More Tongue Action from Half Wit Sam Morgan….from the Pitt


Featured Image – Sam Morgan – as in Morgue In – from the video below


Trade Me have apparently now reopened the account they shut down unlawfully and refunded the auction fee – but that doesn’t discount what an idiot Sam Morgan is…..

What is up with the tongues on these people?

Check out the video below – Sam Morgan is a complete idiot.

A moron of the highest order.

These demonic inbred elites are handed business and success on a silver plater – then proceed to rob from the rest of us – then have the nerve to stand up there like Royalty and tell everyone else what’s good for them.

Listen to this top notch asshole trying to answer a very simple question in the first video below – is he on drugs? Or just a little retarded? He eventually resorts to using masonic type hand signals to say what he really means “Its a pyramid system run by homosexual Masonic pedophiles – whereby you have to agree to be sodomised up the anus, and hand over your children to be sodomised, if you want success and money”

In the next video Sam Morgan is stretched out on a couch like some sort of homosexual snake – blushing and swooning around Mark Ellis like a teenage girl.

Then Sam Snake Oil Morgan explains how hard it is looking after his $700 million dollars of “investments” all day – well take a look around you you demonic thieving swine – half the Nation are starving to death, so what the fk did you actually invest it?

And that lizard/ snake tongue popping out the whole time…….


‘Entrepreneurship’ – one stole the most obvious business model for the internet from Ebay, then gang raped an entire Nation – and the other puts orange juice in a bottle……..

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4 thoughts on “More Tongue Action from Half Wit Sam Morgan….from the Pitt”

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    Sham says:

    Its almost as if the term ‘entrepreneur’ is a code name for snake/homo/pedo/trans – someone bending over for their success. Very much like the 1 year old who owns 11 properties.

    Obviously not all entrepreneurs are but certainly the ones that ‘make the big time’

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    A12 says:

    The media is harping on how Stefan Molyneux, Laura Southern were banned from speaking at the Powerstation in Auckland, groups like FIANZ, Socialist Aoteroa, Antifa, Green Party and the likes of Phil Goff are claiming victory. I am very sure it was staged along with the Aotea Square Protest

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