Is David Clark MP the Josef Mengele of New Zealand?….#Vaxxed


Featured Image – David Clark MP – Chief ‘EXECUTIVE’ / execution officer of the Nazi Crown NZ Ministry of Health.


Check out them coconuts…..but most likely also hacked numbers…….some older articles are now in the hundreds of millions……

Nobody likes a Nazi.

Or a Communist.

Or a ‘Liberal’.


Only the names they use keep changing folks…..and their fashions ……but it is always the same little inbred racist supremacist psychotic Talmudic kiddie fiddlers (either directly or by association)  You will know them by their deeds. The Synagogue of Satan.

Mankind has been gifted with language and the ability to express themselves.

Might as well all be using it – and calling these demons what they are…..

David Clark MP is in charge of a so called health system that encourages, if not forces young children to vaccinate themselves with toxic chemicals ranging from monkey kidney cells, aborted human baby fetus proteins, and even formaldehyde.

Ask yourself – what is the difference between Joseph Mengele, the chief eugenicist  of the Nazi Third Reich, and our own David Clark MP of New Zealand?

Then ask yourself – when we have a leaked document alleging that many of our top doctors and dentists in New Zealand are drugging and sexually abusing children on a systemic and highly organized basis – and yet it is being completely ignored – is it not reasonable to assume that the Minister of Health must be Ok with that? or even worse, directly involved himself?

Media Whores is seeking further comment from David Clark MP – our new ‘liberal’ Minister of Hell-th – who was trained in Germany no less.

Why has there been no investigation into the Justin Davis Files and the doctors named in them? And why do we put “Animal derived products” in human vaccines?

It all starts to sound like the work of pedophile nazi satanists does it not?



“The main product is believed to be a choral hydrate based spray, which is used with Hypnovel (roofies ) to leave the little kids with no or little memory of the group rapes , which are normally filmed. The photo is of Dr Paul Quigley head of Wellington A and E – drugs and rapes his patients – and a pedophile. Yeah Nick Smith is connected to them no doubt what so ever I been attack by guy running sex ring from his office in 2007. Former head of nz dentist association , wellington dentist L. Ross Jackson – 86B Esplanade , Raumati South , Paraparumu . Dentists worked out choral hydrate ( like chloform ) could be used for rapes – drug facilitated sexual assaults. If the rape victim remembers nothing it hard to prove anything went on. So they use a choral hydrate based spray with Hypnovel ( roofies ) and victim remembers nothing unless it’s real bad with torture like mine. ? If a person has cash and right connections they can order any child. The pedo do a home invasion and drug all people in house. Then they film the rape of the kids i take it you have gone public with this already . He used to have a chemistry expert Jonathan Sarfati helping, he now is in the states making it for pedophiles there. Interesting to note like all drug making it can be dangerous. One time a fire happened with them both suffering burns to the face/neck area. The person that taught them is retired dentist Mr Craig, 604a Lascelles St , Hastings . From Hastings it’s driven by Mr Craig’s son Robert , approx 60 years old, though to hamilton pedophile Hilton Bennett, and distributed to pedophiles in the Hamilton and Auckland areas. As for doctors involved here a few names, note theses are not the ones I suspect but ones I had personal run in’s with and can 100% confirm they are pedophiles. Dr Paul Quigley, head of Wellington Emergency department. Dr Jonathan Drake, Palmerston North, Dr Quentin King, Palmerston North Hospital ( his brother, and nephew Mathew are also involved), ? Bennett , run lab at Palmerston North Hospital (brother of Hilton , who distributes kiddie rape drugs in Hamilton and Auckland), Dr Holdaway , Palmerston North Hospital ( his brother Stewart also involved ), there quite a few more”

NZ Vaccine Ingredients:
rotavirus, chickenpox, measles, mumps and rubella vaccine viruses
fragments such as proteins, toxoids or sugars (polysaccharides), derived from the disease-causing organism
• Preservatives • Stabilisers • Buffers • Surfactants/emulsifiers • Solvents • Residuals • Diluents
Aluminium Salts
sugars such as lactose and sucrose, amino acids such as glycine and monosodium glutamate (salts of amino acids), proteins such as recombinant human albumin (Recombumin®) derived from baker’s yeast or fetal bovine (cow) serum and gelatin, partially hydrolysed collagen usually of porcine (pig) but can be of bovine origin.
Buffers and ionic compounds
polysorbate 80 (Tween 80®), made from sorbitol (sugar alcohol) and oleic acid
Animal derived products
Aborted Human baby fetus derivates


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