Vaping is Part of the Transgender Agenda – #TOS


Featured Image – all the usual symbolism around the new vaping industry. 

Notice how these snakes are skillfully replacing tobacco with their transgender -a-genda chemical vaping?

“Oh don’t smoke tobacco – it is fill with all sorts of dangerous chemicals as well as nicotine which is addictive! We are going to outlaw it to protect you. Here try sucking on this all day long – a big gay machine fill of some other dangerous chemicals…as well as nicotine. In fact lets outlaw tobacco – a natural plant which mankind has smoked quite happily for millennia – and start putting vape shops on every street corner instead”. 

Fkg snakes.

Vaping is designed to take men’s balls. Make no mistake about it.

Same as the meth a-gender – skillfully replacing a naturally growing / God given weed with meth houses all over the Nation. Because meth takes a man’s balls – and turns women into crack whores.

Same as the chemicals in the food a-agenda, the vaccine a-genda etc.

All the same Satanic agenda – the transgender a-gender. Trying to make mankind in their image -tranny snakes.

Media Whores was stupid enough to spend $250 odd on a big homosexual vaping machine once. Woke up with a sore throat both times we used it so went down and bought some more tobacco instead. Been fine ever since. The over sized super homosexual vape machine now sits at the bottom of the box for “all that hi tech shit you purchased but never really needed or used”.

They sold vaping as a way to give up smoking – but clearly always intended it to be an on going alternative – and thus another booming business for these shape shifting snakes from the Pitt…..Spend a minute one day looking at the people who run those vape shops – and you will see some classic examples of these blind bat tranny psuedo male / female new age ‘liberals’…from the Pitt. And we now have a whole bunch of lunatics walking around with large vaping machines in their hands puffing on castration chemicals all day long. Soon it will be microchips in their heads, cell phones up their backsides – and God only knows what else.

It really is an alien invasion.

Go and vape, vaccinate and transgender yourselves all you like – back on your own purple planet where you came from……


E-cigarettes ‘slow sperm and kill off cells in a man’s balls – and THESE are the dangerous flavours’

Revealed: Electronic cigarettes could damage sperm – NZ Herald

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