Recent Stasi Spy Activity – a Police Stop – and David Cerven


Featured Image – David Cerven. Media Whores called hoax on this a while back but have received some new info which we think we should post – included below. We have removed the article that claimed hoax as the person posting these comments does usually provide some very good info. 


The hell storm that rains down upon Media Whores and those alleged and/or rumored to be involved – every time we start hitting on a particularly sore point…….as it no doubt does to other journos and people who try to talk straight in this Nazi / Zionist controlled dairy farm……and tourist destination…….This is a fairly average sort of a week below……..

The extent of the fraud and corruption of this pedophile ring running the show behind the curtain is astounding. Mind boggling. Call them what you will. Ourselves, like many others, have struggled somewhat with the names to use – Zionists/ Nazis / Masons / Snakes / Communists/ Capitalists/ or our favorite so far, and the one that seems to stir up the biggest reaction: Pedophile Nazi Satanists. The Seed of Cain might be a better description. or just plain old “demons” to quote Santos Bonacci.

Recent fraudulent activity by these Nazi/ Zionist satanist pedos who hide behind the curtains…and rape kids….

Followed around everywhere we go. Electronically tracked via the cell phone, laptop, credit cards etc- whatever chip we have on us at the time. The pedophile satanists’ latest trick is to blast their car horns as they pass you on the road – as they race home to watch the transvestites on their big boy TV screens…and physically and emotionally abuse their children. This is referred to as gang stalking and it is happening globally – search that term on Youtube – some are fakers and some are real.

The Trade Me account of a guy associated with the hosting company that controls our domain name closed down mid auction yesterday – losing a bid which had met reserve of $1000. Trade Me emailed the guy to say you are not allowed to have a Trade Me account while living overseas. He is not overseas….nor has he been in the past 7 years. We are told his cell phone has now been blocked from calling the Trade Me 0900 number to discuss the matter – suggesting 2 Degrees are somehow in on the fraud also. The goal seems to be to frustrate the flow of funds and funding for those involved in this website in any way.

The Domain Names Registrar of NZ have now come after the same hosting business – auditing all of their domain names on file and claiming over 25 of them do not meet DNC standards and will need to be reapplied for – including of course – the one they were really after. Apparently this surprise audit started just days after posting the David Clark MP Nazi satanist pedophile ring allegations last week.

And the Companies Office have apparently doctored some entires on an associated company name – or old company name – in the hopes of setting up someone else for some sort of fraud. Just been noticed today – and notified to the Companies Office – who have been busy all day denying it – while making names on their various email signatures.

All sorts of crazy shit on top of that – but here is one that really stood out to us – when using the laundry room at an accommodation place recently – a nice friendly redhead lady shouted out and told us we had dropped a black sock. She came over to give it to us and wanted to be friends. Media Whores had scraped out the bottom of that drier with a fine tooth comb before leaving and our assumption is that the nice friendly redhead lady (who seemed to appear out of no where) actually stole the sock to begin with, so that she could pose as the savior…and say hi.

Yes, it is that bad. Guess that solves the one missing black sock conspiracy.

And the standard police stop of those alleged/ rumored to be involved in someway in this website. When attempting to cross over the border /Cook Straight yesterday……a man was trailed by a police / road safety car south of Seddon yesterday afternoon and then eventually pulled over. Two officers in the car, an older redhead looking cop with a mustache who stayed in the vehicle (the driver) and a younger  / bigger bald cop who got out and came over to talk. The full conversation was recorded apparently – one of many from across the Nation……


Cop “Hello – we noticed (some alleged issue) with your vehicle around the back here”

Man “Oh right I see. Well the vehicle has a recent COF safety certificate so I presumed it was OK”

Cop “No its not. Its not legal. What is your name and can I see your drivers license”.

Man gives middle name only and asks for the cops full name.

Cop visibly shakes and looks like he is about to pop off.

Cop “I am not giving you my name! Give me your full name or you will be arrested!”

Man “Am I now being threatened?”

Cop “No I am not threatening you”

Cop looks like he is about to explode and pull out a taser or something. Clearly the type who is prone to a little bit of road side violence, if not sent in for that exact purpose.

