Jungle Surfer & the False Messiahs



Computer struggling again today.

X Keyscore – reading everything we type as we type it.

Internet banking hanging – won’t show our transactions. 3 minutes to load Media Whores new post. All the usual Sayanim activity. And apparently have the secret pedos in Government running around setting the Companies Office and Domain Name Commission on everyone’s ass – using complete criminal fraud – as per usual. Its the fkg Stasi operating in NZ, all in a panic as their rampant pedophilia is exposed.

We are governed over by a bunch of pedophile Nazi/ Jewish satanists….the so called Synagogue of Satan – who pull all the strings behind the curtain – and drug and rape kids in the schools, MP offices and GP surgeries.

This is interesting just quickly….

The same day that Media Whores mentions Jungle Surfer and Bonacci in the same post – Jungle Surfer comes out with this video where he disses Bonacci and his work. Watch carefully as he says “Oh and they are fans of Bonacci” or some such – but doesn’t actually show you the reference….because he is ad libbing. Then he laughs off Bonacci by saying he needs to explain his friendship with Jordan Maxwell. Well he made that up also. Bonacci has been interviewed with Maxwell and complimented his work a few times – but they are not friends. Bonacci has pointed out the shortfalls / limitations to Maxwell’s work many times. But at least they both expose the Saturn themes and Saturn worship – something Jungle Surfer has missed completely has he not? How the hell can Jungle Surfer miss all of the Saturn worship?

It also always surprised us that Jungle Surfer has never noticed the shape shifting of these elites – despite his intense study of all of these videos. Bonacci is yet to mention it either to be fair, but does talk about “the demons” and reptilian / demonic entities at least. We have also previously pointed out how Jungle Surfer points at all of these European royals and elite families, while Bonacci is naming Persian families.

What is clear however – Jungle Surfer watches Media Whores closely – and chucked this half ass video together and got it online within an hour or two of us quoting him. …..

“The sun comes up, I get my food, the sun goes down…thats all I need”.

Yeah – but what exactly are you eating digger?

And why the fear over Bonacci’s work? Have you never noticed that the Sun and stars change positions each day….and year?

We know they are all trannies bro – but how is it that you are missing all of the other stuff?

Stuck on repeat in the jungle……


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3 thoughts on “Jungle Surfer & the False Messiahs”

  1. Peter says:

    The serious double banger “conflict of interest” and “paedophile enabling police” connections that include the now resigned Pauline Kingi and Tracy Martin, from the inquiry into the appointment of Wally Haumaha.
    Has stepped up a notch by her resignation yesterday, by letter sent by “the Ministry of Internal Affairs”. Odd that the Ministry of Internal Affairs should take such a direct interest in what must have been “their appointment of her into the Wally Haumaha” inquiry. I wonder what the time was ?
    This resignation arose from her being questioned as to her “police employment” relationship with the then South Auckland Police Superintendent … guess who…it couldn’t be anyone else could it….Mike Bush.
    At the time Pauline Kingi was hiding behind the mask of Te Puni Kokiri.
    DETAILS: Te Puni Kōkiri has 18 offices across six regions.

    Staff in those regional offices are the first point of call for Māori individuals or organisations seeking support or information from Te Puni Kōkiri.
    E kore e ngaro, he takere waka nui
    We will never be lost, we are the hull of a great “PAEDOPHILE ENABLING AND PAEDOPHILE COVER-UP” canoe. Creating massive levels of child sex abuse and child and youth suicide in Maori culture. Right or wrong ???
    The point being that the paedophiles have penetrated every other level of community and political action, “controlling the opposition by leading the opposition”. Meaning controlled by totally Maori culture treacherous individuals. And this is a massive organisation funded by the NZ robbed blind taxpayer, who, if they had of done their job properly will have reduced the child sex abuse in Northland, Tauranga, Rotorua and other areas. If they did not reduce it, thereby they set about stabilising and enhancing it. Over time “BECOMINGTHE PROBLEM”.
    Which very clearly indicates that there should be another arm into the historical child sexual abuse organisations at work in New Zealand, not only the Churches, but also Te Puni Kokiri. That in fact the “the secret” religion of Maori culture went underground, that this religion was just like the rest of the “worship of war” religions, disguised as human culture, which is cannibalism and child sacrifice and child sexual abuse. So as to steal the souls of the children, as per the words of Ani Black, ex wife of Awanui Black. Hence the name the Treaty of Waitangi, the treaty of the funeral of the source of all life, being a criminal agreement that has no place in law.
    And has been bulldozed upon the people of NZ , by a paedophile satanic sodomist cult, having all the international hallmarks of creeping Communism and creeping Nazism, based in London.

