Russian / Soviet Jews Run Islam….



Video of the week.

Russian / Soviet Jews run Islam – and predict it will take over the World.

To any fools struggling with the first part of that sentence – the Soviet Union never died – it just went under cover so as to better conquor the World. And it has always been run by these fake Jews – post Tsar.  (Ref: New lies for old)

Now this guy speaks a lot of sense on face value – it is democracy that has killed off Christianity and the Western economies. We are now swimming in our own Fonterra Health and Safety shit. Only Republics can/will thrive as we have explained.

He also states that Zionism has killed off Judaism which is interesting – and begs the question of just who these guys in the black hats really are? Well we have covered that well enough also – its the Synagogue of Saturn/ Satan. Saturn the destroyer is their God. Cronus the God of Time and the material World. They control the material World…..mostly just via the money supply. The fake Jews.

We get all of that.

The problem is – you can see how these Russian / Soviet ‘Jews’ are promoting Islam – because they intend to use it to control the World going forward – or the so called New World Order – run from the Middle East which was created by a Russian Jew to begin with, then populated and funded thanks to Hitler and Nazi/ Zionist Germany and USA.

So you will have the Black Cube in Mecca – the religious capital of the Middle East and indeed the whole World – and then partner Israel as the base for running the operations side of things – via these little black cube computers. All of it complete Saturn worship. Everything completely controlled – the Synagogue of Saturn’s wet dream come true.

With Jewish half truth fkwits like Kim Dotcom, Mark Zuckerberg, Edward Snowden, Sam Morgan, Peter Thiel and the likes sent out across the West to sucker everyone in.

And the end goal apparently to collapse Israel altogether – the fall guy…..just leaving the Middle Eastern Nations and Islam as the new power centre of the World……. with the Mother Land and these fake Jews still pulling all the strings behind them.

To think all of these idiots out there still worship Putin, Trump and Netanyahu as their last hope – when they are the very snakes spearheading the agenda for the synagogue.

Fact is that all of the religions are Saturnian – worship of ‘the Lord’ / eL/ Allah etc. All the same thing.

And until the ‘Goy’ public wake up to the fact that all of these religions that the Synagogue of Satan hand down to us (as a means to control us) are all just based on Astrology – these people retain the power to change the World as they see fit, and continue to rule over it. Knowledge is the only power.

The solution to all of this crap – is to form Republics – based on real knowledge – not crack pot Synagogue fairytales……Real knowledge does of course start with accepting that there is a Creator, who created those lights in the skies, as signals for times and events…….just as the whole story starts in the Bible…….before it goes on to explain that we live on a “fixed and immovable” Earth……and not to kill and eat dead things.









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4 thoughts on “Russian / Soviet Jews Run Islam….”

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    Rillydiculous 101 says:

    Of all the symbols and wording you could have used for your sites logo, why the twin pillars of duality? Why the M & W frequency of Saturn? Masonic & Saturnic in one. Why the V of Lucifer in the middle?

      1. V for Virgin Mary? Are you kidding me? This site’s logo speaks for itself like the comment above spoke about. Frankly would not be surprised if this was just more controlled opposition. Santos bonnaci is a deceiver leading people to eastern religion and demonic spirituality yet you have no problem linking his videos multiple times in your articles.

        1. Reply
          mediawhores says:

          listen up retard….
          look up at the stars any night of the week
          they follow a predetermined pattern
          God created the heavens above and the lights in the sky as signs
          They are fkg signs. For the times.
          Put their by God – your God – the only God – for you – to study and follow
          God said in the Bible “can you not speak forth the Mazzoroth” (thats the zodiac)
          Your Christian Bible demands that you know and learn the stars
          So get to it you retard – Santos Bonacci can guide you

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