The Jews Plan to Rule the World from Israel / Saturn – but is it Evil?



Make no mistake – the Jews / Phoenicians plan to rule the entire “Globe” from Israel their (ancient Phoenician) word for Saturn.

But are their plans evil?

Well – take a look around you. They are creating a corporate pedophiles’ paradise, with everyone who is not in ‘the club’ being poisoned to death and forced into poverty – just so these corporate ‘elites’ can all meet up to watch the rugby on Saturn Day nights dressed in their leather high heels for ‘men’ and new age pink smart casual business shirts, snort coke and have sex with each other in the mens toilets.

Not that it is for us to tell these new age corporate elite pinkos what they can or can’t do with their own bodies – but it’s the forcing of everyone else around them into abject corporate slavery so that they can do it, that we take issue with.

The Kabbalistic/ Masonic Jewish bankers and ‘billionaires’ – mostly from the USA, Germany, UK and Russia – have steadily built up their Global corporate empire around the World – mostly by promoting and bribing the very sickest thieves, criminals and pedophiles into all top positions of industry, politics and law in all of our once proud Nations (it is a pedophile Satanist system that they run) – and these same lunatic / power crazy Jewish criminals are quite clearly now converting that entire Global corporate system into a digital Global system, run by the microchip and computers (so called ‘Intel Inside). Digital being based on the number 10, the number of Saturn/ SayTen….with everything on the planet being reduced to the binary (to bind) system of 1’s and 0’s… eventually make us “all One” (to quote David Icke and all of the other false Jewish prophets). Well those still left standing that is, everyone else will clearly be a ‘zero’.

Their Globalist / Saturniun symbols and logos are now all around us – the rings of Saturn and the Black Cube – being 3 dimensions and 6 sides = 666. Also on display in Mecca with its giant black cube – Islam being just one of the half truth religions that the Jews give the Goy slaves to help better control them, and all of which are simply based on the simple Astrological/ universal truths……or cycle of the Sun.

They have infiltrated and now control the Royal Families and even the Vatican – same as they control Islam….not to mention Communist China, Putin’s Russia…..and of course Donald Trump….

The Jews have used their secret knowledge of Astrology, coupled with their own occult science of Kabbalah to achieve this total control over the material World. Kabba being a reference to the Cube / Black Cube/ Dark Satellite  / Saturn ie) the occult science of Saturn.

Now one could at this point stop and simply congratulate these power crazy occultists on their efforts and indeed their gumption – if it weren’t for the fact that these same lunatics are now poisoning our water and food supply across the Western World, while mass murdering 10’s of millions of people via their phony/ Phoenician medical industry, as well as trying to get the entire World hooked on meth and/or prescription drugs, trying to legalise pedophilia / sex with children, poisoning the minds of an entire generation of children with homosexual and transgender propaganda, not to mention fake science and knowledge and even fake food, and all the while continuing to promote the very sickest (and/or less talented) people in our Nations up to the very top positions of power……

Indeed – they have to deliberately poison us all and keep us dumbed down so that they can continue to get away with it all

It is now a certifiable global corporate freak show……

Media Whores has covered all of this – but has also offered up other views and opinions. Santos Bonacci for example has done a lot of work on Saturn and overall Astrology. Those who are stupid enough to write all of his work off would probably have missed the bit where he explains that in Astrology (which is usually referred to as Scripture – that story written out in the sky/ heavens) – Saturn only rules for a grand total of a few years – before being ‘thrown back into the Pitt’ and the reins / Reigns being handed over to Uranus / or so called Father in Heaven. The same story that is written in the Bible….with the sleighing of the ‘Red Dragon’.

Bonacci also clearly lays out how the Universe we live in always has been – and still is –  a system of 12 – not 10 – as has every other credible philosopher on past record. Just as every credible philosopher over time has known that the Planet we live on is flat and not even a ‘Globe’ to begin with. The entire ‘Globalist’ system being a corporate / Jewish owned hoax from start to finish.

The Saturn worshiping Jewish Phoenicians are doomed to failure – and this ‘beautiful’ Globalist slave system they have created – via use of ‘Democracy’ / Demon Crazy – will be destroyed – to be thrown off into the Pitt, like a bad case of fleas – and very soon. Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder – after all……

What will replace it all will be Republics.

Republics – just as America is/ or once was – before it was hijacked by these same occultists also. The most prosperous and free Nation in modern history before it was infiltrated and poisoned by Jewish owned Hollywood and NASA etc.

Republics. Sovereign Nations living in peace and trading with each other as they see fit. Once again. The so called Return of Kings….& Queens. With prosperity for all – not just a small handful of lunatic  greedy pedophile corporate elites. And a clean food supply…with real knowledge being taught in the schools.

Rest assured – those living in these times are going to witness all of this happen.

Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils — no, nor the human race, as I believe. – PLATO, The Republic

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One thought on “The Jews Plan to Rule the World from Israel / Saturn – but is it Evil?”

