Alex Jones Banned – and Tongues are a Poppin’


Featured Image – Brendon “God Willing” O’Connell –  just don’t mention flat Earth…….or the tongues. 


Alex Jones banned for using ‘hate speech’ about trannies, immigrants and Muslims.

So called ‘hate speech’ is of course just the removal of freedom of speech. Youtube and Facebook have far more ‘offensive’ content on them than Alex Jones.

Being banned from Youtube and Facebook should be considered a step in the right direction really. Once we all are – the job is done and those platforms are no longer relevant.

Gotta love how they lop Muslims and immigrants in with the trannies – but that isn’t consider that hate speech in itself.

And no mention of the “J” word of course. Just all of the other minorities. Deflecting attention par excellence.

Everyone has an opinion…..but no one wants to talk about the tongues…..

Not even Jungle Surfer – who has another crack at Santos Bonacci (astrology) – but somehow keeps missing the tongues. Media Whores reminds Jungle Surfer again that the stars move (and have always moved) in predetermined/ fixed cycles – and the Bible states that God created them and put them there as signs. No need to be afraid of them.

Media Whores recalls when growing up – we were always told it was rude to stick your tongue out at people – seems now it is normal…….

That’s the biggest question we have in all of this……..what is up with the tongues???

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6 thoughts on “Alex Jones Banned – and Tongues are a Poppin’”

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      mediawhores says:

      all of the snakes in parliament will be right into it
      they are all shape shifting snakes.
      not one straight one among them.
      even the security guards all are.

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    Mike says:

    Since in New Zealand paedophiles and paedophile enablers are setting the liberal agendas CONSTANTLY. Mostly disguised as feminism to get their hands on other women’s (called by them “the breeders”) children.

    Does this mean that the recent “hate speech” propaganda, as per Lauren Southern and Stefan Molineux. Promoted by the so leftist “liberal” agenda, was in fact part of a much bigger paedophile enabling agenda picture.
    That in fact the leftist liberal agenda is in fact the same as “the paedophile enabling” agenda. In New Zealand “a paedophile ring fronting as a country”, it is quite obvious that the leftist liberal agenda is the politically correct front of NZ’s paedophile and sodomist mafia rings.

    To in fact deliberately and violently prevent free speech, as occurred recently with Lauren Southern and Stefan Molineux. With some 10 groups of leftists able to suddenly start to protest outside the Power Station. VIOLENTLY was obviously the order of the day. As part of the “rent a crowd” leftist paedophile propaganda. So who then are the leaders of each of these “rent a crowd” groups, and what methods of persuasion would be necessary to find their common “rent a crowd” SOURCE OF FUNDING.

    So just who do we know who is that violently murderous and who has just recently returned to New Zealand. HELEN CLARK springs to mind very quickly, considering the sworn Court evidence of Gregg Hallett in 2008, evidence seized and triple sealed from public view by the Auckland Courts, that had THE PAEDOPHILE, SODOMIST SATANIST HELEN CLARK associated with several murders and attempted murders. Including that of the yachtsman Peter Blake.
    HELEN CLARK obviously has all the morals of a sewer rat feeding off a rotting corpse. And perhaps if she had good reason to decide to leave New Zealand very quickly, a lot of this type of problem would disappear.
    Today it appears that Jan Thomas the vice Chancellor of Massey University has “decreed” that Don Brash is not to speak there, after a threatening aka veiled threat, “leftist letter”. That would really appear to be just another bullsh*t storyline playing itself out as “soft media”, as Don Brash’s connection to the paedophile agenda is totally Zionist and bankster oriented. Otherwise known as controlling the opposition by leading the opposition. Create a problem and then solve it, preferably to a financial profit.

    What I would like to see is for someone to do the hard research yards and create A COMPLETE as possible LIST of the paedophile events internationally and nationally, over the past 10 years, that has been totally covered up by the NZ mainstream media MSM (paedophile stream media PSM), so as to keep the NZ peoples’ minds asleep as to just how entrenched and family dangerous these paedophiles and sodomists and satanists and their handlers are.
    Such a list would undoubtedly cover several hundred pages and include the suchlike of “the admission by the Canadian Supreme Court that Canada’s Government followed a policy of genocide of at least 80,000 native children”, the “70,000 plus paedophiles uncovered last year in Europe”, the fact that it is so bad in the USA now that an executive order declaring a state of national emergency was signed into power etc etc.

    WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER POINT…that the NZ Government was recently in May 2018, ordered by the UK in encrypted 5 eyes (meaning 6 eyes as it all goes to Israel) secret emails, to urgently kill at least 150,000 cattle, as that is the number required to get a favour from Baal, enough power to kill a king…..WHICH KING IS THAT…..Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin or Assad ???

    The recent poison scam in the UK has been aimed by the occultist paedophile UK Baal crypto Jew mafia, at Vladimir Putin, and the fake news media has kept up this bullsh*t even though killing of women is much more of a feminism pleasure. Such as the legendary evil female Bulgarian Countess who liked to bathe in the blood of 630 or so serf women daily.

    And that the poison used is a Zionist favourite technique. Such as Prince Harry going to Stewart Island in May 2015, to mark the place, “the anchor of the Waka of Maui” for 1080 poison. Indicating the occult UK mafia are using 1080 poison in New Zealand to obtain favours from Baal. Who is the absolute enemy of Christianity. That the use of this 1080 poison could also be to get favours from Baal, tantamount to the power to kill a King. So which king are they after Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, or Assad????

    Do any, each and all of these “Kings to be killed by poison”, therefore have the right to send in sharpshooters to seek and destroy 1080 helicopters?

    The recent 150,000 sacrificed cattle business indicates that each of these “Kings sought to be killed” by the UK paedophile sodomist UK mafia, most certainly have the “legal right”, to send teams of sharpshooters to New Zealand.

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      mediawhores says:

      lets be honest Molineux is a half ass half truther.
      if not a pedo himself, being bribed.
      all scripted is our guess. just like the alex jones thing.
      to provoke the right.

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