The Super/ Smart Cities are the New Nazi Prison Labour Camps – Brendon O’Connell



All grander philosophy of who we are and were we come from aside – it can’t be ignored that we are all being slowly murdered by a bunch of lunatic masonic Nazi/ Jewish pedophile satanists – or scientists might be a better word…..PHD being a fairly obvious anagram from Pedophile – or someone whom the pedophile nazi satanists/ scientists can rely upon.

These days they pose as ‘green’ liberals, ‘intellectuals’ and ‘experts’ – but they are just the same old ‘Satan’ worshiping kiddie fiddlers and serial killers dressed in drag, waging a covert war against all normal human activity – and thus against the Creator him/herself (the Alpha and the Omega).

Many people still struggle with the use of those two words together to describe the psychotic pedophile gang running the show – but it seems clear now that Hitler and his Nazi team was a Jewish banker creation designed to help create the new Nazi / Zionist State of Israel – Israel being an ancient Phoenician word meaning Saturn – and Germany being the biggest funder of the Israeli State to this day….followed closely by the USA…..and now Russia and China.

Santos Bonacci explains very well that Saturn is in fact the theological Satan and also refers to Cronus / the Crown – also the crown chakra (Google spelling police)  in the human body to which we all should try to ‘ascend’ into – but that doesn’t help solve the issue of these lunatic Kabbalistic (Google spelling police) Jewish Nazi’s trying to murder everyone in the meantime does it.

It would be wonderful to all be able to sit around contemplating the very best ways to ‘ascend’ into the higher mind, but that is challenging when you have a bunch of inbred masonic Nazi/Jewish pedophiles running around poisoning your water supply, poisoning your food supply, prescribing everyone toxic medications, importing and pushing meth, and trying to drug and rape everyone’s children. In fact now also closing down the Trade Me accounts of those who dare to expose them and speak a little truth – or those associated with them at least – and fraudulently doctoring their Companies Office records – not to mention all of the fraudulent parking tickets, gang stalking, digital spying and on and on. They are a fkg rash. A rash upon humanity. And their corruption has now reached Biblical proportions, as they scurry around behind the curtain full time, endlessly trying to cover up their rampant pedophilia and other murderous activity – and using your tax money to do it. In fact it seems that is all they do these days – corruption.

The end goal is quite clearly to force all Kiwis into their new Nazi prison camp ‘Smart Cities’ to be better poisoned and taxed to death – while working for minimum wages – as you are trained to bend over and take it slowly up the ass from these inbred pedophile lunatics posing as ‘authority’ – just as their Nazis’ fathers did to them – and they now do to their own children – and want to do to your children also. Although you will be allowed to watch the rugby on the big screen TV’s at the communist Lonestar restaurant franchises at least one day a month – or every weekend if you agree to be compromised also and thus swear allegiance to their ‘Godly’/ satanic pedophile ring.

Those who resist being forced into the new Nazi/ Zionist/ Jewish Kabbalistic / Israeli run ‘smart cities’ will have 1080 poison dropped all over them and/or be forced to convert their land to more satanic / masonic dairy farming and join Globalist/ communist/ satanic Fonterra – and then eventually all be forced to take it up the ass also – with their children also sexually abused in the new age transgender (Google spelling police alert) schools.

This is what these Kabbalistic pedophile Nazi satanists refer to as “Heaven on Earth” as promised to them by their ‘God’ – Saturn/ Satan. They own and run everything – with the help of their machines – with everyone else as their slaves, either on the dole or on minimum wages…being slowly poisoned to death, with an ideal ‘expiry date’ of 65, while their children are raped in the school and doctors offices.

Once all Kiwis (the pests they cleverly refer to) are safely under lock and key within these new Nazi super ‘smart city’ prison camps – with high tech camera surveillance everywhere – hordes / indeed hundreds of thousands of these new age ‘liberal’ pedophile Jewish Nazi satanists will descend upon NZ for their annual holiday season – having already soaked up all of the sun in the Northern hemisphere – and drive around the outskirts of the new Nazi prison labour camps in overpriced luxury campers, eating the very best of the dead animals and enjoying the very best views  – that we have all produced – under minimum wages – in the all new ‘pest free’ environment.

Indeed this has already been achieved. And it could be likened to a scene out of War of the Worlds.

This plot has been cleverly called “Globalization” – and the Jewish run Anti Defamation League / ADL are currently trying to outlaw use of the word “Globalist” as being racist, so as to avoid any awkward debate about it all.

Now while Media Whores – the Nations only actual news source – has been at pains to try and provide a balanced approach to our reporting – we would at this juncture point out that Santos Bonacci has been a bit light on the following quotes from the Scripture he has mastered.

Luke 10:19

Matthew 13:30

The first one instructs you to trample on these lunatic pedophile ‘liberal’ sodomite snakes and the other details how they will eventually all be rounded up and burned.

