The Chess Teachers Who are Drugging & Raping their Chess Students – Justin Davis Files


Featured Image – Bruce Wheeler – Chess coach at the Auckland Chess Center –  and / or Howick – alleged to be involved in the drugging and raping of chess students and juniors, in the Justin Davis Files


The Justin Davis Files mention a number of high ranking chess players in NZ who are allegedly drugging and raping the kids they teach, play and mentor.

Thought it might be worth highlighting as it is a common theme in Justin Davis’s claims.

And obviously these young (mostly migrant) children and their parents deserve to be warned…..

Below are the names Davis mentions – and some of the images we found on line of the people named and/or the chess clubs they belong to. It is high time any innocent ones spoke out and/or dissociated themselves.

Perhaps all of you guys need to have a discussion about these claims?

Pedophile Satanist Free NZ by 2020!


“Bruce Wheeler. Live in chess coach at Auckland chess centre. One morning ( games in tournament started in afternoon), bruce was yelling and in a panic.
He had a young Asian kid that he couldn’t wake up.
Ewen rush in to help.
Ewen Green – chess teacher
Jonathan Sarfati – Chess champion is a forum they use to privately message each other
Brent Cooze – Hastings chess player. Heretaunga St
Dan Dolejs – Nick Smith MP pedophile ring”

The David Clark MP Nazi Satanist Pedophile Ring – Full List of Names – Justin Davis……#PizzaGateNZ

Some random chess/ checker board / masonic stuff below – haven’t gone over in detail….heaps more on line if you have nothing better to do…..


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