  2. Mike says:


    The question of whether New Zealand is being used by the International paedophile sodomist (gay mafia) political occult mafia, to set the stage for the human holocaust of WW3 via the “original cause” of the holocaust of New Zealand native birds and wildlife by 1080 poison.

    1080 poison has just been heavily updated in mass murder potential to millions of hectares by the current political coalition of Labour and NZ FIRST. As massive economic and social and political treachery intent at a scale previously not imagined.

    This is a complicated question and has a huge number of parallels, (images and overlaying identikit images), which cover a lot of territory, pointing to this being the case. Controlled by the huge British paedophile ring operating out of London via the business system of blackmail and threats of the Zionist/Nazi satanists, which is run out of “Israel is the ars*hole of creation” (Quote veterans today).

    The areas that need to be looked at are many and here is just some of them:

    Religion needs to be studied and understood and not at a superficial level. A lot of law and legal definition needs to be understood and be capable of being correctly applied. Past and present Maori culture needs to be understood and in particular the term “tapu” needs to be understood as meaning “potential power”, the term “mana” needs to be understood as meaning “purity”. That the chieftain of highest tapu and mana reaches upwards and captures this life power, such as the legendary Maui, to be spread amongst and throughout the people of the tribe needs to be understood. In this case the tribe referred to is the legendary Maori described tribe called Kiwi, which in turn has a legendary story going back to the people who lived in New Zealand long before the much later arrival of the Maori. “In order to understand the present we need to understand the past”, is a well known proverb, needs to be understood from the “past” perspective of the large Nation of people who lived in New Zealand for some 1000 years before the Maori arrived. The theft of the “sovereignty of the law”, being the theft of the fruits of the soldiers of WW1, being the theft of the “blood sacrifice of the body of Christ” that took place in New Zealand at the end of WW1 needs to be understood. That by this theft of the sovereignty of law, all law in New Zealand became “criminal” and “illegal”, needs to be understood. Therefore New Zealand exists under the tyrannical control of “criminal or illegal or satanic law” needs to be understood. The massive corruption of the New Zealand media and its filling human consciousness with lies and propaganda needs to be understood. Rule number one, of Adam Weishaupt “that total control of the media” is required, needs to be understood. The massive corruption of the Department of Conservation needs to be analysed and understood. The massive corruption of MPI needs to be analysed and understood. The massive corruption of Federated Farmers needs to be analysed and understood. The many years of research words by Gregg Hallett “New Zealand is a paedophile ring fronting as a country”, needs to be understood. The words by Gregg Hallett “the New Zealand judiciary is an occult mafia”, needs to be understood. The fact that the Department of Conservation deliberately falsifies science research needs to be understood. The fact that Nick Smith was running a paedophile child sex trafficking ring from his National Party office in Nelson needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that Nick Smith is now a director of the science research group known as the Cawthron Institue needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that the religion of cannibalism and child sacrifice that was meant to no longer exist, as the fruit of the rainbow Covenant of Abraham, needs to be understood. That this false satanic sodomist (or in pc terms gay) religion has been secreted via secret societies and royal privilege, instead, hidden to the masses, so as to control the powers that be, needs to be understood. The words of Albert Pike that WW3 needs to take place before “Lucifer” will rule the world by consent, needs to be understood. The fact that the new world order Government is only intended to be set in place so as to create a massive paedophile sodomist religion, by military force, so as to farm people for their children’s blood for satanic ritual abuse, needs to be understood. The fact that “ground based pest control” is known by DOC and by the NZ politicians and political parties to be much less expensive, (at least 50%) with a very high pest kill (95%+), and with a near zero native bird kill, since at least 1990. Meaning that the use of 1080 has taken place knowing it is at least double the price, knowing that it totally destroys native birdlife, knowing that it was banned internationally as an insecticide due to its longevity in the soil, knowing that it poisons the land and the water that people drink, knowing that it gets absorbed into the leaves, flowers and other tissues of plants. To be picked up by bees and made into honey. The fact that the courts in NZ have been rigged to do whatever certain political or parochial interests desire needs to be understood and analysed. USA intel 2011, from wikileaks that New Zealand does not have a legal system “just an image controlled by parochial interests whatever they may be”. Needs to be understood as the main technique by which to render democracy invalid and enable creeping communism. That false media delivers misinformation and the USA President Thomas Jefferson correctly said very clearly that for democracy to function