Indeed the Bible concludes that all of these filthy deceiving pedophile corporate / communist snakes are eventually thrown into “the pit” and mankind is free again to start ‘a new Jerusalem’ – which apparently drops right out of the sky as soon as all of these pedophile snakes are torched. In reality this probably just refers to the fact that the Sun will rise the day after the fires burn out – and everything will start to grow afresh – without these pedophile vampire fkwits up our asses.

Sounds a bit heavy – but presumably we have all been here before – many times over – and the Bible was left as a sort of guide book for finding our way out.

How you go about ‘trampling’ on these snakes is not very well detailed in the Good Book – and internet forums are now awash with questionable comments suggesting shot guns, machetes, or just good old fashion fire in the middle of the night would probably do the trick. Indeed the ancient Greeks used to have night time ‘vampire’ hunting parties in which they would do just that – in order to keep their families and children safe. Media Whores has been very careful not to publish any such comments on this website however – as we have attempted to simply publish the news and various opinions and videos instead – given the understanding that a free and open press can act as a sort of release valve for people and potentially help avoid the sort of violent upheavals that others are calling for.

We are also very well aware of the new “inciting terrorism” laws that the pedophile ring NZ judiciary have passed – no doubt knowing full well that they will be some of the first to be rounded up. Not least based on the allegations that the ‘circuit judges’ are actually the very people running the meth into your towns, as well as the driving force behind the all new ‘liberal’ sex trafficking industry that has popped up.

However – for those who are waking up to the fact that these pedophile Nazi satanists / scientists have been getting their children hooked on meth and otherwise drugging and raping them – far be it for us to sit here advising them on what methods one should choose to trample. (Refer the Ewen Macdonald case in the Justin Davis Files – use our search button) 

Now Media Whores should be careful here to state that we are only pointing out what the Scripture promises us all  – and as you all know – we have been big fans of that sacred text.

And given we have just posted the latest Santos Bonacci video – we thought it only fair to balance that up with some of the latest Brendon O’Connell videos….who some would argue is doing a much better job of calling out the snakes and suggesting possible means of action…….

Keep in mind that the pedophile Nazi satanists – who pose as free market capitalists – are in fact communists in disguise. The Kabbalists use the hidden knowledge that Santos Bonacci has been trying to get out there to control your minds and divide everyone – playing right off left – as everyone’s rights are removed…..and their children sodomized. Capitalism is/was just the military arm of their ‘Globalist’ / communist end goal…which we now all see coming to full fruition.

Actually before we start – here is a Jewish/ Kabbalistic / Nazi owned and controlled Hollywood clip which this same gang produced – clearly telling everyone of their goal to push the Western man to the brink – in the hopes of starting violent revolution in our Nations. We noticed someone on O’Connell’s Youtube comments mentioning “Tyler Durden” from Fight Club. But watch carefully as these same pedophile Nazi satanists flash a clip of a fully naked man at 55 seconds / right at the end…..seen by a few hundred million youth around the World. These inbred Satan / Saturn worshiping pedophile Nazi freaks will be doing all they can to poison the minds and bodies of you and your families – right up until the last………

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One thought on “The Super/ Smart Cities are the New Nazi Prison Labour Camps – Brendon O’Connell”

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    Jack says:

    It seems very clear that their magic is a hot air balloon. That requires child abuse sodometer etc to stay afloat. Once that is stopped then it is game over.

    Funny how Wally Haumaha from the Rotorua area, connected to Awanui Black, was the far north candidate for NZ FIRST. While the Catholic Church in the paper recently sent one of its most notorious pedophiles up there to totally infest the area. That total secrecy regarding pedos is still the law for the Bishops and others, from the Vatican. Or face excommunication. Kevin Annette describes it.

    Also it seems that ALL the old religions were cannibalist and child sacrifice. So that area would have been pedophile kiddie fiddler heaven for some since the very beginning.

    That the Treaty of Waitangi was an agreement between two separate factions of kiddie fiddlers and Zionist and native cannibals. Disguised as a legal Christian agreement.

    Which indicates a totally criminal intent right from the vary start.

    Wally Haumaha is connected to Mike Clement when in Tauranga, which is connected to Awanui Black of Tauranga, which were severally connected to the gang baton rapists, and covering up the evidence. Irregardless of damage done to others, in fact massively increasing the damage done by these political and social parasites. Which is then connected to Winston Peter’s politics in the far north.

    That this Wally Haumaha is well and truly connected to the political and Maori culture pedo networks, which then go nationwide to “the highest political levels”. No wonder they want him as the assistant Police Commissioner. He was probably one of the ones watching the bestiality porn movies at Howard Broads place, when the Tuhoi raid went off.

    Totally corrupt is how Ross Meurant the described NZ Police Headquarters, meaning satanic. As a religion of total corruption. Which includes cannibalism. That the Catholic Churchigh deliberately infested the far north with via the recently disclosed rampant pedophile priest. Wally Haumaha was obviously considered suitable to manage the drugs and kiddie wrecking in the far north area by Winston Peter’s.

    What a disgusting pack of parasites.

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