Man “But you are saying I will be arrested if I do not provide a full legal name right”.

Cop “Yes”

Man “Well in that case, and since I am being threatened with arrest, here is a full legal name, given under duress …………..”

Cop “Go and sit in your vehicle please while I check”

Cop goes back to consult with his corrupt handler in the driver’s seat.

Cop comes back to driver’s side window

“OK – we are going to let you drive on, but you need to get that ………. fixed / changed”

Man “Ok, I promise to look into it” (the vehicle is fully road legal in terms of WOF/COF – but will check up on what he said)

Cop “Now what process are you going to undertake to get full ID for your name for the future”

Man “I do not use a full legal name – I know how the Crown’s slave system works – and the people that run it are a bunch of fkg lunatic………..”

Cop looks like he it about to pull out a taser again “I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR OPINIONS!”

Man “But you just asked me………”

Cop “That will be all”

Man “Cheers – now you take care and have a good day”


Folks – you have no lawful duty to use your full legal name – anywhere at anytime. You are the living man – not the piece of paper. Know who you are. Crown slavery is optional.

Question – do you think these Nazis running NZ will get so out of hand that they just start shooting those who disagree with them on the side of the road? Or perhaps better put – sending in professional police hitmen to pull you over – or to your home?

Lets hope not.

Romans 1:17

That said  – here is the comment / info on the David Cerven case – that we oddly saw sitting there an hour after the previous story showed up in the matrix…….alleging the NZ police are indeed now just shooting people dead ‘on the side of the road’……then carefully covering it all up…….

On David Cerven

Due to some different views surrounding the police killing of David Cerven in Myers Park, August 2nd 2015, Auckland, case. One view is from a Barrister and there is another totally different view that appears to be from the police. A view nade while the police were ensuring to get the video of the event well out of the hands of the NZ public.
The Barrister, Nicholas Taylor, says he was gunned down within two minutes of police arriving, while the police say considerable negotiation time was spent with him. Certainly 5 shots from a very loud rifle at a moving target will have taken a bit longer than a bit of fun target practise from the same rifle. With 3 other shots from a glock pistol.
The likely scenario is that that the first 3 shots missed, the 4th was fired at his stomach (which the coroner says killed him) out of frustration at missing his head, and the 5th will have been once again at his head to finish him off, either as he fell or as he was attempting to get off the ground with his guts blown to bits.
Certainly while falling and holding his shredded guts, or while trying to get off the ground holding his shredded guts, it will have been obvious he had no weapon, so the 5th shot was to deliberately “execute” him.
Knowingly unarmed, while in fact it was the 4th shot, the shot to the stomach that killed him. That Auckland police deliberately covered up an execution style killing of an unarmed man. Deliberately getting rid of the video evidence and making up a story that had nothing to do with the facts. Collusion and conspiracy to not only pervert the course of Justice, but conspiracy to get a cold blooded police uniformed murderer off the hook. With 3 years taken to come even a little bit clean.

This August 2nd 2015 case was reported on today 24th July 2018, almost 3 years to the day, after having disappeared into coverup files known best by Mike Clement Superintendent of Auckland police, for THREE YEARS.


The video that “disappeared” for over 3 years has still not been provided.

David Cerven ex champion kickboxer. A top class hard working athlete. No one gets to that level without being a top class reliable grunt workhorse. Who was no longer doing kick boxing (permanently) due to a knee injury and knee surgery.
Who obviously surrendered himself to the police in Myers park and previously (about an hour earlier) as his last text to his girlfriend to tell her not to visit him in prison. It reads.

“ I will destroy the life of my family (who were overseas) now do not destroy the life of yours. When I am in jail, I don’t want to be in contact with anybody, Buby, and I am ashamed. Don’t suffer Evka, I love you, it is not your fault”.

