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Nothing yet folks, but we will keep you updated.

In the meantime keep in mind that there is a network of fake Jewish Sayanim snakes (in fact the so called Synagogue of Satan) operating throughout ALL of your communities, towns, cities, governments, industry and media – who all communicate with each other now via a secret spy App on their Anal Phones – and coordinate the shutting down of any and every truth movement and indeed opportunity for those who are not part of this ‘satanic’ brood of snakes. ie) working at night against their fellow man. They worship death – not life – funerals being one of their favorite past times, considered a social occasion at which they can all dress up in trendy black suits, have drinks and discuss their latest exploits….and investments.

This is all you need to know about your ‘democracy’. Its a fkg joke – a deception – Mob Rule run by a brood of interbred deceiving snakes – who have now become sick and corrupt on a Biblical scale, in direct proportion to the amount of control and power they now have. Even now putting up secret cameras around our schools, so the pedophile Principals can spy on all of the kids from the comfort of their offices.

They poison your water, your food, your land and your minds….because they worship death, money, power and control. They are the Necromongers. And Necromongry is their true religion.

And the younger snakes now all vape…….because the demons that inhabit their bodies and souls do not like smoke…….thus also explaining the air conditioner agenda and outlawing of fire places…..

PS: the solution to it all is Republics – as it always has been – with the freedom and Sovereignty of the individual at the very top – under the common law / in fact God’s law…of do no harm……

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    Mike says:

    CORRECTION REGARDING WALLY HAUMAHA. It was previously put forward that Wally Haumaha was a candidate for NZ FIRST in the far north, however that was due to taking other writing as being true…THE TRUTH… even more remarkable….WINSTON PETERS HAS ONCE AGAIN BEEN CAUGHT OUT TELLING SERIOUS PORKIES….in order to deceive the public.
    On 23 September 2005, the Rotorua Daily Post reported on Wally Haumaha’s wife being refused name suppression by the Court….she had been found guilty of systemiatically transferring money from the Westpac bank she worked for into her bank account and also into the joint bank account they held.
    Many thousands of $ was stolen and extreme deception was employed by her. Wally Haumaha “only the previous month had been declared the “CANDIDATE” for NZ FIRST for Rotorua”. QUOTE: Rotorua Daily Post.
    Not until the name suppression was refused by the Court, did NZ FIRST, meaning Winston Peters then backtrack saying that Wally Haumaha was a representative and not a candidate.
    MEANING Winston Peters recently said that Wally Haumaha was only a representative and NOT a candidate. WHEREAS IN FACT Wally Haumaha was a candidate, up until his wife’s name suppression for extreme fraud was denied by the Court.
    MEANING if name suppression had been allowed for HIS WIFES systematically thieving by massive systematic deception, Wally Haumaha would have remained the NZ FIRST “candidate” for Rotorua. After all did his wife put the money into their joint account without his knowledge. THAT IS VERY UNLIKELY. Yet he was not charged with conspiracy to deceive etc etc, whereas in fact, the systematic lies he laid upon Louise Nicolas was deception and perverting the course of Justice in the extreme. Which means he is not unknown to commit massive fraud with intent to steal the “integrity” (property) of other people.
    23RD September 2005, THE COURT HEARD how the decision for the family to stay in Ngongotaha while Mr Haumaha commuted to Wellington during the week and returned home at the weekends proved tragic. Mrs Haumaha became lonely and turned to gambling for comfort.
    She had control over the family finances and over a two-year period gambled away their savings, including money set aside for Mr Haumaha’s planned political campaign. When Mr Haumaha told his wife he had been asked to run as NZ First’s Rotorua candidate, Mrs Haumaha panicked because she had blown the campaign funds.
    Counsel for the bank, Amanda Gordon, said Mrs Haumaha’s offending was serious, premeditated and should warrant a jail term.
    Mrs Haumaha’s lawyer, Mark Milroy, argued for a discharge without conviction as well as continued name suppression because of the effects on the family, particularly Mr Haumaha’s career.
    “If you look at Mr Haumaha’s position, don’t the public have a right to know about the conviction of his wife if he is in a position of authority … and if he has political aspirations?”

    Transcript copy. Rotorua Daily Post. Wally Haumaha is confident a police investigation into his alleged bad driving will sort itself out in his favour.
    2009…..Superintendent Haumaha, originally from Rotorua, is now the national manager of Maori, Pacific and ethnic services, based in Wellington. He is responsible for ………Maori and pacific…… police strategies.
    [NOTE: Could this actually mean coordinating the importation of drugs and children from the pacific islands, such as Niue, and into the Maori paedophile sodomist network, and presumably cannibalism, as per all the worship of war, religions, based in Tauranga].
    He has confirmed police are investigating a complaint against him for an alleged driving incident and that he has not been stood down from his position.
    Mr Haumaha said the whole thing had been “sensationalised” and “grown beyond belief”.
    “It’s a minor infringement notice that is still being worked through.”
    He said the incident involved a give way sign and another driver and although he would “dearly love” to talk about it, he could not comment further.
    Mr Haumaha said the other driver involved in the incident complained about him to police, which was why they were investigating. He was unsure how long the investigation would take but was confident it would be “dealt with”.

    Police say Mr Haumaha’s incident was being investigated as any other complaint would be. Media adviser…….. for Maori, Pacific and ethnic services….. Paul Eagle said Mr Haumaha was in a traffic incident with another driver on May 8 and Wellington police were investigating a complaint, made by the other driver. A report would go to the Independent Police Conduct Authority, Mr Eagle said.
    The complaint was being treated like any other traffic incident involving any member of the public, he said.
    Mr Haumaha was appointed to his position in February 2007.
    He was previously……THIS IS THE INTERESTING ONE…. national strategic Maori adviser……. at police national headquarters. A long time police officer in Rotorua before his appointment to Wellington in 2003, Mr Haumaha was involved in establishing the first memorandum of understanding……….THIS IS INTERESTING…..COULD IT BE “THE MAORI” PAEDOPHILE NETWORK HUB….. between police and 14 major iwi groups in the Bay of Plenty…..14 Iwi groups… a lot of organisation and breaking down child and drug delivery systems into containable areas….after all that is what the ….”paedophile ring fronting as a country, is all about…..the control and development and safe networking of paedophile rings….
    Mr Haumaha has affiliations to Te Arawa and Tainui.

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      mediawhores says:

      sounds like a P habit to us
      many meth addicts spend all day on the pokies.
      also how the gangs launder their meth funds these days, via the pokies.

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