James Brown – Demon from the Pitt #TOS



Seems there is really on one story going on here folks…..

That being some sort of demonic shape shifting beings from the Pitt.

Now apparently running everything – and owning everything. And poisoning our food, water, medicines and environment so as to keep us all under control.

They feed off us – our blood, energy, labour, taxes and even our kids apparently. Mostly via the legal system and legal name – but also via the government, media and entertainment industries.

The good news is the system seems to run mostly on consent – you have to invite the vampire in so to speak. eg) Hollywood movies, turning on the TV, going to the doctors, taking the vaccines, buying their processed foods, eating their factory farmed animals and animal products etc. Which is a hell of a lot better situation than those poor bloody animals we farm.

We apparently live in a pit of snakes – and it is up to us to get ourselves out.

Everything else is a distraction and a hoax. Except for flat Earth, that bit is real – the magic gravity ball and Nasa are the hoax.

Brendon O’Connell absolutely does not want to discuss it.

Alex Jones sure as hell doesn’t.

Jungle Surfer has apparently missed it all also.

Bonacci has covered it to be fair – referring to them as “demons” and entities etc.

Trample on Snakes 6 has well exposed it.

David Icke has certainly covered it – but twisted it and somehow completely missed how it is all documented in the Bible.

Vinny Eastwood has covered various takes on it – but then does the David Icke type wild cover stories.

Isaac Kaapy hasn’t mentioned it………



Exodus 20:4

Luke 10:19

False idol snakes – leading us all to the slaughter – just so slowly you can’t even see it….

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