Has Satan Him/Herself Finally Landed in New Zealand? Lukas Travnicek – Mt White Station


Featured Image – Lukas Travnicek – the new owner of Mt White Station in the South Island. 


Just thought he would quietly slip into the Nation and issue a nice small press release with one photo – no evidence of this “kiwi wife” at all and no details on his background or where his money came from etc. Could be an International child sex trafficker and industrial scale meth cook for all we know……In fact that should almost be the presumption these days….when no other details are provided…..


Media Whores would not be at all surprised to learn that Satan him/herself has finally landed here in New Zealand – ready for the big show down – whatever that entails.

The Trample on Snakes guy has been detailing all of this symbolism and quotes from other experts stating that at some stage all of these ‘creatures’ from Saturn and/or the so called ‘Pitt’ are going to start showing up and presenting themselves to us. We have been undergoing a 20+ year process of social engineering specifically for it apparently – the transgender agenda, the obesity agenda, the fashion, make up and plastic surgery agenda, LGBT agenda etc – all carefully designed so that when these creatures from the Pitt finally turn up – the human cattle do not get spoked and suddenly start stampeding before they are all herded by this gang  – who are possibly planning to launch their attacks from their new hill top stations around the Country.

It has been a freak show of escalating portions this immigration system – as our lawless corrupt foreign corporate owned and run puppet Government have been selling off our entire Nation to their inbred foreigner cousins without our permission – all on the basis that we ‘need the money’ – the fake counterfeit money that the same assholes buying up the land are counterfeiting overseas and then lending to us at interest.

It started with the likes of Gareth Morgan and his lineage some decades ago and has culminated more recently with freaks of Biblical proportions – such as Kim Dotcom,  Matt Lauer and the confessed vampire child blood drinker Peter Thiel – the transvestite Russian Jew who plays the role of Jacinda Ardern – all of whom have bribed their way in here illegally as far as we can tell and should be immediately deported, simply on public safety grounds.

And now this weirdo.

Well now ‘Luficer’ – you are here illegally – on stolen land – just stolen from all of us – and all Kiwis are now watching you very carefully.

Kiwis are advised to try and keep their children away from Lukas Travnicek – until the public have had a chance to investigate who he is, were his money came from, how he bribed his way in here, and if he is another of these Saturn worshiping lunatics.

In fact – whether he is actually human at all….



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