Trade Me have Open Access to All NZ Government Security & Road Camera Data


Featured Image – a Kiwi, running for it’s dear life. As they all are these days of course. The end goal apparently being to eradicate them altogether. 


Trade Me has apparently now become Trade You….

Media Whores can confirm today that Trade Me NZ – a publicly listed company – has full and open access to all Government and council security, street & parking camera & related machine data. And no doubt not the only big corporate to have.

And the question is – who gave the NZ Government and Councils permission to share all of our data with the large corporates? Did you know for instance that when you park your car in town, your registration and personal details are being sold off to all of the large corporates to use? You still pay for the parking of course – and your rates and taxes – so where is your cut? In fact why do you pay rates and taxes at all if you have no say in what goes on and the Government you fund are simply selling off all your private data to the corporates?

We reported last week that Trade Me has shut down the account of someone remotely associated with this website based on the false claim that they were overseas and thus couldn’t operate a Trade Me account…..

Exclusive – Claims Trade Me NZ Illegally Shutting Down Accounts to Protect Pedophiles

The man lodged a complaint on line (he claims his calls to the Trade Me 0900 number – which these corporate thieves charge $1.99/ minute for – would not connect) and received a reply back some days later in which Trade Me retracted their initial claim that they thought the man was overseas – and instead issued a new argument that the auction the man was running for a car broke their rules.

So why didn’t they just stop or question the auction instead of closing the entire account down? The man had a 10 year 100% honesty rating with Trade Me – so why the presumption that he was guilty of something that hadn’t even happened? Or had suddenly out of the blue decided to commit grand theft auto? And who knew Trade me were running such a tight ‘pre-crime’ system?

The obvious conclusion would be that Trade Me were lying and just making up various excuses because they – or their senior execs – are presumably all a part of the same satanist pedophile rings Media Whores has been exposing and they were tasked with carrying out illegal secret service styled attacks on those involved with this website…..Media Whores cannot say for sure of course but we think it would be reasonable if most if not all of these top Trade Me execs were now investigated for being involved in the drugging and abusing of kids in our communities – possibly even their own staff at work and their families – arguably the motivation for their unlawful and fraudulent actions………

Is Trade Me also being Run by Pedophile Nazi Satanists? – Alan Clark

Things get even more incriminating however – as the man has now received another email from a guy named “Frankie” (probably another of these fake names – possibly even just Sam Morgan sitting their jerking off to internet porn while he tries to deal with the problem) – who claims that Trade Me “cannot disclose” its reasons for suddenly closing down the auction and account because it would “compromise their security”………Well your “security system” is  clearly ‘compromised’ already you corrupt fruitloop……

“As mentioned, there was a detection through our security system that led to us having concerns that you were not in NZ. We cannot discuss these, as this would compromise our security systems. Rather, I’ve explained that we maintain the right to close any account, as per our T&Cs.”

Dear oh dear – it’s Frankie goes to Hollywood.

Media Whores has figured this one out – Trade Me were notified about the auction by the alleged pedophile satanist gang stalker mentioned above who had been stalking us around the Waikato with his alleged pedo ring mates – and then data matched the plate number and located the vehicle parked at the Hamilton Airport long term car park – and then closed the entire account using the false claim that the man must therefore have departed to go overseas.


Perhaps they should have data matched the passport records also?

1984 has well and truly arrived in NZ. And out of 10’s of thousands of car auctions – they just happened to spot that one aye.

We are told the man has replied by asking if ‘Frankie’ is on drugs – and the account has now been permanently suspended. Banned from Trade Me. We are guessing they will now steal the $39.95 for the actual auction also.

You are guilty if you speak truth – or publish it  – or even get close to it – and you will be switched off completely if you dare question our decision.

To be fair – we can’t really say if the plate numbers are auto matched between Trade Me and our councils and governments – or if the pedophile satanists that be just accessed the data for this case only / or perhaps just whenever it suits them to – but either way – this is proof the data is being openly shared…without our consent. Our guess is that these pedophile freaks running the big global corporates have full access to all Government data and auto match all of it everyday.

