Antonie Dixon Visited the Mason Clinic


Featured Image – Simon Moore – filthy lying serial child abuser….The evidence for that statement? Well, it is child abuse to teach children they live on a magic gravity ball flying through space for one. And to get vaccinated for another. Probably a top level Mason. 


Forgot this important point on the Antonie Dixon story….Dixon was being ‘schooled’ at the Mason Clinic

“…..until he was admitted for a second time to the Mason Clinic when he told a doctor…”

Same as Christie Marceau’s killer, Jo Pert’s killer etc etc……probably both hoaxes also

It is case closed.

Everyone working at the Mason Clinic should be rounded up and put on trial for treason and domestic terrorism.

You can add Sophie Elliott and her Mum to that list also….the whole story full of masonic code and numerology….and the means by which the masonic / satanic Crown removed the defense of provocation in New Zealand.

All masonic bullshit – from start to finish – designed to terrorise, and thus better control, the NZ public.




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