Introducing NZ’s Masonic Mafia – Simon Moore, Kings College


Featured Image – here they are folks, NZ’s masonic mafia. Simon Moore and and the gang from Kings College. A bunch of serial child abusers. Check out that “S”/ serpent over the cross. hidden in plain site. Also note the frequent use of purple…usually a dash of yellow – the colours of Yahu/ Saturn. Their ‘God’. 

“Can you believe how fkg stupid these people are guys?”

“I know right – just keep waving that magic wand” 


And some gang associates listed below….training up the next generations of psychopaths and thieves to run our society for us, while posing as leaders and the definition of ‘success’ – then awarding themselves all sorts of titles, as a way to say thank you…to themselves.




The Hon Justice S J E Moore, BA (Hons), LLB – Chairman

Linley Wood BA, LLB, MBA (Fin) – Deputy Chairman

James Fletcher BA, LLB (Hons) GAICD

The Hon Justice P J Davison, LLB

Professor Stuart McCutcheon, B.AgSc (Hons), PhD


Rt Rev R G Bay B.Th. Dip Past Theol., Bishop of Auckland


Simon P Moutter BSc, BE (Hons), ME

Simon O’Connor BCom

Dianna Perron BCom, BCS

Sarah de Croy MA (Hons), Dip Journ


A C Sissons MEd, DipPE, DipEd, DipTchg

S M Britton MBA(Dist), ACA, NatCertBS, PGDipMgtSt – Secretary and Bursar

Does South Auckland Justice Simon Moore Run the Cocaine Trafficking in New Zealand?

Antonie Dixon Visited the Mason Clinic

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    Cindy says:

    Funny that TRACY MARTIN of NZ First, who replaced the 1080 opponent Richard Prosser at number 3, AND who was party to making sure that at least 80% of the NZ historical child sex crimes are not investigated, by excluding both the religions who are behind most of it and anything after the year 2000. Thereby also enabling systems in place, by these inbred masons and their offspring, to continue to deliberately suicide NZ children and to continually gang bang sodomise and rape NZ children. FUNNY how she very suddenly rose in the ranks of NZ First. So who is this paedophile enabler witch who should be allowed any where near any other peoples children.

    Winston Peters, just gave her the investigation of the dirty masonic cop Wally Haumaha to oversee. She must have covered up and obfuscated a lot of stuff the last time to get such a job. Winston Peters new Deputy Commissioner Wally Haumaha was notorious for his claiming that Louis Nicolas claims of gang baton rape by “his good friends” was a liar, that she was rascist, and that they were good cops. Basically the police Inspector Wally Haumaha was at the time running a sickeningly corrupt personal smear campaign against Louis Nicolas. To aid and abett conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice. Conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice is also the obvious result of TRACY MARTIN and the terms of the historical child abuse inquiry decided on. OBVIOUSLY WINSTON was very pleased with that and gave her a rise up the NZ First ladder.

    At the same time nearly Awanui Black has been exposed as a MONSTER paedophile ring ringleader in Winston Peters MONSTER haunting grounds as MP. Going al the way to the highest political levels nationwide, according to his widow Ani Black. Meaning that this area was not only being used for baton gang raping underage and other girls, but also for the gang bang raping of little children. With Wally Haumaha in the same vicinity, and Tracy martin having already been involved in a massive coverup of paedophile ring activity in New Zealand, by refusing to bring the main problem to the Commission. That in fact Tracy Martin got a raise in the NZ First political party for doing that.

    This seems like a very considerable conflict of interest by Tracy Martin.

    FIRST covering up or getting rid of the powers of a Royal Commission, to INVESTIGATE and REMEDY at least 80% of the past AND FUTURE, child sex crimes in New Zealand. These being children of New Zealand women. While simultaneously getting herself into a position to have some control over “other peoples” children. And now to make a determination on Winston Peters appointing a disgustingly corrupt deputy police commissioner, who is well connected to these ritual satanic child abuse paedophile rings in the Tauranga area. And Nationwide. Just who is this witch Tracy Martin??

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      mediawhores says:

      the king pin behind that baton rape club is now practicing law in napier.
      the big bald guy?

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