodies for a long time, yet is swiftly biodegradable in the soil], whereas huge amounts of International research found that 1080 poison was extremely persistent. MEANING THE KILLING AND MASS POISONING OF NZ NATIVE BIRDS AND FOREST LIFE IS DELIBERATE, while also deliberately getting rid of the evidence that ground pest control does not kill birds, is at least half the price, and is at least 90%+ effective. And does not cause a massive stoat infestation and rat infestation, as occurs post 1080.


New Zealand is Run by Necromonger Pedophile Satanists

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