Folks – if we can’t rely on the people running all of this technology to be honest and act with good intention – rest assured it will only get worse.

The technology and corporations have taken over our system of governance already – and if they are not honest people – man we have problems. Not least due to the amount of control it gives them. They can just ‘switch you off’ if you argue – not least any last remaining journalists and/or their associates. In short that spells the death of truth. It is indeed a war on truth. Their final revolution.

They are currently showing themselves to be corrupt out of control lunatics. The team at Trade Me are at least. If this internet system is going to work for the people and not be used to enslave them – we clearly need honest people running it.

Maybe the guy with the 10 year 100% honesty rating should be put in charge?



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4 thoughts on “Trade Me have Open Access to All NZ Government Security & Road Camera Data”

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    llloyd says:

    My five comments on my Facebook page concerning ex wife’s exposure of Awanui Black and his “highest level” paedophile ring have all overnight disappeared except for in each case their first sentence. I sent a request to fix it to Facebook Customer Service twenty four hours ago. No response. It seems a hack job. Facebook is now under heavy political pressure to censor “fake news”. A sign even for a “somebody” as you kindly described me. I grew up in a Maori community and incest was considered to be widespread among the men under alcohol influence. That is the “Maori secret”. Witi Ihimaera wrote Maori idyllic stories that both social workers and he himself said were fantasies. However they shaped the common perception of Maori communal life and in consequence the present bi-cultural shite.

