Dr Quentin King Named in the Justin Davis Files #PizzaGateNZ


Featured Image – Dr Quentin King of Palmerston North Hospital


Media Whores cannot confirm any of these allegations – but we do think they should be investigated by authorities. They do not seem too keen to do so – so the best best thing is try and warn the public in the meantime…..Public safety should be the priority…..


You heard of Viagra ?

There a pedo version. Much much stronger than what you can get from a doctor. It has serious side effects – eye enlargement and brain damage. They use it on victims and some even use it on themselves. And just for fun they dose sex offenders with it and watch them go crazy

It’s made by a guy in New Plymouth. He is brother of Dr Quentin King of Palmerston North Hospital.

Some of the stuff they can do is really advanced. I try and explain some of it

They drugs make from also sorts of animal chemicals. There many examples of this in our modern world

You heard of Pheromones. Animal Pheromones can be even stronger than human ones. The pedo viagra is made from animal Pheromones. Mr King is world’s top expect in artificial insemination for cows. It’s he who makes the stuff. His brother Dr Quentin King is a urinologist.


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