Stefan Molyneux is a Tavistock Trained Homosexual Transgender Jewish Kiddie Fiddler


Featured Image – Stefan Molyneux


All sides controlled.

If it takes up to 10 minutes to open your own website or a Youtube video about Jews – then it is highly likely that you are not controlled opposition – and you probably have one of the army of kiddie fiddler Jewish/ Soviet spies sitting on your ass, via Microsoft or Google or another of these IT giants these communist kiddie fiddlers now control.

If on the other hand they are making vidoes all day long with no problems and actually get well funded for it – with Jewtube showing their real view numbers and subscribers – then even get to travel the World ‘speaking out’ – well rest assured, you have got yourself a Tavistock trained Jewish / Soviet homosexual kiddie fiddler right there.

Introducing Stefan Molyneux…….German Jewish race baiter and kiddie fiddler – sent here to divide and cause a stir – and gather data for the Israeli/ Russian Jew databases.

Fk off cunt – and take those 10,000 other ‘liberal’ German pedo sex tourists that come here each year back with you. In fact stop via Asia and grab another 50,000 more on your way. In fact take the creepy pedo cnts that are working in our parliament also. In fact, take fellow communist Phil Goff with you also.

And why has Jewish/Soviet lapdog Phil Goff shunned him? All part of the theater presumably. It certainly helps sell tickets for the new event. Free advertising. Lets hear Goff – most likely also another satanist and drug addict being bribed (same as all other Auckland Super City mayors have been) – speak out about Brendon O’Connell being banned and locked up (allegedly), the toxic vaccines, the sodium fluoride, and the Justin Davis Files. Until they start speaking out about the real issues – it is faest to assume they are just more homosexual/ bisexual / pedophile Soviet communist Tavistock trained Jews – and flies in the ointment of any real solutions, and truth. Controlled opposition, and half truthers…….

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7 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneux is a Tavistock Trained Homosexual Transgender Jewish Kiddie Fiddler”

  1. Glad someone at last in N Z said it. Historian David Irving has been waiting fourteen years for a visa to visit New Zealand. He has promised not to speak of the Holocaust which he frankly says is not his area. He only wants to talk about the last European war now more than seventy years ago. After the Napoleonic war, the English poets within a few years made Napoleon a romantic hero. The monster Napoleon did not deserve it. The important point is they could do that with no fear of arrest and social ostracism. Having rich influential Daddies helped too. New Zealand Herald yesterday published an article on the musings of Mark Zuckerberg regarding posting on Facebook and the Holocaust. That article was uplifted from Associated Press which is owned by Rothschilds. That at least suggests the elephant in the room regarding free speech in N Z is going to come up again. Goff has legitimate reasons to ban their public speaking in Council properties. Their juvenile and inciting public addresses stir up full on violence and property damage. They got their visas. The rest as far as I am concerned is shite.

    1. mediawhores says:

      good point – very good point
      irving banned
      greg hallett banned – in fact now living in exile
      code of silence.
      book burning
      fk assholes.

      1. Rillydiculous says:

        Knew Molyneux was a “molyneux”….. a long way back. Creepy fucker. BOC freaky….

        Lucky we’ve got the Cernovich’s of this world to keep things real. Those eyes are so close together…… he’s cyclops, but with a vagina…..

        1. mediawhores says:

          BOC – incredible work he is doing/ saying
          it has got to be high level military intelligence aye?
          now reading off is donations list for the camera
          but more importantly – is it true?

  2. A12 says:

    Laura Southern who is touring with Stefan Molyneux, well Laura Southern’s real name is Laura Simonsen and has been exposed as a Jew as well

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