  2. Reply
    Mike says:

    It looks like another one of these heavily disguised satanist devils, disguised as normal people has just risen to the surface, taking the bait, in the attempt to use every “totally corrupt” trick in the book to get this serial satanist “totally corrupt” Wally Haumaha, “woman are just meat to abuse and destroy”, into a higher “totally corrupt” NZ Police role.
    PAULINE KINGI has been set in place to get Wally Haumaha closer to the “totally corrupt (therefore satanist as a religion) NZ Police “community destroying inner core” Headquarters.
    As per the words on radio talkback ex police Ross Meurant that NZ police are “totally corrupt”. A minor review of the background and influences shows a similar “totally corrupt” PAULINE KINGI pattern appearing to be at work.
    This PAULINE KINGI has just gone to bat for Wally Haumaha, using her ???? credentials as a false cover.
    PAULINE KINGI’S credentials also go to Harvard Law school. Which is very rare for any New Zealander except for the British and USA paedophile rings pattern of developing promising and totally compromised cut outs.
    Just like Woodrow Wilson was pattern developed as a philanthropist but was used to create the “totally corrupt” Federal Reserve to rob the USA taxpayers treasury blind. Just like Robert Fenwick was pattern developed in New Zealand as a philanthropist and conservationist to head the most massive 1080 poison destruction of New Zealand forest and birdsong and waterways. MEANING the paedophile satanist interest in 1080 poison use has the same parallels and power potentials at work, as taking over the USA Federal reserve. That 1080 poison is considered by them to be just as vital to their final intent. Which begins with WW3.
    Meaning that according to the now very well known” occult mafia steps” this PAULINE KINGI has been deliberately set in place as a totally compromised agent for a huge British paedophile ring, New Zealand deep state mole for a very long time. Meaning there would be no doubt whatsoever that she is very much part of the deeply entrenched and commonly known as “the secret” Maori paedophile sodomist intergenerational child soul destroying network. So who appointed her, after Tracy Martin was ALSO found to be too compromised????
    PAULINE KINGI’S appointment was to review the procedures of the attempted appointment by WINSTON PETERS and JACINDA ARDERN of this disgusting totally corrupt parasite Wally Haumaha, ex New Zealand First candidate for the far north. Because Tracy Martin who Winston Peters had appointed to do this Wally Haumaha review was considered to be subject to “conflict of interest” (ie totally corrupt).
    Tracy Martin also had other paedophile ring empowerment “conflict of interest” because she was party to preventing the Royal Commission child abuse inquiry including the Catholic Church and other Churches. That the huge British and Catholic paedophile rings have infested. To the tune of an estimated 80%+ of NZ wide paedophile sodomist activity for over 100 years of practise. Meaning the conflict of interest of Tracy Martin included “enabling” the ongoing and secret activity of religious and Maori culture and Church paedophile ring networks in New Zealand. As well as even further enabling all paedophile ring networks set in place and developed since 2000 to be maintained. As the current status quo of child gang rape and satanic ritual abuse networks developed and still at work and still at large, over the last 18 years. Which is a massive child gang bang rape and torture abuse being covered up by Tracy Martin, while Minister for Children.
    MEANING that Tract Martin can only have been put in as Minister of Children, in the current Government, by Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern for very sinister reasons. Very sinister reasons that required the cover-up experience of Wally Haumaha at Police HQ in Wellington. As a pair of “trusted hands”.
    The problem with PAULINE KINGI is that she previously made “23” recommendations for Wally Haumaha. Dr Pauline Kingi cannot remember her Linkedin endorsement of Wally Haumaha, says it was common practice to support other Māori professionals, 23 endorsements is rather extraordinary to claim “no memory”. A few endorsements maybe, this is obviously real “totally corrupt” cut-out paedophile ring enabling action taking place.
    SO JUST LIKE THE UK PAEDOPHILE RING INQUIRY, train wrecked by the “totally corrupt” disgraced Maori Judge Lowell Goddard, the inquiry into Wally Haumaha getting a top role in the NZ Police, there are now two “decision makers” classed as having severe issues with conflict of interest, ie “totally corrupt”. With “the disgracefully racist” comment by Pauline Kingi, that should be enough to have her removed from any further appointments concerning Police and others, that it was “common practise to support other Maori professionals”. Pauline Kingi has long been someone “The Herald can reveal that Kingi, who is involved in selecting senior police officers”, meaning she obviously has British elite paedophile kiddie gang rape and torture and murder “Freemason” connections to Lowell Goddard who was involved previously with covering up sexual crimes by those in New Zealand in authority positions. As a massive “support of other Maori professionals” conflict of interest.
    Undoubtedly the connection between Awanui Black and Winston Peters to this Pauline Kingi should undoubtedly open up another disgusting can of parasitic worms. Not to mention the can of parasitic worms involved in their appointment of ex Governor general Anand Satyanand to chair the Royal Commission child abuse inquiry.
