Hellers – It Sure as Hell Is…….from the Pitt


Featured Image – Todd Heller – from the Pitt – and Hellers – with some reboiled old butchered rump steak – probably his wife.  You are what you eat…….as well as what you sleep with. Ladies, with all due respect, when you get over 50 – it really is time to stop flashing your reboiled tits around to try and breath more air into your existence. Over 35 even. Not least if you are trying to sell reboiled sausages for a living. Maybe try the Noahide Laws instead?  Likewise all you greedy old pervert corporate men out there – pimping out your wive’s tits for business success has a use by date also. 

These cross eyed Nazi Zionist demons are straight out of the Pitt……but the Lamb can’t see it – mostly due to their diets, TV and the vaccines…….the means by which they are slowly herded into the new Nazi/ Zionist prison camp super cities…and put on a permanent diet…of processed shit…..while these creepy corporate demons all gloat about how clever and successful they are…..

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