The News at 666 – Abortion……and more Pedophile Nazi Satanism


Featured Image – the redhead satanist who helps run the pro ‘choice’ / abortion agenda in New Zealand – from outside parliament this week. . 


Had a few days off. Organizing some things.

Check it out – looks like everyone in Germany is now watching also…..and a good chunk of the USA also perhaps .We are fighting for a free press in NZ folks……the only guys out there as far as we can tell. And heavily under fire……trying to run us off the road the lunatic fkers.

Not sure how many more of these posts we can get out to be honest because the computer is getting seriously hacked. Had to reset it twice in the past 7 days, and now hacked again today. On the go slow.

Ever since we started on the David Clark MP nazi pedo satanist thing.

Anyway – lets pump out this info now, while we can and then might be quiet again for a bit. Got other work that needs doing.


Now why are redheads running the abortion agenda?

Media Whores would encourage good honest redheads to call this shit out also. Not good man. It is satanism. Doesn’t just make redheads look bad – it makes all of us look bad.

13,256 abortions last year. Over 500,000 since 1974. Up there with our immigration numbers.

Ask yourselves – why does the NZ Government spend so much time pushing the no smoking when pregnant agenda – but also this abortion ‘rights’ agenda? Doesn’t add up does it. You either want to keep babies alive and well in the womb or you don’t. And why would you push an immigration agenda while also pushing an abortion agenda? Do we need new Kiwis or not?

Media Whores can tell you why – there is a HUGE market in the aborted baby body parts. Worth billions globally. Plus the occult / satanic child sacrifice part to it- they just love killing kids – their God ;Saturn’ demands it – but they don’t like tobacco, because smoking tends to lend itself to independent thinking.

Check out the big “X” on the sign below, and the colour purple..for the so called purple planet/ Saturn. The God of the androgynous eunuch snakes. The first guy pictured had set up speakers and a DJ stand to play rock music to try and ruin the protest. Even a redhead reporter. wtf? Wonder how many of these people know that they are selling the baby body parts? Felt sorry for some of the girls there actually – some looked really upset and like they didn’t really want to be part of it. Some of the poor souls would have already sacrificed a child for these satanist freaks…….and do you remember the recent nurse’s protest with the same purple? And ‘Terry’ Bellamak whom we have featured before – another abortion industry satanist, dressed in purple would you believe? Unsure about the ‘knitting’ reference….could refer to Titan…..another word they use for Saturn.

Bump – The Abortion Face of New Zealand – Terry Bellamak

And have just heard that someone rumoured to be involved with this website (via the hosting company) had their Trade Me account terminated today for no reason – midway through an auction. Apparently the guy below who runs Facebook buy and sell pages had his account shut down by claiming he was no longer in NZ – which is a lie. Not saying we know for sure that this guy is another of these pedophile satanists who is drugging and raping kids – but not sure how you would rule it out either? Total corruption. Will be interesting to see if Trade Me now switch it back on now an appeal has been filed. Or are Trade Me in on this also? Joshua Young…..Ph 0210 786756 apparently a dairy farmer from Morinsville way. What you did today was outright corrupt and shitty mate. Unacceptable. Was it because of the Justin Davis Files perhaps? Seems he is dealing with backpackers in NZ which is also a big warning sign…….and check out the big androgynous Russel Brand character in the middle…….now there is a key figure in this if ever we saw one……Evil……

Looks one big old party aye? Yeah kids are being raped in this country you self worshiping corrupt freak. Snap out of it. Or are you into that shit also?

And a quick update on Mason the GHB date rape drug dealer from Auckland – a reader has sent us this photo of two German bothers he hangs out with – who apparently make jokes about raping their mates when they are drunk, Axel and Nikolai Janetzke and also into the GHB. The reader says they boast about how their dad “helped round up Jews” in Nazi Germany. Possibly one of those war criminals Greg Hallett speaks about? Now living in Tokoroa in a heavily booby trapped house we are told. And the reader states that Nikolai the older brother likes to take it up the ass with a strap-on these days, but not sure if that is relevant? Guess it is – it is all the same satanism at the end of the day…..And Nikolai had an ex girlfriend who committed ‘suicide’ we are told….but now spends his time taking drug and using strap ons? Well these are the sort of satanist fkwits we are talking about quite clearly.  And their other mate “Shawn” who has reportedly been drugging and raping his girlfriends for the past 20+ years – possibly others also. Still waiting on that photo…….

Oh yeah and the latest guy to zoom past and lean on the horn – trying to run us off the road. Ever since we named all the names in the Justin Davis Files and called them “Nazi satanists” – presumably because he is one also. His vehicle is also white, but not clean like the one pictured and has the business name “Environmental….” something sign written in green letters on it. A new age green pedophile Nazi satanist perhaps. Traveling around Taupo earlier this week. The public should be warned – it can’t be ruled out that he is also drugging and raping kids in your community……Nissan Triton KMG986


Unsure if we will be able to keep this up folks – but will try. Maybe just udates every few days. Have to reset the fkg computer each time we post now.

Its like an alien invasion of pedophile fkg Nazi satanists! Or are they just Zionists? Communists? Or all of the above?

Lets all aim for a pedophile Nazi satanist free NZ by 2020!


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