The Media Whores Logo Explained…



The Media Whores logo explained….

Media Whores was coming down one day after a very very long weekend and was in a particularly bad mood.

We made the near fatal mistake of switching on some media to listen to what was going on and was confronted by one of the snakes from the satanic freak show we call the mainstream media – telling everybody that we were all going to die from global warming, or AIDS, or Zika, or some other fake Synagogue of Satan ball shit, followed by announcing more record Fonterra profits and then a ‘special report’ on the ‘Jacinda Effect’.

Media Whores ended up vomiting all over our room, dam near choking to death on it, and decided enough was enough….something had to be done…..

We jumped on to one of those free logo maker type websites in which you type in your words and one hundred or so options are displayed to you.

We would give them credit if we could remember which one it was, but you will see that same design as one of the options if you ever use that same website.

After 10 minutes of scrolling through the options with hand one, while wiping vomit off the computer screen with the other – we decided on the one above, then got on with the more serious work of setting up the actual website.

Admittedly – like so much else that has happened to us in recent years – it appears as if there may have been a little more than just coincidence at play on this occasion also.

The actual words Media Whores/ MW is a fairly obvious play on the company name Media Works / MW – the Jewish/ CIA mind control operation and ISIS in New Zealand – run by a Jewish foreign banker and snake – Howard Marks….but the logo that the matrix served us up that day does appear to have more to it, in hind sight…….

It does have the two pillars – which have been used in Roman and Roman Catholic symbols over time – as well as in Masonry symbolism – also now clearly on display in the US Congress – and also the V which we like to think represents the Virgin Mary, or perhaps even Victory – as in Victory over the pedophile snakes that run the mainstream media and our fake democracy. It does look somewhat masonic – not least with the big M, but maybe keep in mind that the word Media does actually happen to start with the letter M.

So while it might well be argued that Media Whores is in fact some sort of break away Roman Catholic sect, which puts the blessed Virgin Mary at the forefront of our belief system, but has since been infiltrated by the Masons – rest assured, that whatever deeper meanings the logo happens to have – was little more than a coincidence.

We would also point out though, that the first part of that word “Coin-cidence” sounds a lot like Cohen – which we have since learned is a Hebrew / Phoenician word for “Priest” or perhaps even ‘messenger of God’ (any diligent Priest of course being a messenger of God) – and thus a ‘Coincidence’ is not really what we have been led to believe either.

The rabbit hole never ends.

Hope that helps the person who keeps asking us that question via the comments section.

PS: you are living – or at least pretending to live – on a flat Earth………and you would be well advised to stop taking it up the backside by the snakes that try and convince you otherwise…….in fact dare we suggest that you would be well advised to stop taking it up the backside, period. God never intended that way after all…….









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5 thoughts on “The Media Whores Logo Explained…”

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    Sham says:

    Found this in a comment section

    The Secret Behind “322” Is Not What Skull And Bones Turned It Into. 322 Means Three 22’s, And The 22nd Letter Is “V”, For Venus. Her Eye Is Three V’s, Which Makes A < (Fish), The Angle Of This Fish Is 153 Degrees. 322 – 153 = 169, Which Is 13 Squared, And The 16th Letter As Well As 9th Letter Spell Out The Word PI (314

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      its venus
      V for Venus
      Bonacci always calls the Moon Mother Mary.
      Wonder if it could also refer to Venus
      Anyway – they are all us – made in the image of the Creator – not the Creator

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    Rillydiculous says:

    Not surprised you’re getting grief on the logo. You can’t be too sure these days & it’s fucking masonic. You really can’t. All the 666’s and ^^^ getting thrown by alleged truthers is unnerving. I suppose you just have to go with the flow and hope you can see the pillars from the trees, so to speak.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      wasnt that well versed on the symbols when we did the logo.
      but yes does look masonic
      we are best described as biblical if anything

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