Exclusive – Claims Trade Me NZ Illegally Shutting Down Accounts to Protect Pedophiles


Featured Image – Joshua Young from the Waikato – said to be the man organizing the shut down of Trade Me accounts so as to better protect the Satanic Nazi Pedophile rings operating in New Zealand. Image sourced from his Facebook page – which seems to have now been taken off line. 


Thought we should just highlight this one.

Things are getting pretty full on when Trade Me just start closing the accounts of Kiwis on the orders of people who may be involved in these Satanic Nazi pedophile rings we have been exposing in recent weeks.

Actually that is quite Biblical in nature really – those without the Mark of the Beast will not be allowed to buy or sell. On Trade Me at least. Heavy. Or maybe they are just getting warmed up and next it will be bank accounts?

Does the Mark of the Beast just mean the pedophile Nazi satanists??!

And not sure you lot want to go there do you? Because apparently you all end up in the pit.

Perhaps there could be some kind of compromise – whereby we agree to allow these pedophile Nazi satanists to rape & transgender their own children – but not other people’s kids? Could that work maybe?

Or how about this lot just agree to stop raping kids altogether….and then covering up for each other? That would be the best outcome surely?

So apparently this guy – Joshua Young – laid a false complaint with Trade Me that someone loosely associated with Media Whores (the Nations only real news source) was not living in New Zealand, and therefore should not be allowed to operate an account…..

Trade Me then closed the account completely, without even checking up on the false claims – and despite the account having a 10 year 100% honesty rating on it – and in doing so canceled an auction that was already underway on a vehicle, with the reserve price already met. The Trade Me email is below – anyone want to bet that “Mahana” is a fake name?


Trade Me’s terms and conditions require members to be operating their Trade Me membership from New Zealand or Australia. It has come to our attention that you are operating your membership from outside these countries.

At this time we cannot allow you to continue using your membership and it has been disabled.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

You can’t reply directly to this email but if you have any questions regarding this policy, decision or any other issue, we’re happy to discuss this with you. Please contact us using the below link:


Alternatively, to have your questions answered instantly, you can contact Trade Me via 0900 TRADE (0900 87233). Please be aware, calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute.

Customer Support


Apparently what has happened is that Joshua Young had been illegally stalking the man in question around the Waikato (like a pedophile might do) , and spied on him parking his car somewhere where he planned to auction it off on Trade Me. Joshua Young apparently then watch on Trade Me and then lodged a false claim with them that the man was overseas.

Now Trade Me should obviously have checked up on that claim before closing the account – but didn’t – which suggests they are also in on this fraud and illegal activity.

We are also told the account was around 10 years old and had a 100% honesty / review rating. So why on Earth would Trade Me just assume the complaint they received was legitimate and not even check up?

So we appear to have the situation where Trade Me – or at least corrupt staff at Trade Me – are deliberately and fraudulently shutting down the accounts of those in NZ who are exposing – or in some way helping to expose – these pedophile Nazi satanists that operate here in our Nation.

The David Clark MP Nazi Satanist Pedophile Ring – Full List of Names – Justin Davis……#PizzaGateNZ

This does not bode well folks.

Are Trade Me and the likes just going to insist that everyone in New Zealand agrees to have their children molested if they want to have an account with them?

Related Images and info below:

Check out the Russell Brand look alike tall androgynous dude ……….nice purple suits lads……#TheyLive


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4 thoughts on “Exclusive – Claims Trade Me NZ Illegally Shutting Down Accounts to Protect Pedophiles”

  1. Reply
    Cindy says:

    Just wondering about Auntie Hell in Clerk. The pedophile sodomist witch herself that Gregg Hallett had claimed several attempted murder charges against him by her, as sworn court evidence.

    Is she so addicted to the UN view of agenda 21, (that Jim Bolger, who was undoubtedly the man behind the mass murder of the David Bain family, signed in 1992 aboard Prince Charles private yacht). of destroying human lives to the ultimate and a third world war, that she just couldn’t bare to see Mt Eden be the place where some 2000 life saving baby pods, created by Sir Ray Avery would be funded to be given to struggling third world nations, via a music contest. Over 90% of the locals were in favour of the music concert.

    We already know from Gregg Hallett papers, that Phil Goff, was previously Helen Clarkss main accessory to murder of “humans”. Particularly New Zealanders. And now have the Auckland City Council, no doubt via Phil Goff, her main accessory to murder, playing games with the resource consent process to prevent this life saving music contest going ahead.

    This Helen Clark witch needs to shut her mouth, or as the newspaper comments said “zip it sweetie”, and do something useful, to make the country happy, get a ticket as deck cargo on a submarine to Australia. Someone could get real annoyed with her if she doesn’t zip it and zip off.

    The first thing Helen Clark and her evil ways gets up to is to prevent a socially acceptable music contest at Mt Eden to provide life support to premature children in third world countries. 2000 of those units would probably save at least 4 lives each a year. So she has indulged New Zealanders, especially in Auckland in to be participants collusion in the murder “deliberate prevention of duty of care” which is a criminal matter, of at least 8000 children per annum. I can see their blood drooling off her demonic fangs. I came across someone who was doing bodyguard duty and she sat alongside him on a plane, he reckons he became aware of being in the presence of “pure evil”. Coinciding with Gregg Hallett’s USA wide description of her on “the real deal”, by Professor Jim Fetzer, nickname for her as “the vampire”.

    She may like to be made aware that the Crimes against Humanity, that her and her paedophile sodomist Satanist circle are up to have no time limit of prosecution date. And to get her mass murdering paedophile sodomist satanist arse out of New Zealand. Her and her kind are trying to get a third world war started, so help the globalist agenda. So what’s with the new Governments sudden upgrade to millions of hectares of the mass murder of NZ native birds with 1080 poison. Maybe it is because they need to use the holocaust of NZ native birds and forest as the template for the third world war. Because that is what the effect will be on the forests and native birds. HOLOCAUST of the cruellest suffering.

    Which according to the Bible will be an event of such enormity that the only thing that will stop the elimination of all flesh on Earth, will be the advent of the second coming of the son of man.

    Which also implies that the first coming of the son of man, of Jesus Christ, was also to prevent the elimination of all flesh on Earth in those times. Move this Helen Clark witch and anything that is connected to it, permanently out of New Zealand is a good start.

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    Felix says:

    The name Joshua is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Joshua is: Jehovah is generous

    ^ taken from a quick google search.

    Has the last name “young” .. not suggesting anything here but a LOT of pedofile trannys have names that reflect the true nature of who they are – satanist pedofiles. As covered by the excellent work from the staff at mediawhores.

    He has that “look” about him that suggests he is

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