the people must be correctly informed. So that the combined effects of both false and totally corrupt NZ news media and false and totally corrupt NZ courts needs to be analysed and understood. That the words by Winston Peters that “New Zealand is a great democracy” is totally corrupt evil and pure propaganda. The getting rid of the evidence of the mass exterminations of entire populations of native birds throughout New Zealand, from the 1980’s until the present day, by DOC, needs to be analysed and understood. Various way in which energy works, as the techniques used to enable the paedophile sodomists religion needs to be understood, in particular the definition “the human being is an electric light being held by / controlled by sacred geometric form, held by /controlled by magnetism, which is in turn, powered by the sun”, needs to be analysed and understood. That for evil powers of this nature “to be satisfied” and reward their disciples, and apply a touch of their “teflon coat”, to their disciples, mass murder in the cruellest possible fashion, such as by 1080 poison, of the purest and most innocent, is required, needs to be analysed and understood. For instance, in the case of a political party winning the hand of “illegal, criminal, satanic” power in New Zealand, as in the last elections, then an offering of the cruellest mass murder is expected. So instead of the election promise of a moratorium on 1080 by Winston Peters, “New Zealand is a great democracy”, within a few weeks, Molesworth station, some 180,000 hectares was 1080 poisoned. Mass murdering everything in the cruellest possible way. That this mass murder in the cruellest possible way is the juice that the principalities and powers of total and absolute evil drink from the cup of abominations, which is numbered 9-11 or IX XI, in the Vatican, to satisfy their thirst for murderous global poisoned evil blood lust. As a sodomist (gay) paedophile religion. Being set in place disguised as a new world order. The fact that control of the churches and royal families and other powers by the paedophile sodomist bloodlines “Catholic church hierarchy and UK Royal family”, needs to occur, which needs to be analysed and understood. That Prince Harry of the wrong Royal family, (see Gregg Hallett’s book on the missing King) the paedophile sodomist Royal family, had to first go to Stewart Island and mark it for mass annihilation by 1080 poison, prior to the application of 1080 poison needs to be analysed and understood. The power originally given to the Catholic Church, being “that which you bind on Earth you will bind in Heaven”, as the most highly sought after power by the paedophile sodomist (gay marriage)bloodlines for the past 2000 years, under the control by the wrong people, needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that Israel was set in place so as to deny citizenship of Israel on “Earth as in Heaven” of Christianity, and therefore prevent the second coming of Christ needs to be understood. The words “if not for the second coming of man there would be no flesh left alive”, needs to be understood in relation to this paedophile sodomist worship of death globalist cult. The fact that New Zealand is unusual and only has electromagnetic energy going out the top with no observable incoming electromagnetic energy coming in, indicating New Zealand being “the origin” needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that “the beginning of time” for the Aeon of Pisces was set in place in New Zealand, in the South Island, around 0 AD needs to be understood. That “the beginning of time is also the end of time” as per “I am the beginning and the end”, meaning New Zealand is where it both begins and ends for the Aeon of Pisces, and probably beyond, needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that the birdsong of the first light of life, only exists in New Zealand, needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that “the first light of life” is another name for Jesus Christ needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that Easter Island is 16,555 km from Jerusalem and Mahia Peninsular (the tip of the sacred fishhook of Maui) is also 16,555 km from Jerusalem needs to be understood. The legend of Maui needs to be analysed and understood. The reason the universal peace nation that was established in New Zealand long prior to the Maori arrival needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that Aotearoa was only the name of the South Island and that this was changed after the arrival of the Maori, needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that the sacred fish, the North Island, the sacred fish of Maui, was attached separately to the Aotearoa, in order that a universal peace nation could be established in New Zealand, at the change of milleniums, needs to be understood. The fact that the Waka of Aotearoa was pointed especially pointed South, with the oldest of the ancestors (Tuatara)(the most ancient of days) as the primary navigator, with the sacred fish (Messiah) overviewing all of this, described as the North Island, needs to be analysed and understood. The fact that the Maori cannibal priests of war, after total genocide and cannibalism of this peace nation, as satanic ritual mass murder, to bind the power in innocent blood, then reversed the direction of the peace Waka, to this day as current Maori culture, bound by the power of the satanic ritual mass murder of innocent blood, including that of their own people, while simultaneously removing the sacred fish from the naming of the “word of the land”, needs to be analysed and understood. That the name Wai(water) –tangi(funeral) means