    Feasting like bloated leeches on the carcass of the New Zealand taxpayer, feasting on the carcass of New Zealand families, while satanically making sure that the New Zealand and Maori children are effectively sadistically ripped to shreds by satanic paedophile sodomist psychopaths.
    The “totally unchallenged”, sworn court evidence of Gregg Hallett 2008, maintains that knighthoods and dames and other New Zealand orders of merit, that Pauline Kingi claims, are given out primarily to those who best cover up the interests and inner workings of the huge British paedophile sodomist mafia criminal rings in New Zealand.
    This massive paedophile contamination in the far north was thanks to the Catholic Church sending one of its most serious serial offenders, Michael Shirres, to the area, to “further” totally infest the area with paedophiles and sodomists. Which in turn set the stage for large scale drug running into and out of, such an isolated area. Which would be of considerable interest to those involved in drug running and international child sex trafficking for the purposes of satanic ritual abuse.
    That Wally Haumaha has his name connected to, via being connected to NZ First, via being connected to covering up for totally corrupt police involved in sexual crimes of the most degrading kind against underage young women. This piece of dogsh*t should face charges of deliberately attempting to pervert the course of justice, and now there are two instances of serious conflict of interest surrounding an investigation into his appointment.
    With Mike Clements being associated with covering up the police execution of David Cerven in Auckland in 2015, being further associated with the Auckland Police being ordered to not attend serious child gang rape complaints via the Justin Davis files of 2015, and Mike Clements running the police in Tauranga in the heyday of the paedophile sodomy and gang rape of children in the Tauranga area by the kapahaka ringleader Awanui Black.
    As part of the Zionist blueprint of the paedophile sodomist infested Catholic Church’s hierarchy satanic business plan and totally obvious secret agenda having as its objective to overthrow and destroy Christianity and totally disembowel Christian society and destroy children by saturating society with sodomists and paedophiles and satanic ritual abuse. As the sinister effects creeping Communism and Nazism. Aka Zionism.
    Wally Haumaha was at this time, was actually located more in the Tauranga Hamilton Rotorua (police family) as opposed to New Zealand (family) area, where the gang baton rape of underage women was “common practise”, by his “great cop” friends, who were obviously enough also mostly Maori, and so arrogant was this systematic gang baton rape of young girls and no doubt boys, (as sodomy was the favourite flavour of the Tauranga Kapa Haka ringleader Awanui Black), that political protection and political cover up had to go to “the very highest political level”.
    Tauranga being where Winston Peters was both MP and drug runner. Further disguised as a law office. Drug running accounts that Gregg Hallett (whose documents were triple sealed and seized from public view by the Auckland courts in 2008) maintains, are financial accounts held in the NZ treasury. That apart from dairy produce , NZ’s greatest export was heroin. With Peter Williams and Winston Peters leading the charge to destroy NZ youth and families via drugs for the purposes of making money and earning influence.
    Wally Haumaha promoted the view was that not only was Louise Nicolas a liar, one of the local police sluts in Rotorua, but because of the number of Maori cops and firemen involved in gang bang raping her, (and others), that she was even worse …she was racist.
    Police appointments that must have intimately concerned Pauline Kingi. With the promotion of the likes of Clint Rickard, who is alleged to have known too much to get charged, and got off scot free.
    Wally Haumaha effectively not only going along with the gang baton rape of Louise Nicolas on several occasions, but even worse, attempting to totally destroy any and all vestiges she had of human dignity left. Intending to leave her like a totally gutted rag doll carelessly tossed into another one of his demonically inhuman rubbish piles. As just another brutalised and butchered piece of female barbequed meat. As his “totally corrupt”, “modus operandi”. Which was just a blatant and totally arrogant and disgusting parasitic attempt to totally pervert the course of Justice.
    With the local politician, pulling strings in the area, the now multi millionaire and oddly enough another Maori. Winston Peters. Who is alleged to have been the catamite (bum boy) of Robert Muldoon and to have learnt the drug dealing trade from Robert Muldoon.
    The parallels in this case are EXACTLY reminiscent of another Maori appointment when a paedophile ring cover-up of the most political, violent murderous satanic kind, especially against white British people, in the UK, was the order of the day. This being the disgraced Maori Judge Lowell Goddard. Who was already notorious in New Zealand for the cover up of sex crimes by those in positions of authority. And arrogant enough to refuse to hear a Habeas Corpus application. A Habeas Corpus application which was not only legally correct, but for which thousands of “false imprisonment” claims were later forthcoming. Meaning that she knew that the habeas Corpus application was valid and personally deliberately prolonged false imprisonment. Which under International Law, is an international crime against humanity, which has no statutory time limits for such crimes as she indulges in.
