The Smoke Nazis #TOS – the Demons do not Like Tobacco, Salt….or Birds


Featured Image – OMG – its the Illuminati all seeing eye !! Hidden in plain ..erm…sight, on our tobacco packaging. Smoking causes blindness, but so does wanking….therefore it can’t be ruled out that wanking causes smoking also….


Found another great piece from TOS today when browsing over

The Smoke Nazis are everywhere – detailing how these demons from the Pitt cannot occupy the same space as tobacco smoke, salt and other high vibrating crystals…and even birds, who are probably the most evolved creatures on this Planet (and thus the 1080 agenda by these freaks).

Fk off with your bullshit please……

Your foot is going to drop off if you smoke…..


Your teeth are going to fall out. No – thats the fkg sugar and RTD’s which remain relatively health warning free.


And our favorite at present – you get a free mushroom cheese toastie with every tobacco purchase…….


Actually they were giving away a free crayfish with every tobacco purchase a while back – but that offer must have finished.

Does anyone recall the before and after photos of the Aussie man who went from looking happy and healthy then on his death bed in a few short weeks? Turned out to be another hoax.

And our all time favorite – spending millions of tax payer money on all new pregnancy/ tobacco tests to help keep babies safe in the womb – while the same Nazi freaks fund pro abortion organizations in NZ…….the mental fkg illness……..

Actually it is not mental illness – as we have explained – it is demonic. These freaks running our Nation – indeed the entire World – are not human – and they remain very jealous and upset about the situation.

And $95 fkg dollars for 50 grams of tobacco. Most of which is tax. Media Whores would be demanding a fkg spa pool in our room should we ever actually need medical help from these demonic Nazi lunatics.

The additives in the processed foods are what is killing everyone. And the vaccines. And medications, And sodium fluoride in the water – not the fkg tobacco. In fact the meat people are buying in the supermarkets is probably the most toxic and poisonous thing being consumed today. The factory farmed animals are dosed up on all sorts of growth hormones, vaccines, antibiotics and the likes – turning those who eat the shit into demonic swine, one ‘pulled pork’ sandwich & meat pie at a time.

TOS has a crack at the vegetarians in this also. Media Whores disagrees with that one – can’t see for the life of us how not wanting to kill animals then cut them up and put them in your freezer is somehow evil. In fact being meat free is the secret to never being sick another day in your life, as far as we can tell – but each to their own. We do not eat red meat ourselves – still some fish when struggling – and we get through up to 5 cups of organic tea with some rock salt in it each day – and smoke all day long. And usually spend a little time each day whistling with the birds to be honest. Haven’t had a day sick since the 2-3 day bender days back in Auckland some years back. And jump out of bed each morning feeling like brand new. Actually another big one – we have ZERO food additives and numbers in our diet – and zero sugar. Zilch. Non at all. Not for years. Its those additives that are killing people…..they shut down your organs slowly, then all the sugar in everything sets off little explosions in the failing organs….causing the obesity and other illnesses…..


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