Google Shutting Down it’s Competition…& Insisting on All Business being “Women Led”


Slowly but surely.

Google appear to be going through shutting down their competition – as well as now insisting that all businesses be “women led”…..

Google (Global Occult Government for Saturn/ Satan) seem to be mainly targeting directory type sites, which encourage web users to search for products and services on their sites, and therefore not Google. This impacts Google’s advertising revenue, so they appear to be issuing these warnings on sites they want to get rid of.

Media Whores has spoken to a few website administrators who have confirmed that their sites have been fully scanned for viruses and are completely 100% safe.

Google appears to be just wiping them off the map.

As we are marched off to full scale global communism – apparently run from Israel.

Below are some examples of directory sites that have recently disappeared – we cannot confirm how many have been attacked by Soviet / Israeli / Jewish run Google….They seem to be putting warnings on them until the owners just give up……..this is of course being done for your own ‘safety’…….

Another trick they are doing that has been bought to our attention – is insisting that all businesses on their Maps service/ Google Places be “Women Led”. “Women Led” is now set as the default attribute for businesses in their Google Places admin section – and when you try to remove it, it then defaults to “Not led by women ” – as if that is some kind of crime against humanity. There are no other options…….you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried…..


“The Highest-Paid Female CEO is a Transgender Founder (Who Built a Robot Version of Her Wife)” –

Martine Rothblatt founded a $5 billion company after living as a man for the first half of her life. Today, she’s working on building robotic clones of humans.

In Rothblatt’s new book, Virtually Human: The Promise–and the Peril–of Digital Immortality, she argues that the progress made by humans to extend life–from penicillin to organ transplants–will reach the point where life can be prolonged indefinitely. Futurist Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google, shares her belief.

…He quit his job at a prominent law firm in 1983 to launch car-navigation system Geostar, and in 1990 he founded satellite radio company Sirius.


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