    The first two Judges appointed by Theressa May [whose politics is to enable paedophiles to adopt children (stolen by the state) from the British parents] were removed from the British elite paedophile ring, case for conflict of interest, and then after an international search for a Judge (not connected to the paedophile sodomist ring establishment). Lowell Goddard was slipped in via John Key and Chris Finlayson [who as Attourney General also appointed the “occult mafia” Judges (as per the words of Gregg Hallett), to totally derail the British elite paedophile ring inquiry, that “went to the highest UK political levels”.
    The notorious child murderer, dead child rapist, necrophiliac, Royal family child procurer, child sodomist, who claimed he had powerful paramilitary protection, Jimmy Saville was best friends with Prince Charles and had been introduced to Prince Charles by Louis Mountbatten. Louis Mountbatten was present at the private knighthood of the grandfather of Robert Fenwick (the cruellest and most evil mass poisoner of NZ native birds, even beyond the extraordinary satanic and totally corrupt John Key and Nick Smith et al).
    Recently these words regarding a New Zealand paedophile ring “to the very highest political levels”, was revealed by Ani Black, as “the secret”. Which is a very interesting term. “The secret”. Hidden in “the secret” sections of Maori culture. “Anihera Black talks about her husband Awanui Black who died in 2016. She says he was a life-long paedophile who abused many children”. She says… “Intergenerational destruction of people’s souls. I don’t want that to continue in my line; I don’t want that to continue in anybody’s line.”
    Meaning that Tracy Martin, Minister of Children under Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern and Pauline Kingi are heavily connected to the satanic “intergenerational destruction of peoples (childrens) souls”. Which can also be described as the satanic destruction of the love essence of other women’s children. As the real face of the feminism professed by Jacinda Ardhern and Tracy Martin. Which is also caused by 1080 poison.
    The youngest person to have come forward was eight years old when the abuse occurred, but Mrs Black suspected there had been younger, with one person involved having attempted suicide at age seven.
    Asked to respond to allegations she was outing him for his marital infidelity, Mrs Black said: “Affairs are nothing compared to destroying people’s souls.
    “He (Awanui Black) was involved in sex rings, prostitution, paedophilia and child pornography”, she said.
    Which sounds very much like the result of the investigation into the satanic hub of Christchurch police of “sex rings, prostitution, paedophilia and child pornography and extortion”, by Ian Wishart in 2008. While Mike Clements, who as the “right hand man”, of Mike Bush, has obviously been pushing for the inclusion of Wally Haumaha.
    Mike Clements was working his way steadily up the Detective ranks in the Christchurch police, and is the same Mike Clements head of the police in Tauranga in the heyday of Awanui Blacks local and nationwide paedophile ringleader activities, going “to the very highest political levels”. Meaning that the management experience of Mike Clements in Christchurch (the satanic hub of NZ police corruption) was perfectly suited for working in Awanui Blacks Tauranga.
    Mike Clements now being “the right hand man” of the notorious Mike Bush, whose admiration is for planting evidence and covering up evidence, by police is so totally disgustingly parasitic as to be legendary, even for the most disgusting bloodsucking leeches and parasites.
    A lot of effort and “totally corrupt” conflict of interest is at work, simply to investigate how Wally Haumaha was appointed, instead of being sacked, in the first place. With “two” situations of serious “conflict of interest”. Tracy Martin and Pauline Kingi.
    Which brings the discussion back to Pauline Kingi and her involvement in the paedophile agenda, and “thereby” being chosen to investigate the appointment of Wally Haumaha. After having recommended him some 23 times, and having no memory of doing this. Obviously that is a total lie that even a total idiot can see through.
    Gregg Hallett has this to say. In New Zealand. “Male paedophiles are promoted into politics and then to top positions with COMPLETE POLICE COVER”.
    Meaning that complete police cover would necessarily be dealt with by the most “totally corrupt” levels of senior Police administration. Totally corrupt levels of senior police administration that Pauline Kingi had the job “to employ and organise”, so as to enable paedophile political appointments with complete police cover. Which she decided that Wally Haumaha was best suited for, and was then “totally corruptly” given the job to investigate his appointment process. Meaning a massive cover up was taking place by both Tracy Martin and Pauline Kingi, who both has serious “conflict of interest” with covering up paedophilia.
