Is Trade Me also being Run by Pedophile Nazi Satanists? – Alan Clark


Featured Image – Alan Clark – head of Trade Me Motors


Media Whores has an update on the story of Trade Me NZ illegally and fraudulently closing down the accounts of people in NZ who expose allegations of pedophile Nazi satanist child abuse rings operating in our communities – or at least those in any way associated with people exposing such.

Last week, Trade Me closed down not just the live running auction of someone loosely associated with this website – but in fact closed down their entire account – based on a false claim that they were not living in NZ and therefore could not operate a Trade Me account. The man has not left NZ in over 8 years and is still living here today.

For the record – the people who own & thus control Trade Me do not actually live in NZ  – but apparently that is OK.

Exclusive – Claims Trade Me NZ Illegally Shutting Down Accounts to Protect Pedophiles

Trade Me have apparently responded today and avoided any mention of why they have closed down the account altogether and have now adopted some argument about whether the auction itself was within their terms. Obviously what they should have done is switched the account back on immediately, apologized for their unlawful behavior, and then raised any concerns they had / have about the actual auction.

The man in question had left a car behind in Hamilton and placed it on Trade Me – with the keys to be sent to the winner of the Auction. Now keep in mind that the auctioneer has/had a full 100% honesty/ review rating on his account – and keep in mind also that 50% or more of all goods traded on Trade Me are paid for and then delivered ‘sight unseen’. So why would there be any concern about this particular auction? And how did it somehow magically come to the attention of the Trade Me ‘precrime’ police – despite 10’s of thousands of other auctions running? Surely the presumption has to be of honest intention in the first instance and not dishonesty? When did the Trade Me police just start closing down accounts completely on the presumption that someone with a 100% honesty rating was about to commit fraud???

Could it possibly be because Trade Me is also being run by these same pedophile Nazi satanists we have been exposing?? And they are now clamping down on Kiwis who try to speak out?

Here is Trade Me’s response – from a guy named “Marshall” lol. Now we would be willing to bet that there is no one of that name and it is actually the top management team sitting their trying to cover up their blatant fraud….


Thanks for getting back in touch. 

The reason this auction raised some flags was because of the following line “I will courier post the key to auction winner overnight”. Can you please let me know who is going to facilitate the trade, given you are in Auckland and the vehicle is in Hamilton? 

Kind regards,

Trust and Safety


So Trade Me have now skillfully avoided any question about why they closed down the entire account on a false/ dishonest claim – instead of just pausing or stopping the actual auction – or even phoning or emailing the man to try and verify the false claims – which makes it clear now that Trade Me are deliberately engaging in fraud here and now trying to cover up that fraud. Slowly. The overall goal apparently being to cut off funding and frustrate the perfectly lawful and normal activity of those who expose pedophile Nazi satanists in NZ.

Which poses the obvious question – is Trade Me also being run by these same inbred pedophile Nazi satanists? That would make perfect sense of course and explain their actions would it not? Perhaps it is their mates and family members are being exposed as pedophiles – and these boys / and girls have – it seems now –  stepped in to try and help, by carrying out further illegal activity.

Folks – is not clear that this corporate system we are now all enslaved in has gone too far – that it is now quite clearly way out of control – by design – and is being run by pedophile Nazi satanists – who are slowly going to strangle this Nation and all honest / good people to death…so that they can get away with drugging and raping as many children as they please?

How come they can’t all just be honest and behave with integrity? The corrupt behavior of these rotten greedy global corporate swine just drags down the rest of society.

Can NZ stop all of these globalist corporate pedophiles and /or pedophile enablers – before it is too late and there is nothing left to control, tax, rape and sexually abuse??

It is like the story of the woman who swallowed the fly.

It just keeps getting and worse….and uglier and uglier we might add……if Kiwis want to stop the pedophile Nazi satanists from drugging and raping their kids – then these corrupt global corporate thieves and crooks – or at least those who are involved in this endless pedophile ring cover up – need to be held to account for their actions. If not, it will just keep getting worse.

Media Whores invites the following ‘business leaders’ to speak out…..and would suggest that Trade Me’s senior management team also now need to be added to the growing list of global corporate ‘professionals’ who need to be investigated for any possible links to the satanic pedophile rings we have been exposing……

And maybe one last question – will Trade Me now 100% confirm that their management are directly involved with these Nazi satanist pedophile rings – and not least Alan Clark from Trade Me Motors – by refusing to take action to correct and then apologise for their blatant fraud – now that the story is being reported on?? Don’t know about you guys – but we are not going to hold our breath here at Media Whores.

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