His thoughts were not selfish, but turned towards others and their well being. Crimes regularly occur because someone puts the needs of others before himself or herself. Australia was filled with men and women whose only crime was trying to feed their families. This is known as mens rea or without criminal intent. Simply because the human right to life stands supreme and inviolable amongst all civil rights law. This is especially noted with the 1080 poisoning of the water and food and air of the wombs of NZ’s South Island West Coast women, so they either still birth or suffer for a lifetime with a semi human retarded or deformed offspring, to force them into state dependency and state care. As creeping Communism in its most sinister fashion. Using the most sinister techniques of force and concensus of creeping Communism. To force entire NZ communities to their knees and state dependency.

The total destruction of a real woman’s most important and most sacred human right to have and “glorify herself” with a healthy cherished human child.

Hence the current nationwide Hikoi against “a poisoned nation”, a poisoned Papatuanuku, a poisoned earth mother, poisoned people and poisoned food and poisoned water, mostly in NZ country areas. Including more recently Auckland’s Hunua lakes water catchment. With the lawyers and politicians in the NZ Government giving themselves in 2017, the unlawful right, to lawfully drop this “foetal deformation, foetal stillbirth, at parts per trillion”, poison in waterways. And in 2018, another $80 million to apply even more.

Nothing is more violent and vicious to the integrity and precious powers of women than to poison their foetuses in the womb. To cause stillbirth in the womb. To render both male and female infertile so they cannot have children. This is what 1080 poison deliberately does. With massive amounts of money now being put into this future by the Labour party and New Zealand First, to enable this creeping Communism into the whole of New Zealand.

David Cerven, champion kickboxer athlete, was obviously surrendering to the police. He was expecting to go to jail and had told his girlfriend so.

That his feelings were of “shame”, not suicide, being prepared to do his time, for robbery because his medical debts which spiralled into gambling debts in an attempt to solve the medical debts, had got out of hand, not suicide. Like so many unexplained NZ children’s and youths deaths, attributed to suicide.

Barrister Nicholas Taylor, a specialist in firearms law, says the officers who shot at Cerven should have been prosecuted. THESE ARE HIS WORDS, from being in “the know”.
“There was a cowboyish attitude, the talk of ‘tooling up’, “the spraying of rounds”.
“Within 2 minutes of arriving, bullets were raining down on him”. He not only had no gun, he had no weapon at all.

(The story is that he had gambled a lot of money and was in financial difficulty).

In this case a rifle was used. 5 shots were fired. Two hit David Cerven with 3 hits. The 3rd wound due to a ricochet off his jaw (probably through his mouth as there will have been a great scream of agony as his guts were blown to bits, and off the back of the jawbone) and into his thigh. According to the coroner.

Problem is, it is a very, very high powered 0.223 projectile that killed him. For the bullet to hit both the jaw and the thigh of David Cerven meant that he had to have fallen to the ground, with a shot to the stomach, and “looked up” and tried to get up. Therefore the bullet hit his jaw and not higher on his head, and therefore only could it ricochet into his thigh. OR he bent double with the shot (like being hit by a powerful sledgehammer) into his stomach, which created a line between his jaw and his thigh for the third bullet entry wounds. Two direct and one as a ricochet from his jaw into his thigh.
So from how far away was the rifle fired five times (hitting him twice), and from how far away was the glock pistol fired at him three times (missing him three times).

The Bushmaster M4A3 which with open sights can fill a 3 inch hole at 200 metres and has so little recoil that it can be held with just one hand. Was used to gun down David Cerven in cold blood, famous for its accuracy and lack of recoil, but makes a very, very loud noise due to the projectile size and velocity..

Presumably he was raising his hands “empty” which will have been obvious as he would have used his hands to push himself off the ground, unless he was clutching at the high velocity 0.223 projectile wound, or trying to hold his guts in, while lifting up his head from the ground, when shot the second time.

Which can only have been fired to finish him off, going through both his jaw and into his thigh.

So that means that David Cerven was on the ground in surrender when the bullet was fired that hit both his jaw and his thigh. The first shot hit his stomach area, (presumably there were 3 shots that missed his head before he was gut shot) he collapsed (see what a 0.223 high velocity does to a 10 kg container of water).

