Quick Summary…..



A quick summary of the past 2 years work folks…..

Your food supply, your water supply, your medicines, your media, your government, your corporations….your democracy…..

The culmination of a claimed 2000 years of ‘evolution’ lol.

A fkg lie.

We live on a Planet run by mostly interbred psychotic corporate serial killer snakes who have strangled to death any sense of humanity, in the name of their ‘Profit’. A bunch of deranged fkg lunatics – in short. And we are their food supply…..that’s the entire story.

And it’s the silence of the lambs…….

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    Jack says:

    That Gabrielle Mullins, who was part of the getting rid of two speakers “very suddenly” and her partner “Peter Campbell” may be suited to keep an eye of for a paedophile watch list. She specialises in “childrens clothing”. Including making some stuff for Madonna’s daughter Lola. So that is a conection to the children of the Hollywood crowd.

    She says she is a owner of the powerstation,in Auckland, but she has no shares and is not listed as a director. Peter Anthony Campbell has the shares etc. With very tricky address manipulations and shareholding mamnipulations present.

    The way they very suddenly got rid of the two speakers, and the threats of “violence” as well, with a well organised “mob” via the leftist paedophile sodomist league, plus “childrens clothes”, does not ring well at all.

    It looks like the pait Lauren Southern and Stefan Molineux were deliberately set up by the leftist paedophile sodomist aka satanist mob, with a venue that would deliberately pull the plug at the last minute.

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      mediawhores says:

      yup – totally.
      but i am quite sure they staged the whole thing
      look at what is going on – alex jones take down etc- the jews are simply staging their own demise.

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