KOK (Ken O’Keefe) Updates – Bitcoin Will Solve All Problems – for the Lizards


Featured Image – Ken O’Keefe – suffering from a slight case of Cunnilingus – but certainly has Brendon O’Connell’s backside well covered. 

Media Whores has made it clear that we are having problems these days. Taking anyone who’s tongue keeps popping out their mouth seriously.

Now we are as keen as the next man to keep blaming the Jews and the Rothschilds / Orsini Family, but people like Ken O’Keefe (now calling himself KOK) and Brendon O’Connell are not making it easy.

Brendon O’Connell – the guy who blinks every second – is all over the net exposing incredible information on the hi-tech take over of the World, while mixing in frequent homosexual innuendo….and asking for Bitcoin donations.

And now a perfectly shaven Ken O’Keefe / KoK – who looks like he has recovered somewhat from what appeared to be a fairly full on binge on the meth over the past year or so – wants to save the World from the technological take over by the evil Jews and Rothschilds also – using Bitcoin.

Doesn’t really add up aye?

The problem, in essence, that everyone is moaning about, including us, is this globalist corporate takeover of the Planet, spearheaded by illegal wars, giant Global corporates, and technology…… …which is causing ever more inequality, greed and degradation (environmental, political, social).

All of the leading ‘truthers’ and ‘freedom fighters’ out there are fairly united in pointing the finger at the Jews and Israel. Or perhaps we should say ‘the most popular’ leaders and truthers? Bonacci and Jungle Surfer both point the finger at an androgenous inbred elite behind the Jews, who are more like the worker bees and tax collectors of this shape shifting tranny elite. Bonacci has them all as Persian elite families, while Jungle Surfer has them all as European.

Here is one simple golden rule to follow – if they haven’t figured out the Earth they live on is flat – they are part of the ongoing cover up…and never ending Ballshit. Bonacci and Jungle Surfer have both figured it out.

Surely one thing we can all agree on however – how the hell can Bitcoin be a solution?

Bitcoin is the perfect globalist control mechanism. They can’t even tell us who invented it. It is a closed box system, making it perfect for manipulation, counterfeiting and other fraud by its creators. It is also reportedly the driving force behind the ‘dark web’ already. Bitcoin is a dream come true for the International child sex traffickers…..no messy paper/ electronic trail with the banks. While at the domestic trade level its users can be traced everywhere they go via their actual cell phones.

Ken O’Keefe is blaming ‘the International Bankers’ and their ‘Central Banking System’ for all the World’s problems, while then pushing a solution which is almost certainly created and owned by the same people, and will in fact give them even more control over the our domestic economies as well as all of us an individuals.

There is no mention here from O’Keefe – and likewise from O’Connell – on the real solution to this globalist corporate onslaught of greed and associated depravity  – and that is quite simply for each and every Sovereign Nation to activate their own treasuries and take back control of their own money…and thus their own economies, resources….and standards of living.

These two fkwits are both defining the problems we face very well – those being the high tech / corporate takeover of the planet, enabled by Rothschild / Crown owned central banking – but are both then pushing a ‘solution’ which would give those same snakes even more power and control.

Sort your shit out lads. If you want to pose as saviors – start talking about real solutions – which is every Nation, and indeed every individual – reclaiming their own Sovereignty – and control of their domestic / National money supply, government and resources. Same as it ever was.




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2 thoughts on “KOK (Ken O’Keefe) Updates – Bitcoin Will Solve All Problems – for the Lizards”

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    Rillydiculous says:

    Not only does BOC “act” like he doesn’t love KOK, but he also “acts” like he doesn’t love cock. Lots of acting going on… More acting than being actually. Makes you wonder about that Iranian party scene….
    If submerged soccer teams weren’t being rescued by brave selfless frogmen (snake men) then one might lose complete faith in the whole damned thing???
    I know, i know… i digress… the Talpiot program is essential for all of us to hear about … ad nauseam. Crucial. Pivotal! After all, Talpiot is one of the “Ring Neighbourhoods of Jerusalem” best known for it’s shopping and also for the recent discovery of the alleged “Bones of Jesus”. Not only can you pickup a genuine bargain at a Talpiot mall, you can also justify the ongoing assault on Christianity via rock solid Zionist archeological research.
    Everyone’s winning!!!

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