So this is an obvious case of a cold blooded execution by Auckland Police in Myers park, alleging that David Cerven proceeded towards them as if he had a gun. The glock fired 3 shots and missed, meaning he was not an easy target. So the first “rifle” shot was to the stomach to bring him down, 3 other rifle shots missed, and 2 rifle shots hit and killed him.

Where is the video long sought by the mother of David Cerven, that disappeared from sight for 3 years. The fact is that a lot of psychopaths join the police just so they can kill New Zealanders. I have personally heard a cop say this. That he was in the police because he wanted to kill people and admired the most violent gangs. Sick.

Back to MIKE CLEMENT, so called “as straight as a die”, by Simon Bridges (head of the National party). Who says he knew him in Tauranga where he is currently the MP. Tauranga of course is where the paedophile rings, including nationwide to the very highest level of politics, of Awanui Black, have recently come into prominence. Simon Bridges is of course, currently at the highest level of politics.

Mike Clement said to be Police Commissioner Mike Bush’s right hand man. Mike Bush of course is most famous for having had a police funeral for the disgraced ex cop Bruce Sutton, who was the one who set up Arthur Allen Thomas for the murder of the Jeanette and Harvey Crewe. “In a eulogy at the funeral of the disgraced Bruce Hutton in 2013, Bush used the word ‘integrity’ to describe one of two men a Royal Commission found planted evidence to secure a disgraceful murder conviction against Arthur Allen Thomas, in perhaps the grossest example of injustice in NZ.”

So who is Mike Bushes right hand man, if that is what Mike Bush sees as ‘personal integrity’. Or as Simon Bridges puts it “as straight as a die”.

MIKE CLEMENT appears to have an unusually dark and corrupt background. With an ‘integrity’ level that revolves around the ability to cover up crimes and criminals, especially where child abuse and drugs are concerned, and false imprisonment.

A bit like “planting evidence” by Bruce Sutton that the police Commissioner Mike Bush was so enamoured by. As “integrity”. In fact in the Justin Davis files of 2015, it is claimed that Auckland Police are under orders to not attend serious child gang rape complaints, while Mike Clement was in charge of the Auckland Police.

Michael Cullen whom Gregg Hallett’s sworn court evidence claimed was sent to Christchurch and Dunedin area in 1989, or thereabouts, to cover up the child sex rings down there. Allegedly got given a knighthood for doing that job. So pleased were the politicians at the time. Mike Clement was in Christchurch when all this was going on, working his way up the police “integrity” ladder in the known hub of NZ police corruption for drugs, child sex trafficking, extortion, prostitution etc.

No wonder Simon Bridges refers to him as “straight as a die”. Really twisted snakes. Simon Bridges was the chairman of the local Tauranga National Party from early on.
The last time anything to do with “Chairman of the National Party”, came up, it was regarding a Dan Dolejs who in the Justin Davis files circa 2015, was running a nationwide and international kiddie gang rape centre from Nick Smiths Nelson office. Dan Dolejs had been or was the Chairman of the National Party. Once the Justin Davis files came out, Dan Dolejs from the USA, with all the USA and NZ wide contacts, shut up his “white knight” business and disappeared.

It is funny how pedo activity at a massive level and the chairman of the National Party are a group of words that keep popping up, in the same breathe.

Nick Smith of course is one of the key players in ensuring that 1080 poison gets spread all over the South and North Island in increasingly massive levels, to ensure increasing levels of stillbirth and foetal abnormalities in women all over New Zealand.

And on April 1st 2017, got unlawfull law passed to be able to 1080 poison the whole of New Zealand. A bit like the law that was passed by the New Zealand Government that prevented “autistic” people from not only getting access to their basic human rights, BUT refusing to reply to the United Nations when asked how they could possibly enable law that was totally lawless. A bit like police shooting someone in cold blood and then refusing to hand over the details.

