A Good Explanation of the Take Down of Alex Jones



This is quite a good explanation on the take down of Alex Jones……after the beginning gay frog intro.

Facebook and Youtube etc are regulated as “platforms” and not as “publishers” – but by choosing to censor what they call the radical right (and not the insane left) they are acting as publishers and therefore should be regulated as such.

So they are clearly picking and choosing sides here – leading up to US midterm elections

The guy states that these companies are run from “Silicon Valley” but by any serious analysis they are run from Israel’s silicon valley – the new secret tech hub of the World. And clearly their agenda is to further antagonize and divide the West….the end goal probably being to eventually ignite the right, as they fly all of their fake left agitators back to safety behind the borders of their new Babylon/ empire headquarters.

Doubt they told their puppet Alex of their plans to ban him – for maximum effect.

We are all being war gamed from Israel – no doubt with German and Russian secret service behind that also – all bound together in secrecy via their ‘tribal’ affiliation

Youtube have also removed all full copies of the Alex Jones Lantern Fish episode – possibly his best ever……..also noticed the Charlottesville Circus video has been removed which nicely exposed all of the Snake fake left agitators in that false flag operation……they have all been false flag Mo$$ad operations…….Jones only ever called out one or two of them….

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