the funeral of water, which means the funeral of the source of all life, which means the funeral of Jesus Christ, needs to be analysed and understood. That this agreement called Wai tangi was actually between two separate groups of paedophile sodomist cannibal religions, which is the religion of war, with only criminal intent, and therefore having no legal place in law, needs to be analysed and understood. The genocide of the Moriori on the Chatham Islands in 1835, so that “the paedophile sodomists cannibal war worshipping UK Crown”, could therefore have access to “native title” under the strict requirements of common law, needs to be analysed and understood. The list is just beginning….as to the systematic treachery posed by a murderous satanic paedophile sodomist cannibal ring, otherwise known as the UK Crown. The beginning of the Bible that most people know, needs to be understood more in visual imagery terms, so that, “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God”, needs to be analysed as really being, “in the beginning was the land, and the land was with God, and the land was God”. Because without land the people do not exist. Most especially so at “the beginning of time”, “as the birdsong of the first light of life”, meaning that the land of New Zealand, is most especially “the sacred forest of Tane”, the sacred forest of the first light of life. For all the Earth. Meaning the sacred forest of Jesus Christ. So that the mass poisoning of the sacred forest of Tane, of the Maori culture, has the Christian image present of the mass poisoning of the sacred forest of Jesus Christ. Which when the words added, “without birdsong there is no garden”, means that by mass 1080 poisoning of the “sacred forest of Tane”, what is actually taking place in the view of interacting images or overlaying images, to the very core of our human existence, is that the mass poisoning of the sacred forest of Jesus Christ. So that the garden of Jesus Christ is destroyed. Meaning that the overall intent as images go, is the removal of the power of Jesus Christ from the garden that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ restored. Meaning “the death of Christianity”, is the active intent of 1080 poisoning of the sacred forest of Tane. As the power of criminal law that controls New Zealand, disguised by Winston Peters as “New Zealand is a great democracy”. While his real connections go into the world of drug dealing with lawyer Peter Williams and a particulately subversive cannibalism and child pack rape “they shared them around like boxes of beer”, “to the very highest political levels”, according to the “I just want to vomit”. Ani Black. As a subversive and secret “the secret”, Maori culture that is just starting to be exposed. A Maori culture that still worships war and the cannibalism of human flesh, and obviously child gang rape. A Maori culture that still has the Waka of Aotearoa reversed, as the direction of cannibalism and war, for the entire Earth to suffer from, from what was originally the direction of peace. While simultaneously removing the power of peace of the Messiah from that Waka, at the beginning of time. At the beginning of the new Aeon of Pisces some 2000 years ago. As the first light of life on earth being, reversed as electromagnetic image, into worldwide cannibalism and war. Which is the professed aim of the globalists, and the UK paedophile sodomist politicians in London, which Winston Peters claims to be the “New Zealand”, that he views as a great democracy”. Which obviously needs to be analysed and understood, preferably while all the culprits are permanently locked up with all their assets seized as the proceeds of a criminal mafia organisation and organised crime. As crimes against humanity, that have no statute of limitations. Based upon, since the end of World War 1, a totally illegal law, a totally criminal law, which means a totally satanic law, as “the law of the land”. Of the Hikoi of a totally poisoned nation.
    (1) Despite the massive economic and tourism threats posed by the ongoing use of this superpoison, it has been kept going. Mass protests against its use have been ongoing since the 1980’s have been bulldozed over. Using every filthy media and economic and tyrannical tool possible. As HIGHLY ORGANISED.
    (2) 1080 is a satanic super poison manufactured in the USA, where the Schofield Bible has been used to infest the whole of USA Christianity as a satanic super poison. Which USA superpoison has led to the creation of Israel, which controls the huge UK paedophile ring by its business model of blackmail and threats and mass murder.The main aim of the controllers being to totally destroy Christianity, yet the word is very clear “without the second coming of the son of man there would be no flesh left alive”. If you were to worship “death” as the sodomist paedophile child cannibalism religion does, then the main target would obviously be Christianity as per “I am the way the truth and the life”. The use of the Schofield Bible in the USA, to empower Israel, the ars*hole of creation, and the use of 1080 poison in New Zealand has created effectively the same “image”. That in fact these images are very important to understand, as per “man(kind) is made in the image of God”. Which can be much more accurately understood as the combination of electromagnetic energy and images, in the mind of God. As democratic co-creators.

  3. Tigers Eye says:

    Not a fan of Jungle Surfer.

    Some Channels on youtube I honestly think you may like though ..

    “Prove all things”

    “eyes wide open”

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