The Antonie Dixon Hoax


Featured Image – Antonie Dixon. Or so we are told


You can’t snoop around the internet doing what we do without coming across this story every so often.

It always sort of grabbed out attention – as it did everyones.

Media Whores was not living in NZ when it all went down so never paid much attention at the time.

We decided to do a little digging today and have concluded it is a load of shit ……and another massive cover up by the pedophile satanists that run our ‘justice’ system.

Can’t be assed researching all of it. It would probably make a good Ian Wishart book – the clown who does all of the serious cover ups with the help of the police, or for the police…and who is also named in the Justin Davis Files. His book on the life of Winston Peters is a total fraud from start to finish for one. But we digress…..

Here is what we picked up on……

Keep in mind that the pedophile satanist families, rich listers and their demonic inbred children and distant inbred satanic cousins that run this Nation, its government, media and all big business, stage almost all of the major crime within our borders…and a good amount outside our borders…as we have well covered and proven already.

The public should always start with the presumption that whatever big crime the government, media or Crown claim has occurred, that the very same people telling you about it where behind it. That should always be the starting point, and until proven otherwise.

Ok – firstly….Antonie Dixon’s Wikipedo page is a total fraud. It smacks of an agenda – that being to create the beast. Probably written by the pedophile satanist story tellers that run the Crown in NZ from behind the curtains. Note there is no information at all on his family or family background…just some crude references to an abusive childhood. How can you research that, or check any of those facts…could be completely made up and probably is. A glaring omission of no family info at all. Stinks of a cover up right off the bat. CIA/ Sayanim run Wikipedo always has family backgrounds/ history – unless it is a cover up.

Now how does a guy go from looking like this – in the back of the cop car when arrested – to looking that that in court a few months later? Answer – it is either not the same person, or they have been dosing him with massive amounts of drugs in prison. “Or maybe he just took the drugs in prison himself” we hear some saying – fuck off – its a prison for fks sake, if the drugs are in there they are meant to be in there…for such purposes. To drug the inmates, whether by choice or not. Dixon, if that is the same man and not an actor, had been drugged by the Crown, to the eyeballs……also part of any good Crown cover up…..looks like they were steadily drugging him more and more…….

Opps – hang on – that is actually Joel McMan-anus from the George Soros funded  transvestite magazine Spin Off. Not to be confused with Antonie Dixon…..

Here  he is……

That haircut certainly stinks of crisis actor. The prison guards couldn’t have done that without consent.  Those later photos look a lot like the all new Simon Bridges. 

Then there is the part where his lawyer – Barry Hart – since struck off – visited him in jail and claimed he was also attacked by Dixon – but later retracted that claim on a Radio NZ interview just hours before Dixon’s reported death in prison, which occurred the day before his appeal hearing. Give us a fkg break. The guy was quite clearly murdered in prison….if the entire thing wasn’t just role play and he was an actor – something the pedophile satanist Crown are famous for. And you would have to be at least a little bit suspicious that corrupt criminal lawyer/ liar Barry Hart would have had a hand in it – or more likely was running the entire operation. Those dates and details are included on the Wikipedo page – because they ARE part of the cover up.

Now the obvious question – what caused Antonie Dixon to attack two women he knew well with a sword? If he actually did at all. Something must have provoked him. Has the reason ever been spoken about? Was it mentioned / documented in the trial? All we have heard is “he was out of it on meth”. Well fk off – 10’s of thousands of Kiwis are out of their heads on meth everyday of the week. You have to be provoked to go nutso and attack two of your long time friends with a sword. So what was it?

Has Simonne Butler ever spoken of the motive behind the alleged attack? Here she is below smiling for the media in hospital after almost losing her arms and life. She now has her own Youtube channel which she uses to raise money. Claims to be broke, but is living in a very nice looking house. Could be renting though – bit like Vinny Eastwood perhaps? Just chucking it out there – feel free to look it up and think for yourself. The injuries look real – but so do ‘Jacinda Ardern’s teeth – as well as her ‘baby bump’. And  again, what was the motive? Motive is key to any criminal investigation and yet we haven’t seen it mentioned or discussed. And certainly not Dixon’s side of the story – which the court apparently “suppressed” when they overturned his first conviction. Go figure.

Possibly an innocent victim – possibly not so innocent – when the star witness gets murdered in his jail cell the night before his trial, it is kind of hard to conclude. In fact, Antonie Dixon would probably quite like to be alive and making Youtube videos today also. But lets move on……

Then we have the strange case of Renee Gunbie – one of the alleged victims – who they now claim has been locked up in jail for 5 years for selling meth. So there goes the meth dealer behind it all. Possibly the actual ring leader. Now we have all seen the photos of Simonne Butler’s injuries all over the web and media – but has anyone ever seen Renee Gunbie’s injuries? Apparently she lost an arm. Very few photos of her around, no doubt for good reason……one of her dressed like a satanist, covering up one arm with a coat, and looks like one of these transgenders…and a Mum who looks like she just won lotto – which they often have. We are calling total BS on these two…..

We also know the pedophile satanist Crown and bar association stage entire court hearings and cases purely for the media and public as well as claim they have put someone in jail when they are actually sent overseas on holiday instead. Crisis actors they are called – they even stage entire funerals. Rollie Pollie Holy Hoaxie Heke springs to mind and Wendy Cambell of the recent Whangarei shooting hoax also….see articles below

And how about this other guy the Crown claimed Dixon shot “with a burst of 10 bullets from a homemade machine gun” – ffks – James Te Aute  – like something out of a Hollywood movie – and no info on him, his family and only one grainy image available on line.

Then chuck in Crown prosecutor and Kings College school principal Simon Moore who is known to let international cocaine dealers off their charges – and you got yourself a right old circus….and massive cover up. Hands down.

Our best guess is that Antonie Dixon actually started to unearth and wake up to the total depravity of these people that run our nation – not least the drugs, crime and legal system – and decided one day to take matters into his own hands – as human beings have always been encouraged to do throughout history when they come across snakes….not least in their Bibles (Luke 10:19). What then ensued – and as we see time and time over again in NZ – is a massive police, Crown, media and government cover up – often resulting in the murder of the person who has woken up, if they will not agree to shut up. And the entire cover up most likely coordinated by the Bar association – the biggest gang of pedophile satanists in NZ, and the ones how run the meth (and heroin) trade to start with.

Either that or Antonie Dixon was an actor also. Take your pick.

The Crown, government and media (the pedophile satanists) needed a big juicy meth story to pump out and spread fear as they started bringing in their new drug of choice. Everything they do/ run works off fear. Fear = control.

This case was a fkg circus – and a total cover up from start to finish. That’s our take on it at least. And lets face it – we have seldom been wrong.

Maybe one more thing – how many shape shifting type redheads did you count in this circus as well? 

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