Just How Many of these Corporate ‘Elites’ are Actually Secret Pedophile Satanists – Sam Morgan #TOS


Featured Image – Sam Morgan (as In-Morgue) – lizard tongue action – from the video below.

Well the dominoes keep falling overseas folks and an avalanche of allegations and testimony continues to flow – seeming to prove that most if not all of these new age globalist corporate elites are in fact secret pedophile satanists whose goal seems to be to enslave us all – and most of whom were seriously, repeatedly and often violently raped and sodomised as children growing up in secret pedophile satanist families – often new age churchy type families it would seem – and have now gone on to become the same themselves, while being handed money and success via their inbred family networks and their mafia styled control of all industry – cleverly painting themselves up as community orientated ‘entrepreneurs’ in the process.

Given the recent revelations that Trade Me NZ are part of the unlawful and illegal spy network that is seeking to shut down this flow of information – by unlawfully and illegally shutting down the Trade Me accounts of Kiwis who dare to speak out about the relentless pedophilia of these satanic / religious ‘elites’ – Media Whores thought it might be a good idea to ask Sam Morgan if he has any information he could offer up on just how many of these inbred demonic filthy rich families are indeed secret pedophile satanists who gang rape their own children – or perhaps better put, gang rape everything, including their own children?

Trade Me have Open Access to All NZ Government Security & Road Camera Data

Sam Morgan being the ‘entrepreneur’ who was seemingly handed the EBay franchise for NZ on a silver plater – certainly never an original idea and indeed a very obvious one – and was then magically able to fend off all other competitors and then monopolise the entire market – to this day (monopoly being a clever new age economic term for “Gang Rape”) – almost as if God had chosen him and his family specifically for the task.

Media Whores invites Sam Morgan to comment below and join the debate – in the interests of bettering our Nation and ideally all working towards becoming Pedophile Nazi Satanist free by 2020. Which surely he can agree is a much more noble and important cause than becoming just ‘smoke free’?

Does Sam Morgan know any of these sorts of elites himself perhaps? Ever met any? And if so, is it true that now that they have horded all of the wealth and successfully enslaved everybody with their corporations and monopolies – so that they can gang rape us all while fluttering around at dinner parties dressed in tuxedos discussing new Nazi like social policies for everyone – such as being ‘smoke free’ – that what they really do for kicks ‘in the shadows’ is take high end new age drugs and rape and even sacrifice children – while coding it all in ‘pizza language’ – because they all actually worship the planet Saturn……and crave little boys ass? So much so that their snake tongues keep flopping out of their mouths at the mere thought of such stuff…….

That might sound a little politically incorrect actually – crave little boys and girls ass. But it does seem to be very much a ‘little boys’ type club they run….with most of these Saturn worshipers  just married as a cover story.

It all seems quite unbelievable really – but as we said, the avalanche of allegations, claims and evidence continue to pour out via the alternative media – including direct allegations of such here in NZ – not to mention all of their Saturn symbolism – so how can it be ruled out that this isn’t indeed the case? That all of these elites are in fact into it?

Sam? Can he help us? Or your father Gareth Morgan perhaps – we are aware he is/was heavily invested in Dominos Pizza – so has no doubt followed Pizza Gate very carefully as all the Pizza Gate dominoes continue to fall. Is it true you are one of these ‘religious’ families also…and that you can trace your family back to JP Morgan – the demonic inbred greedy fkwit that monopolized the electricity market?

And does he think all of these elite pedophiles will be able to flee their Nations in time when the tables turn and the public start hunting them down in the streets…and in their survival bunkers?

Perhaps one last question if we may – how can it be that Trade Me still has a monopoly to this day and no credible competition – not least given their gang rape fees? Opps….we mean monopoly pricing……Is it just pure luck? Or perhaps the God of these elites (Satan) has decided he wants the Morgan Family’s “gang rape of NZ” legacy to live on indefinitely?

“We have come here to make money and lick your children’s asses – and you are all out of money”.- #TheyLive

…and how come he never blinks??


Perhaps your Wanaka neighbor and fellow rich lister Matt Lauer could help???

Or perhaps your other homosexual Soviet/ German neighbor Kim Dot Schultz Schlom…..


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    Sham says:

    This is fkn disgusting, I can 100% confirm for you that there are security cameras put within schools in NZ where the students themselves don’t even know if they are there, I would assume this is the case for many school toilets too.

    The school system is corrupt as fk, its shocking how many creepy types are in permanent positions where students don’t even feel comfortable dealing with them, its run completely by pedofiles and snakes. Most ‘Teachers’ these days aren’t fit to be teaching kids when half of them are narcissists who consume supermarket meat, drink the fluoride and ‘teach’ kids the importance of vaccines etc. Fkn sickening and NOT good role models, especially the ones pushing poison.


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