The False Messiah will be Another Jewish Redhead


Featured Image – the previous messiah depicted as a redhead – a tranny / androgynous ‘Alpha and Omega’ redhead no doubt – but the next / coming one will probably be vaping….


Some shocking spelling in that last post – done in the cold at 7am this morning – now fixed up with some more stuff added. Actually we could swear that the Israeli/ Russian hackers are changing some of our spelling/words on some older articles to help make us look stupid.

Here is another Media Whores prediction that seems pretty obvious to us…..

The coming fake/ false Messiah will be another Jewish redhead. (Not to be confused with non Jewish redheads, most scholars seem to state) 

Just like most of these current fake Globalist ‘leaders’

And probably a transgender redhead – much like most of these current fake World leaders.

In fact it could just be Donald Trump – which is a bit of a universal let down really – he is certainly a tranny – and his entire family are Jewish….

The tribe of Dan some say – or the tribe of Levi / Evil others, the 13th Tribe, the House of David (Saturn), the Mark of Cain, the seed of Saturn, the children of Saturn….whatever you prefer.

Now scattered around the World. The fake Jews of the Bible. The Synagogue of Satan/Saturn.

Who are not Jews at all – but actually Phoenicians – who claim to speak Hebrew but actually speak ancient Phoenician – who run this entire fake Globalist corporate system of gang rape – based on fake science and fake religions which are actually just watered down astrological /universal truths.

Ginger Jews

The earliest human astrological records date back over 470,000 years, and every 2160 years the Sun (of God/ the Creator) changes seasons and mankind is briefly freed to think for itself – and the ‘race’ is on to see who will crack the old code and realise we are all slaves to this Tribe of fake Jews – the gates are flung open and one or two goats make a dash, eventually followed by the lamb/ sheeple…..and there waiting for them are the fake Jews/ Synagogue of Satan….to quickly close the gates and shut the whole movement down….before ushering in their fake Jewish redhead Messiah……and forcing any last real truthers underground again……as the fake Jews proceed to drum their new false stories, false history and false messiah into the minds (and history books) of the lamb they have once again captured and enslaved in their new fenced off paddock…this time called ‘the internet’…….and last time called Maritime Admiralty Law.

We move through the so called Periodic Table throughout these seasons of the Sun – with different technologies becoming available in each one – in the previous age of Pisces (the Iron age ruled by a water sign in turn ruled by Jupiter/ Zeus/ Juzeus) the new technologies were based around iron and thus the ability to make iron tools and build large ships to sail around the waters before all being enslaved in the Jews’ Maritime Admiralty Law Court system – or Law of the Seas. And in this new age of Aquarius (an air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus), the new technologies are based around Silicon and thus the ‘Silly Con’ chip…..with mankind free to stampede briefly around the internet (the wireless airwaves), until the fake Jews have everyone herded into their new purpose built digital paddocks (IP addresses, email addresses, Google accounts, Facebook, websites, Domain Name Registrars etc) – before they drop the hammer and close the gates again for another 2160 years…..with the goal clearly being to run the entire internet slave system from their new satanic Babylonian homeland – Israel (the word they use for Saturn).

Very soon the Jews will drop their hammer on any remaining internet freedoms and demand that everyone using it be ‘registered’ using a full legal name – so they can all be watched, regulated and taxed – if they want to be able to ‘trade’ online at all. The Jews and their most trusted (compromised) allies however will be free to trade on Kim Dotcom’s child porn darkweb anonymously.


“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” – KJV

The same old story, under different seasons of the Sun – and with different technologies – history on repeat – there is nothing new under the Sun. The old slave system of the full legal name now dressed in drag as a fully registered domain name, email account and IP address.

And with all of the Goy to be slowly neutered this time apparently – as per the demand of the Jewish God, Saturn.

Knowledge is the only Power – and the Synagogue of Satan stole all of the knowledge a very long time ago……and via their Talmudic and Kabbalistic guidebooks, still use it to enslave and farm mankind to this day………running a system of pedophile Nazi Satanism for the Goy, with all of the very sickest freaks in our nations promoted to the top positions of industry and power.

That’s our take on it at least……..a mixture of all of these guys below…….Bonacci has the most knowledge hands down – but suffers from a lack of real world experience in our view. The knowledge they use against us all is however still the key… only truth will set you free.

You will know them by their deeds – watch now as the Synagogue of Satan starts demanding full legal names for use of the internet……to be able to ‘buy and sell’………its fast on its way.

They need to shut all of this freedom of speech down ….and very soon…



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