Mike Clement became Auckland Police Superintendent around 6 Feb 2012. Mike Clement is obviously the character who prevented the video of the Myers Park execution of David Cerven getting into public hands, despite desperate pleas from the mother of David Cerven.
Prior to this 26 years in Christchurch. From 1978 to 2004.
2004 until 2007. Went to Wellington beginning with operation Austin.
2007 to 2012 he went to Tauranga area as Commander Western Bay of Plenty. Which was the heyday of the nationwide Tauranga based pedo rings of Awanui Black, “going to the highest political level”, according to the widow of Awanui Black. “they passed them ‘children’ around like boxes of beer”. All this was going on while Mike Clement was Commander of the Western Bay of Plenty, based in Tauranga.
Which obviously required hard core Tauranga and nationwide police cover up.
Especially when we get into the massive “arrogance” of ever getting prosecuted shown by Shipton, Schollum and Rickard and other cover up specialists in the police in this locality. Wally Haumaha was one of the co conspirators who tried to cover up ths culture of gang baton rape of underage girls, trying to make Louise Nicholas out to not only be a liar, but “total nonsense”, “a racist”, and if anything just one of the local sluts. Not only did he cover up her gang baton rape sessions, but then to brutalise her even more, made her out to be both a liar and local slut.

1989 was the gang baton rape of Louise Nicolas when she was 20, with Winston Peters being the MP of Tauranga area from 1984 -1997. Pedophile rings, “going right to the highest political levels”. According to Ani Black, whose husband Awanui Black was one of the ringleaders. Funny how Gregg Halletts seized court evidence and sworn evidence and other material has Winston Peters and Peter Williams running drugs in Tauranga, disguised as a law office. Drugs and child sex trafficking rings go hand in hand.

Wally Haumaha is now being put forward to being the man with “the integrity” to be Mike Bush’s right hand man, or deputy Commissioner of the New Zealand police. Mike Clement says he warned Mike bush that this could be bad for police PR, but looking at what Mike Clement has been involved in, which includes covering up the execution style killing of David Cerven in 2015, stopping police from investigating serious child gang rape complaints, it is much more likely that he in reality advised Mike Bush to pick Wally Haumaha.

And that his “meticulous attention” to detail in the Austin case, of the repeated gang baton rape of Louise Nicolas had much more sinister and chilling reasons.

Tauranga is also where Winston Peters and Peter Williams pretended to run a law office, but only ran drugs, according to the sworn court evidence of Gregg Hallett. Evidence that was triple sealed from public view in 2008 and 2009, by Judge Stevens and Judge Joyce in Auckland. See one of Halletts several books “a blackmailers guide to NZ”.
We now know that it is modus operandi for “International” Government pedo and drug rings to work hand in hand, providing an irrefutable drug-kiddie rape link between Winston Peters drug running and Awanui Blacks pedo parties. Pedo stuff that finds it power base in Britain.
So in 2015 when David Cerven was shot dead in an execution type killing Mike Clement had the say on the release of the video.

In 2015 the Justin Davis files came out claiming Auckland Police were under orders not to attend to serious child gang rape complaints. Obviously Mike Clement gave those orders.

In 2008 Ian Wishart came out with the fact that Christchurch and Dunedin were jointly the hub of police corruption in NZ, kiddie rape, extortion, drugs, prostitution, with Police HQ in Wellington endorsement. Meaning that Mike Clement was in the prime corruption hub of NZ police in Christchurch and was so effective that he made his way up the ranks from Constable to Detective Senior Sergeant, with, get this, particular focus on organised crime (which the Wishart material says was the Christchurch police themselves).

So it does not take too much intelligence, even with the IQ damaging effects of fluoride in the water supply, (USA Supreme Court has recently decided that fluoride is mass medication and unlawful) that something is obviously not quite correct about the narrative regarding this, according to Nationals Simon Bridge “straight as a die”, Mike Clement….and get this… Mike Clement who Simon Bridges claims he knew as a cop in Tauranga …. where… Awanui Black had private gang rape parties of kiddies … other woman’s children … and ”shared them around like boxes of beer”.

As Simon Bridges actual version of what “straight as a die” really means. As a character of irrefutable “integrity”, just like Bruce Hutton, and the view of the current Police Commissioner Mike Bush, who obviously is long overdue to be put out to pasture… in an Australian desert….to safeguard New Zealand women’s children.

  • Source – from comments section on Nazi pedo range Rover post


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