New World Order Updates – Sugar in the Mussels!


Featured Image – the New World Order black cube…and rings of Saturn….with communism running right through the middle. 


There is now sugar in all containers of mussels.

Repeat – sugar in ALL containers of mussels. WTF?

And sugar in ALL of the ‘freshly made’ soups. Even ‘Naked’ Locals brand

Sugar in all potato chips – except one or two – but including ALL ‘salt and vinegar’ brands. Sugar in salt and vinegar chips?!?

And sugar in all the bread, except one or two…but EVERY bread now has addtives. There is no such thing as fresh natural baked bread at the ‘super’ market. It’s a thing of the past.


The demonic evil masonic pedofile cnts…….look at these evil serial child abusing sick nazi cnts in their new designer suits….

Then they plan to tax sugar next. lol

When it is actually the additives, preservatives and other chemicals in the food which shut down the organs and thus causes obesity….and all other illness. The sugar is secondary.

You know, it probably would have been the super market owners that would have been rounded up first for the gas chambers. Along with the doctors, lawyers and MP’s……

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