MW Mourning Children’s Stories – with Russell Brand…& #TOS


Featured Image – NZ’s very own Russell Brand look alike. Now why is the creepy little halfwit gang stalker on the right – Joshua Young – placing this freaky looking androgynous dude in the center of his own Facebook page? And more so, why are these freaks gang stalking Media Whores around the Waikato? And who do they know at Trade Me who is illegally closing down the accounts of Kiwis who expose pedophiles?  Do the math folks – as always. These are your ‘ring’ leaders….in their ‘purple’ suits. 


Check out these numbers…..

Anyone else want to be made Internationally famous?

We get the numbers on the International names like the half truth ‘Polish’ shill Stefan Molyneux and the fake right ‘Polish’ tranny Mike Cernovich – but check out those numbers on the alleged pedophile Nazi satanist Range Rover driver who was following us the other day – looks like we got another big one by the toe. Huge International interest in that demonic fkwit – whoever he is –  as well as David Clark MP – the Josef Mengele of NZ, said to be running a massive child sex drugging ring within NZ…..

The David Clark MP Nazi Satanist Pedophile Ring – Full List of Names – Justin Davis……#PizzaGateNZ

May the public record show that Media Whores is by far the most popular news source in New Zealand – if not the entire World right now – and certainly the most read New Zealand website of all time.

This is despite Google’s “mathematical algorithms” still placing us on about page 2 or 3, with untold unrelated links for websites with only a handful of pages which promote actual prostitution instead – making a complete mockery of Google’s entire business model and related promises. You can have all of the whores, meth and child abuse you want folks – just don’t be antisemitic – or expose Nazi satanist pedophiles please. That seems to sum up Google – who are still pushing gay ‘lifestyles’ (sodomy and child abuse), hookers and meth to children in our schools. They apparently want to get your kids hooked on meth – so they can sexually abuse them also. That apparently about sums up the entire big corporate internet least here in NZ…….As well as the agenda of the NZ parliament to be fair – who have recently started running tax payer funded ads telling Kiwis to ‘drive safe’ while on meth….and now want to remove the time of day limits on restricted drivers, so they can make Grinda dates with your kids 24 hours a day…..

Netsafe’s Martian Cocker – is Netsafe Run by Homosexual Pedophile Aliens?

Media Whores is hands down the reigning King of the NZ media…….

With a little help from our friends…


Luke 10:19

Drug Foundation Chief Executive Ross Bell on Adrenochrome

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