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    Mike says:

    In Scotland there are in most taverns and public sharing establishments signs that very clearly mark out the rules of entry, “no spitting, no dogs, no Campbells”.
    Did you notice how at the Waitangi “theft from the stolen taxes of NZ people”, payment in Wellington this week, included guess who ?…..the Tauranga Moana, the group who had as their “ringleader”, a character called “Awanui Black”. Who also is said by his wife, Ani Black,whose PURE and SACRED woman’s right to protect her and others children, from generation to generation, and future generations, of the love essence (the children of other women). From sucking the soul, the virtue, of these children dry.
    To be the ringleader of the Tauranga Maori culture paedophile rings and nationwide paedophile rings. In Winston Peters main Tauranga electorate.
    This Tauranga Moana were having a cry session, of demonic grief, outside Parliament under the emotional idea that their mokapuna, their grandkids, were going to be the great losers, from this “Waitangi” (this funeral of the source of all life) cannibal settlement. Mimicking the “I am the victim scam”, played out by the Israeli Zionists in order to murder and totally dehumanise Palestinians, as the eternal money thieving solution.
    I thought that true and not make believe warriors were never the victim, and that they will never demean themselves to be “the victim”. That their personal integrity will never ever allow themselves to be “the victim”. That “the victim” is just endless lies, a hysterical, demonic fraud. There is no human empowerment ever from ever pretending the fraud of being the victim.
    That there is only demonic lying and hysterical empowerment gifted from satan, the father of all lies, from being “the victim”. The victim being the enemy, disguised as the guardian of the mokopuna. The royal people are “never” the victim. Only slaves are the victim. My only problem with that grief and crying session outside Parliament, is the question of whether these mokapuna they so care for are the ones they gang raped alongside Awanui Black, for over 20 years like, sharing them around like “a case of beer”. Or mokopuna belonging to someone else, other women’s children, who they gang rape and share amongst themselves like a box of beer. Just a pack of lying blood sucking vampires. That is my very well educated opinion after looking into and at the surrounding facts.
    Most especially the fact that the original group of Waka that came to New Zealand, were very well aware that there would be nothing to fight against. That they separated into different areas, rather than fortify as a group, because they already knew there would be no resistance. That the inhabitants, the “mokopuna” they intended to cannibalise and to totally genocide were extreme pacifists who were like ants there were so many of them, who had found their “promised land” and would refuse to fight, as moral law, under any circumstances. Who came to New Zealand via Easter Island, “the umbulical cord of the Earth” via the chieftainship of the legendary Maui. Who bound the sacred fish, the Messiah, to the Earth eternally, near Motueka and established the “beginning of time”, and therefore the unbroken circle of “the end of time”, for the Aeon of Pisces, near Castle Hill.
    So that is a bit of a grump about that total bulsh*t called the treaty of Waitangi, and the “victim” scam.
    The next point is the latest also scenario of “the Power Station”, in Mt Eden SETTING UP a couple of internationally well respected speakers, the not feminist bush pig female type like Helen Clark and Margaret Wilson. The extremely attractive Lauren Southern and her offsider Stefan Molyneux, and a fully booked New Zealand audience, and then suddenly cancelling, without any notice, this fully booked meeting and discussion and human sharing event. By the “politically correct” crowd.
    The PC crowd is also known to be the paedophile sodomist Satanist crowd. That politically correct is just a disguised mechanism to empower paedophilia and sodomy and Satanism.
    In Scotland there are in most taverns and public sharing establishments “NOSPITTING, NO DOGS, NO CAMPBELLS”. It was this disgusting liar and conman, to Lauren Sothern and Stefan Molyneux, PETER CAMPBELL, who was the one who very suddenly, without any warning, on the same day as the public meeting, refused Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux speaking rights. Thereby cancelled the event, that was fully booked. By “sinisterly pretending” the event was guaranteed and paid for.
    By sinisterly pretending that the event was going ahead and paid for, until the very last minute, Peter Campbell and Gabrielle Mullins, were able to make sure that this pair would be unable to book another location on time, to fit a busy international schedule.
    The last time such a problem in Mt Eden occurred was when Helen Clark opposed the life pods for children concert, only a week earlier. And the Auckland City Council under Phil Goff set up a situation of virtually impassable resource consent measures. So that the concert would not go ahead and at least 8000 children would die, over only one year, from these life pods not being made available, via the Auckland City Council and Helen Clark, up to her very well practised child killing United Nations tricks.
    After all who could really believe that Don Brash was any really any opposition, other than a red herring, by the PC crowd, to the Council ruling by Phil Goff. PETER CAMPBELL and Gabrielle MULLINS quite obviously need to be put on the paedophile watch list. As Campbells in Scotland are notorious for such breach of social norms, especially anything to do with common courtesy and the unwritten rules of hospitality.
    Lauren Southern says that this Peter Campbell of the Power Station, very suddenly, went totally hysterical on her. Very abusive in fact. After “as the great pretender”, knowing exactly, after considerable in depth discussion, what the speaking engagement was about. Thereby he and this bush pig cow Gabrielle Mullins, took it upon themselves to deprive a very large number of New Zealanders, their fully paid rights, to listen to and question this pair of speakers. Speakers who are very opposed to PC and formidable open air adversaries, to this “slavery” inspired Stalinist politically correct narrative.

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