    Which means they know there is a big fish on the hook, trying to escape, and guess who that big fish might be…eh Winston Peters!!! Or perhaps even the ex cop father of Jacinda Ardern, who worked as NZ Commissioner where the paedophile Catholic Priest Kevin Glover was sent by the Catholic Church in the early 1990’s to totally infest Niue Island with paedophiles. Jacinda Ardern’s father even got the job of Minister of Prisons and Minister of Immigration, (for an Island with 1200 people living there). Is a bit far fetched.
    According to ex CIA Robert David Steele, the Catholic Church has been involved in child sex trafficking and drugs and slavery for hundreds of years. Islands like Niue are perfect places to offload sex trafficked children and drugs (as immigration) and hold them in prisons until it is time to process them to be gang raped and killed. As satanic ritual abuse, covered up by a sexually compromised native population thanks to the Catholic Church infesting Niue Island with paedophilia via the paedophile priest Kevin Glover. Just like the paedophile priest Michael Shirres was sent by the catholic Church to infest the far north with paedophiles..
    May 27, 1917 was the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of ‘legal’ paedophilia in the Catholic Church; because that was the day that paedophilia became a “crime” with no punishment. On that day the Vatican decided that paedophilia wasn’t a crime if no one knew about it. The law made secrecy about paedophilia paramount and all cases had to be handled directly by the vatican; which had no provisions for punishing them. The penalty for breaking the vow of silence was automatic excommunication. Rather than admit they could be capable of making a mistake, the Popes wrote canon laws that effectively turned the church into a “legal” worldwide child prostitution ring. The Vatican has thereby proclaimed that Christ is the great penis in the sky to which you must sacrifice children. In 1917, the pedophiles took over the vatican. Remember, this is just after WWI. Canon law was changed to try all cases of pedophilia in house in the vatican and swear all the bishops to secrecy on pain of immediate excommunication. A bishop with a pedophile priest can do nothing except play pedophile roulette and ship the records to the vatican. They have no authority to fire them or defrock them.
    “The secret” spoken of by Ani Black, hidden by current Maori culture, and coming much more to light with the influence of the Maori Judge Lowell Goddard in the massive satanically evil UK paedophile cover up, with Awanui Black and nationwide Maori politics and Kapa Haka and Tauranga Council, and Wally Haumaha, and Winston Peters and many others.
    Father Doyle goes on to say. “Crimen Sollicitationis is the name of the Canon Law to prevent paedophile exposure in any way. It is indicative of a world wide policy of absolute secrecy and control of all cases of sexual abuse by the clergy”. “But what you really have here is an explicit written policy to cover-up cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy, to punish those who would call attention to these crimes by church men, you’ve got a written policy that says the Vatican will control these situations and you also have I think clear written evidence of the fact that all they’re concerned about is containing and controlling the problem”.
    What is noticeable about this is that the Vatican gives the Bishops no option but to transfer priests within the Church, there is no right to prosecute them in any way, any breach of silence by the Bishops is so severe as to be instant communication from the Church. Which causes the only option being to transfer the paedophile priests, within the Church, with a complete silence, thereby the Vatican gets to create mass paedophilia within any society it desires to totally infest. Simply by total paedophile priest control. Which is very similar to the blackmail of politicians used by Zionism.
    WIKILEAKS IN 2011. Released USA intel Regarding the NZ legal system. “New Zealand is but a facade of Justice secretly controlled by parochial interests with less regard for the law than an image orchestrated by those power brokers”.
    President John F Kennedy, “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot”. 7 days later he was dead.
    A letter from Gregg Hallett, to the Queen of England after some 9 years research. March 8th 2007. Dear Your Majesty The Queen,
    It’s worse than we thought. Official British history is bunkum. The Reverends, Bishops and Boy Scout leaders sent out to the Colonies, turned out to be Army Colonels who colonised through paedophilia, torture and arms. The war hero’s you most honoured turned out to be homosexual child-sex abusing necrophiliacs. Your supposed enemies turned out to be your agents who removed your cousins in opposing monarchies. Your Prime Ministers turned out to be your nephews and your bankers turned out to be your parents.
    Your geneology is illegitimate and the only consistent breeding line has been the secret society spy bankers who used you to declare war whenever they were prepared. Never has a double agent family, like your own, ever been so completely involved in treachery, and such expansive treachery.
    From the close scrutiny of history, which is your history, I have come to the conclusion that the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, Windsors and Mountbattens, are illegitimate treasonous double agent families who should be exiled from anything commoners call integrity.
    You are the descendant of a long line of anarchists and in the correct light of history you have pirate status.
    Yours sincerely,
    Gregg Hallett.

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